My first "Jing, the King of Bandits" fanfic. Please don't be too hard on me.

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"Jing!! Where are we going?!" the annoying black bird asked for the 15th time.

"I told you, Kir...we're going to back to Coco-oco." The boy sighed from annoyance.

"But why are we going back there?" Kir asked again. "It doesn't make sense, there's nothing to steal over there!"

"Well," Jing started as he turned his head slightly and looked at the glistening sea. "I'm just visiting a friend I met when you were mad at me." He smiled at his feathered friend. "You can use this time to visit Mimosa too."

"That's a good idea, let's me see how Russian and her are getting along. If he hasn't ditched her for her clumsy-ness yet." Kir joked. Jing just kept gazing out the window. The breeze brushing his black hair across his face. The train began to head into the ocean as the sea began to part for their trip. The xylophone's melody began to enchant the air with their beautiful tune as they rode upon the tracks. The train headed for land as the flutes began to play. "This island is too weird. Everything here is a frickin' instrument." Kir sneered.

"That's the beauty of this place." Jing replied with respect. The train soon stopped as the two got off, "Heh," Jing laughed a bit as he stepped on the piano boardwalk. He played a little tune as he walked to the marketplace as Kir rolled his eyes.

"You're so childish." Kir told him.

"Really, now?" Jing laughed. He and Kir began to walk through the not so crowded marketplace, looking at the instruments there and searching for Jing's mysterious friend.

"You sure if she's even here, Jing?" Kir asked.

"Nope, who knows. She might have left long ago." Jing told him.


"Your point?" Jing asked indifferently. Kir just sighed. Just then, a big cloaked thing just fell from the sky and landed right in front of them. People around saw the incident and laughed and went on their way. Kir looked around and snickered.

"These people aren't that nice, huh Jing." Kir snickered. Jing just knelt down to see what the cloaked thing was.

"Ouch, stupid leaf. That's the 15th time I've tripped....That's the last time I go jumping on roofs after a storm." A female voice muttered from underneath the cloth. The cloth slid off of the person to reveal a pretty young girl. Her mahogany brown hair was all tangled and messed up, her chocolate brown eyes were wincing at the sudden brightness of the sun, in other words, she was a mess.

"HELLO, BABY!" Kir yelled, pulling a flower from who knows where and handing it to the mysterious girl. "This must be destiny, my fallen angel. For you have fallen right into the path that is..."

"Hey, Mina," Jing greeted, helping the girl up. She stumbled a bit trying to get her equalibrium straight but tripped over the cloak and fell down again.

"Ouchie," She winced. Kir looked at Jing then to Mina, and back to Jing.

"Wait, this is the girl?!" Kir asked. "My fallen angel?!"

"Her name is Mina, Kir...." Jing laughed, helping Mina up again.

"Whoot! What a rush. Never gonna do that again." She laughed at herself, brushing off the dust from her figure. "Hey, Jing! What's up? Didn't expect to see you so soon. Just got back into town myself!"

"Well, I came back to visit you. I got you something that you might like." Jing told her, reaching into his coat pocket. Mina waited with anticipation in her eyes as he pulled out "The dream of the Sleepless King." Kir looked at Jing in disbelief as he pulled out the recent treasure that they have stolen.

"Jing, are you crazy? Put that away!" Kir exclaimed, trying to swipe it from Jing's hands but Mina was quicker. She held it up to her sparkling eyes as her expression went into disbelief and awe. Jing smiled at her expression. Kir eyed Jing suspiously. "Seriously, Jing. What's with the dream and the girl....?"

"She knows who I am; in fact she's the one who figured it out." Jing informed Kir. Jing held his hand out as Mina put the orb back into his hand. "You've changed outfits, Mina?"

"Yeah, the last one was too baggy." She said, twirling around so Jing can get full view. She wore a black short mini-dress with long sleeves with lavender lining around the edges. Around her waist was a tan belt and a brown zipper bag for travelers. On her legs were black leggings, around her thigh was a black strap with another bag, but smaller so it might seem unnoticeable to anyone who wasn't looking clearly. On her feet we're black slip-on shoes. Her brown hair, although still a mess, was long and flowing like a brown cascading waterfall that descended all the way down her back. She held a ribbon in her left hand as Mina began to fix her hair and tie it back into a ponytail.

"You look great." Jing complimented. Mina smiled and giggled at the compliment like a schoolgirl when suddenly her stomach growled. She turned red as Jing and Kir burst out laughing. She bopped both of them on the head once.

"Meanies!" She yelled. Jing turned her around and smiled pleadingly.

"Let's go get some lunch then, shall we?" He said, trying to stifle back the remaining laughter. Mina allowed herself to be pushed into a quaint little cafe as Kir followed. They took a dark booth in the very back so no one can hear their conversation. They sat down as Kir landed on Jing's shoulder. The waitress came as they placed their orders and Kir got down to business.

"How does she know who you are? Where did you meet her? Tell me everything!!!!" Kir pleaded. Mina laughed, her voice sounding like the tinkling of chimes. Jing leaned back into his chair as Mina leaned forward and rested her angelic face on her petit hands. Jing took a breath and began.

"Well, I was searching for the treasure on my own when she bumped into me. Mina apologized and quickly ran away." Kir held up his wing.

"You said that she changed outfits, what was she wearing when you met her?" Kir asked with curiosity.

"A Harlem outfit. You know, like the ones the belly dancers wear." Jing said. Kir turned red as he imagined Mina in such a sinful outfit. Her cuvraious figure in such a thin and sexy outfit, just the thought of it was enough to make Kir faint with desire. Mina laughed at Kir's expression as he imagined her. "He'll snap out of it in awhile." Jing laughed. Kir suddenly shook his head and cleared his throat, nodding at Jing to continue. "Anyway, curious about this girl, I followed her to a bar where she supposly worked at and talked with her a little bit." Jing said, looking at Mina for her reaction. She smiled at him.

"Then, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. Of course with such a gesture a lady would blush. He called it cute and reached into my belt pack and pulled out the green gem I swiped from him during our first encounter." Mina smiled sheepishly. Jing snickered. "Then to my surprise, he handed me my silver pocket watch that I kept with me in my pocket." She sighed. "Course that's when I knew that he was the legendary King of Bandits. No one else would have the skills to pull that off me. Errr....The watch." She laughed as Kir began to drift into dirty thoughts. Kir , again, shook that thought away.

"How so? You're just a dancer that jumps on roofs. Wait, no. A Clumsy dancer that slips off roofs." Kir corrected himself. Jing shook his head.

"You don't realize who she is?" he asked. Kir looked at Jing in confusion. "There's another thief out there, she supposedly rivals the King of Bandits in thievery. As the King has the skills to steal stars from the sky, she has the wit and ability to steal from even the gods themselves. "Jing said with respect."They call her the 'Queen of Thieves'." Jing said. Kir turned and looked at Mina.

"That's you?!" He exclaimed. Mina closed her eyes and smiled at Kir.

"What do you think?" She questioned him. Kir's jaw dropped. "Everytime a King appears, there has to be a queen that rivals with him in power. That queen is me." She stated as if telling him a proclamation.

"I figured she was the Queen of Thieves when she took the gem from me. I didn't even feel it when she took it from me." Jing said. Mina laughed.

"Just means I got skills." She laughed. The waitress soon brought them their drinks and snacks. Jing picked up his sandwich as Kir began to eat his meat pie. Mina just bit upon an apple she bought herself.

"So continue about this meeting you two thieves had." Kir said after swallowing a bit of pie.

"Me and Jing hung out for a bit. I told him my name, he told me his. I told him I knew who he was, he said that same. All that good stuff, then I left because I still needed to relieve someone of an item and he still needed to figure out the thing he was trying to take." Mina said. "That's the gist of it."

"That's putting it bluntly...." Kir sighed with disappointment.

"What? You expecting a love story?" Mina snickered. Kir looked at her slyly. "Don't keep your hopes up. I ain't falling in love with a bird." She joked. Kir looked disappointed and made a dramatic scene by putting his hand over his heart.

"Oh, you broke this poor bird's heart. Have you no heart, fair maiden?" He gasped as he dramatically twirled around and fell to the table and shot his legs up into the air before letting them drop with a thud.

"Yeah, that's what we all need, a kings of all drama kings." She laughed at Kir's little show. She leaned over and gave the little black bird a quick kiss on the head. Kir's eyes suddenly open before he grabbed her hand and knelt to his little knee.

"See, baby? That's all I needed, your kiss is all I desired to be whole again. Can't you see, we're meant to be together!" He told her. Jing smiled and shooked his head. He slid Kir away from the laughing girl and put a silver pocket watch in her hand. Mina looked at the watch the looked up at Jing with a sheepish look in her eyes. She suddenly grabbed his hand and placed his green gem in his palm. Jing looked at her with a sly look and they both bursted out laughing. Kir looked confused.

"Like the first time we met." Jing said, calming down.

"Yup! You really are the King. When did you take my watch?" she asked.

"When I was pushing you towards here," he said, "When did you take my gem?"

"When I lost my balance and fell down and you helped me up." She smiled. "A kind act was repaid with a gesture of thievery." Jing laughed and nodded in reply.

"You really are the Queen of Thieves." He admitted. They both calmed down as Kir rolled his eyes at the two.

"You guys are really weird, and I just met you!" He accused, pointing at Mina.

"Not my fault, I'm always random!" Mina defended. She waved her hand in front of her face to dismiss that topic and cleared her throat to go onto another detail. "I want to travel with you guys. To see the world as you guys see it. Plus, I want a little competition between me and Jing. Who's the better thief? The Queen or the King?" she told them.

"I think that's an answer worth searching for." Jing agreed. "Fine then, you can come with us." Mina's eyes glittered with excitement at the very thought of it. "We'll depart tomorrow for the City of Auxina." He decided. "Our target..."

"The Crown of Auxina....The crown rumor to have fell out of the sky when the gods were arguing." Mina finished his sentence. "Yes, I was going to head over there myself."

"Then it's decided. We'll leave tomorrow at dawn." Jing exclaimed. "Now, let's just find a place to rest for the night."

"As you wish, King." Mina laughed. "For tomorrow, a new journey awaits us."

So yeah, it's pretty stupid for a beginning. Corny too. I think it'll start to get interesting in the next chapter when they go to do.....stuff. Yeah. Read and Review folks. Love ya!