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In the sky, twin suns were beginning to fall below the horizon, turning the sky a dark orange color. This color splashes onto the silver trees, causing them to look as if they are on fire. The red grass that covers most of the ground deepen in color and when the wind blows, makes it look like waves of fire licking across the ground.

Upon the top of one of these covered hills, a little boy of 8 years of age crests the top before running down the hill. The boy ran as fast as he could to get away, but they were still coming for him. Turning his head, the boy tries to see how close the group is to catching him.

"Oh, Theta. Why you running away?" comes a voice from the boy with blond hair.

"Yeah, Theta. Thought we were all friends." comes another voice from the group.

The little brown haired boy doesn't notice that there is a rock in front of him. As he turned his head forwards again he sees it, but it's too late. The little boy, called Theta, trips and lands in the sea of red grass. Before he could get up, Theta is kicked hard in the ribs.

"That's for running away, half-blood." said a boy with black hair as he takes hold of Theta by his brown hair.

"Koschei. I thought we were friends?" Theta coughed out, as he holds his left hand to the ribs on his right side.

"Oh we were, Theta. But then guess who hasn't looked into the Untempered Schism yet." Koschei kicks Theta in the left shoulder, with a cruel smile on his face.

As Theta falls backward from the kick, a little voice comes from up the dirt path on the hillside.

"Thewa!" cried out a little, red-headed girl of about 4 years as she runs down towards the group of boys.

When she reaches the boys, she sees Theta lying on the ground curled up in the fetal position. She spins around and glared at the older boys. Her eyes blazing with her anger at what the group has done to her friend.

"Who did that to Thewa?" she screams at the boys.

"What's it to you? Shouldn't you be in the nursery playing with your blocks?" said Koschei as he made a fist with his right hand.

"Leave. Her. Alone" coughs Theta as he starts to get up off the ground. However, his body has other ideas and his legs gave way, making him fall to his knees.

"Thewa!" the little girl runs over to Theta's side to try and help him up.

As she touches his injured shoulder, Theta flinches at the burst of pain that erupts from his injuries. The little girl notices this and becomes even more angry at the group of boys. Puffing out her chest, she turns around and locked her hazel eyes with Koschei's baby blues.

"You hurt Thewa. I hates you." Her eyes showing her displeasure at seeing Theta in pain.

Koschei laughed at seeing just how feisty the girl has become. "Oh I see. You are infatuated with the half-breed. Sorry Shoshana, but you're still promised to me. Now get over here." The last sentence he shouts at the girl called Shoshana.

"NO!" shouted back Shoshana. "You are mean. Ever since you looks in the Schism. I swears never to be your pawtner." Her hazel eyes never leaving Koschei's stare, and challenges him to break the gaze.

Koschei blinks and shrugged his shoulders after only a minute into their stare. "Eh. Suit yourself. Besides no Time Lady would ever want to be the half breed's partner. Our parents have already decreed it, Shoshana. You will be mine, no matter what you want. There is no fighting it, you will be mine in the end. Come on. Let's go."

The group of boys begin their walk back up the dirt path that leads back to the city.

"You shouldn't have done that." said Theta as Shoshana turns back to see if he is alright. "Koschei is right though. No Time Lady would ever be my partner."

Theta gets up off the ground and walks over to one of the silver trees nearby. He knows that his mother is a Time Lady, but it was his father who was just a plain Gallifreyan. The love that his parents have for one another is one that is frowned upon by the Time Lord council of Gallifrey.

Shoshana watched Theta as he sits down and leans his back against the tree. As she begins to walk towards him, the wind blows and the leaves sing a haunting tune. When she's made it to the tree, Shoshana sits down next to him and leans her head against Theta's shoulder.

Theta hasn't noticed that Shoshana has made her way over. When he feels something heavy against his shoulder, he turns his head to see her head. His eyes focus in on her hand as she picks up his hand and threads their fingers together.

"I will be your pawtner then." She looks up and stares at Theta's blue eyes. "I'll be wif you. Forever."


In one of the many apartments within the Powell Estates, the blaring sound of an alarm clock wakes up its owner. Gasping and with eyes opening wide, a young bottle blonde woman wakes up from one of the strangest dreams she has ever had. Sitting up, the woman looks over at her blaring alarm clock before giving it a good whack with her hand, which turns off the alarm. Letting out a yawn, the woman slowly begins to move so that she is sitting at the edge of her twin bed.

"Rose! You better wake up, sweetie. You will be late for work if you keep sleeping." A familiar voice calls out to the young woman named Rose through the bedroom door.

"Great. Just great." Whispers Rose as she slowly begins to stand up.

She moves about her room, pulling her clothes for work out of the closet. She really doesn't want to go to work, but with the debt that is hanging over her head, from being with Jimmy Stone, she can't afford not to work.

"Rose Marion Tyler! Did you hear me?" the woman from the other side of the door calls out.

"Yes Mum, I did. I'm just getting dressed." Rose quickly buttons up her pale rose colored blouse.

Leaving her bedroom, Rose heads into the kitchen. Her mother, Jackie Tyler, is puttering about with getting the kettle on. Opening the bread box, Rose retrieves two slices of bread for the toaster. Once the slices are in the toaster, Rose watches as her mother places a cup of tea out on their small table in the corner of the kitchen. When the toaster pops, Rose is quick to spread some beans on her toast before making her way over to where her tea is waiting for her. She eats her breakfast as fast as she could without choking on it. With the clock showing how much time Rose has left before the beginning of her shift, she shoves the last piece of her toast into her mouth.

Rushing to pull on her coat, Rose quickly grabs her purse from the hallway table near the front door. Rose gives her mum a kiss goodbye before heading out the door to their council flat. Going down the stairs, Rose bumps into Mickey who places a quick kiss to her cheek and wishing her luck at work. Rose walks quickly to the bus stop and only has to wait a few minutes for the bus to arrive. The bus ride takes only fifteen minutes till it reaches Rose's stop.

At a jog, Rose hurries to reach the doors of Henrik's and enters the large department store. Once she has clocked in, Rose is quick to look at spreadsheet that shows which department she is to be stationed for her shift.

"You best be careful Rose. The manager isn't in a good mood today." Renee, who happens to work in the cosmetics department, says to Rose while clocking in.

"Thanks for the warning." replies Rose as she makes her way to the men's department that she is assigned to.

Putting on her name tag, Rose walked over to one of the display tables that has several sweaters on it. She begins to straighten up several sweaters that were left unfolded by the closing shift the night before. With her mind so focused on the task at hand that when she turns away from the table she bumps into someone.

"Oh, sorry." Rose gasps out as the person she bumped into catches her before she can fall backwards.

"My apologies, miss. I should have been paying more attention to where I was going." The person says cheerily to Rose, while helping her stand back up.

Once settled back on her own two feet, Rose is finally able to get a good look at the person who she bumped into. As her eyes roam over the person, Rose notices that it was a man who she bumped into. He has on a gold and white Victorian vest with navy blue velvet dress coat. His chestnut brown, wavy hair ends just above his shoulders. Yet it is his crystalline blue eyes that captures Rose's light brown ones as they just stare at each other.

The man, however, feels something click inside his head as he keeps his eyes locked with this young woman's. Something pulls at the man's mind, which leaves him wondering just who this woman is. There is something about this human woman that seems familiar to him.

Gently tightening his grip on Rose's arms, the man asks, "Do I know you?"

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