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Chapter 7

Xander bounded down the stairs, able to hear and smell that they were back. Bobby laughed when he ended up with a happy nephew attached to him. "Glad you're back. You hurt?" Xander asked, sniffing for blood and Bobby ruffled his hair.

"We're both fine Xander, promise. Where's Sam?"

"Asleep." Xander went to the fridge to grab a soda.

"Wear him out?" Dean teased and Xander froze. "Relax kid, its fine. You make him happy." He assured the younger hunter and Xander relaxed, smiling slightly. "Though I could live with never seeing as much of my baby brother as I did earlier again." And Xander went bright red. "So much for enhanced senses huh?"

"Guess I was uh…distracted." Xander struggled to get his face back to normal. Dean and Bobby laughed and he growled at him, not that they felt at all threatened by him. Xander pouted and went back upstairs to curl with his mate.

Sam sat beside the Impala, handing tools to Dean whenever he asked. Xander and Bobby were in town, figuring Xander needed to start socialising more again. Sam figured Dean wanted to talk and was just working up to it. He hoped it wasn't to tease but since this was Dean... "So you two had fun while we were gone?"




"Bitch." Dean threw back and Sam grinned. "Don't wanna know!" Dean yelped, seeing the grin and Sam laughed. Dean grinned; it was good to see Sam so relaxed and happy for once. "You're happy, right?" Dean asked softly and Sam smiled.

"Yeah Dean, I am." Sam assured him.

"Good, you deserve it."

"So do you Dean." Sam whispered and Dean turned away, uncomfortable. Sam sighed and took a drink from the warming can of soda beside him. Dean never believed he deserved anything more than he had. As far as Sam was concerned Dean deserved to live a happy life just as much as he did, if only Dean could see that too.

Sam lay in Xander's bed, curled around the slightly shorter male as they rested, not quite ready to sleep yet. Thankfully Xander's old friend Willow had sent them a few things to make sure any noise from the bedroom wouldn't carry to the other rooms. Seeing Xander go bright red when he opened that package had been very amusing. "Whatcha thinking about?" Xander asked quietly and Sam smiled, dropping a quick kiss on the back of his neck.

"Nothing much." He admitted even as Xander wriggled around so they were facing each other. "Do you miss Sunnydale?"

Xander thought about it and shook his head. "I miss some of the people sure but I'd be happy to never go near the place again. Why?" Sam shrugged slightly. "This is home now." Xander promised, shifting to lay his head over Sam's heart, listening to the comforting, steady beat. "My mate." He murmured and Sam smiled, running his fingers through messy brown hair.

"Your mate." He agreed softly, looking out the open window as Xander drifted off to sleep. He was very happy to be Xander's mate. Sam smiled as he thought about Xander and Jess if they'd ever gotten to meet. He had the feeling they would have gotten along brilliantly, probably at his expense. Thinking about Jess didn't hurt as much anymore, time had worked its magic on helping the wound heal. Being with Xander had helped as well and now he could think of her and their time together without the constant ache. Xander huffed and nuzzled at him in his sleep and Sam smiled, closing his eyes to sleep as well.


Short but at least it's something.