I know. I'm now starting another story. I can't help it if these damn plot bunnies keep giving me ideas. Mostly I am going to try and cover the Time War that the eighth Doctor was in. However here is the twist, Rose will be by his side. So I do hope that you all will bear with me on this. So here we go..... Oh before I start with the beginnings of these adventures, I am opening up and inviting any one who wants to help create ideas or even give me a battle ideas. So what I am saying is: "IF YOU WANT TO HELP SHAPE THIS STORY YOUARE MOST WELCOME TO DO SO."

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Doctor Who. Only a few Time War Battles.


In the sky, twin suns were beginning to fall below the horizon, turning the sky a dark orange color. A little boy of 8 years of age was running down a hill covered in red grass and a few silver trees. The boy ran as fast as he could to get away, but they were still coming. The little boy turned his head to see how close the group was.

"Oh Theta. Why you running away?" came a voice from the boy with blond hair.

"Yeah Theta. Thought we were all friends." came another voice.

The little brown haired boy didn't notice that there was a rock infront of him. As he turned his head forwards again he saw it, but it was too late. The little boy, called Theta, tripped and landed in the sea of red grass. Before he could get up, Theta was kicked in the ribs.

"That's for running away, half blood." said a boy with black hair.

"Koschei. I thought we were friends?" Theta said, as he held his left hand to his right side ribs.

"Oh we were Theta. But then guess who hasn't looked into the Untempered Schism yet." Koschei kicked Theta again, only this time in the left shoulder.

As Theta fell backwards from the kicked, a little voice came from up the dirt path.

"Thewa!!!!!!!" cried a little red-headed girl of about 4 years, as she ran down towards the group of boys. When she reached the boys, she saw Theta laying on the ground curled up in the fetal position. She spun around and glared at the older boys.

"Who dis that to Thewa???" she screamed at the boys.

"What's it to you? Shouldn't you be in the nursery playing with you blocks." said Koschei as he made a fist with his right hand.

"Leave. Her. Alone" coughed Theta as he started to get up off the ground. However, his body had other ideas and his legs gave way and he fell to his knees.

"Thewa!" the little girl ran to Theta's side to try and help him up. As she touched his injured shoulder, Theta flinched. The little girl puffed her chest, turned around and locked her hazel eyes with Koschei's.

"You hurt Thewa. I hates you."

Koschei laughed. "Oh I see. You are infatuated with the half breed. Sorry Shoshana, but you're still promised to me. Now get over here." The last sentence he shouted at her.

"NO!" shouted Shoshana. "You are mean. Ever since you looks in the Schism. I swears never to be your pawtner." Her hazel eyes never leaving Koschei's stare.

Koschei blinked and shrugged his shoulders. "Eh. Suit yourself. Besides no Time Lady would ever want to be the half breed's partner. Come on guys, lets go back."

The group of boys began their walk back up the dirt path that led to the city.

"You shouldn't have done that." said Theta as Shoshana turned to see if he was alright. "Koschei is right though. No Time Lady would ever be my partner." Theta got up off the ground and walked over to one of the silver trees.

Shoshana watched him as he sat down and leaned his back against the tree. As she began to walk towards him the wind blew and the leaves sang. When she made it to the tree she sat down next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. Theta turned his head to see her pick up his hand and thread their fingers together.

"I will be your pawtner then." She looked up and stared at Theta's blue eyes. "I'll be wiff you. Forever."


Rose gasped as she woke up from her dream. Looking around her pink room her eyes settled on her alarm clock. 7:30am.

"Rose!! You better wake up sweetie, or you will be late for work." shouted her mother.

"Great. Just great." whispered Rose. She ran about her room pulling her clothes for work out of the closet before getting dressed.

"Rose Marion Tyler!! Did you hear me?"

"Yes Mum I did. I'm just getting dressed." Rose quickly buttoned up her blouse and left her bedroom.

As she shoved a piece of toast in her mouth Rose waved bye to her mum and ran out the door.


Rose walked through the doors that led to her work. Another employee say her come in.

"You best be careful Rose. The manager isn't in a good mood today." said Renee who happened to work in the cosmetics department.

"Thanks." replied Rose as she made her way to the department that she works in. After clocking in and putting on a name tag, Rose walked over to the Men's department. As she made her way to one of the table's to put the stack of sweaters she bumped into something.

"Oh Sorry." said Rose as she got down and began to pick up the sweaters.

"Don't worry about that. Happens to me all the time." came a cheery voice from above.

As Rose looked up, she saw a Victorian coat with frills. She picked up the last of the sweater and stood up. When she looked at the man's face to apologize, her eyes locked with the man's steel blue ones. Out of the corner of her eyes she was that he had curly brown hair that fell to his shoulders.

The man felt something click inside his head as he kept his eyes locked with her hazel ones. Giving Rose a confused look the man asked, "Do I know you?"


I know. I know. But I had to make something to get these two people together before I toss them into the fire of the Time War.

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