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The Doctor and Rose were in their room for the night. Earlier they had met with several other Time Lords, Gallifreyans, and Janjubians. Rose had sat off to the side while the Doctor talked over battle plans with Rassilon and the others. Plans were formulated and starting tomorrow would be put into action. The only thing that wasn't discussed was what Rose would be doing. After all the planning, they were escorted to a room that one of the Janjubians said was theirs while they stayed. The Doctor had tried to talk them into letting him use his Tardis as a shelter for him and Rose, but that would have caused a misunderstanding between them. So instead the Doctor asked if he could park the Tardis in their room. He was given permission but only to use it as a changing room/ bathroom. So there was the Tardis, parked into the corner of their bedroom that looked more like a cave.

It had three openings the far wall that served as windows. The door was a piece of rock that slid open and closed. The rock that this room was carved out of was of a tan and red blend colors. The planet itself was mostly made up of mountains and some lakes. All the vegetation grew on the mountain sides or inside the caverns that the natives dug out. There was only a few ways to travel on this planet. One was by air, the other on foot, which was mostly climbing.

Rose had been afraid when a Janjubian named, Flickatypieus, had shown them the way to their room. They had to stick close to the path that hugged the side of a mountain. The Doctor however, wasn't afraid and on multiple times walked very close to the edge of the path. She had told him multiple times to stop that and he would look at her and laugh. So there was tension now between them.

Rose walks over to one of the windows and looks out at the colors of the three suns setting. Her arms are crossed and back turned towards the Doctor and the Tardis. She knows that she shouldn't be angry with him for his antics, but she can't seem to quell the anger. She lets out a sigh and tries not to think of her home on earth. As she thinks about her mother, tears start to fall from her eyes. She quickly wipes the tears away with her hand.

The Doctor could feel Rose's anger with him through their bond. He knew that she couldn't keep her emotions from filtering to him. But what surprised him the most was how quick that anger turned to sadness. He knew that Rose was outside of the Tardis, in their room, but she wanted her space. He put away his sonic screwdriver into his coat, and pulled himself out from under the console. The Tardis hummed a sad tune through the mental connection to the Doctor as he walked out to where Rose was.

Rose could feel the Doctor's approach through their connection. She doesn't move from her spot though. He comes up behind her and isn't sure what to do next.

"Rose?" he whispers softly. When she doesn't respond, he moves closer towards her back, and wraps his arms around her. "Rose? You alright? What's wrong?"

The feeling of being held breaks Rose. She turns herself into the Doctor's body and allows her self to cry even more. She can feel his worry for her and the feeling of calm through the bond. He is murmuring words of endearment and his love for her. Then she feels herself being lifted, bridal style, into her Doctor's arms. He carries her into the Tardis and down one of the halls towards his room.

Upon entering the room, the Doctor heads past his large desk, and heads towards his bed. He places her onto his bed and quickly cuddles up behind her. Her tears have yet to stop but the Doctor is a patient man. He knows he can not rush her to dry her eyes, so he holds her tight to him. The two of them lay there for sometime before Rose turns to face him. She gives a quick kiss on the lips and whispers a thank you to him. The Doctor raises a hand to cup her cheek.

"I think it is time to have a little talk, Rose. I know that you were upset by me acting like a fool on our way to our small dwelling, but there is something more isn't there?" The Doctor knows that she seems to be hiding some of her feelings and he wants to know why. Then he feels her longing for her mother back on Earth. "Oh Rose." is all he can say to her before the suns full set for the night.

The Doctor is standing at the foot of their bed looking down at Rose. They had made love several times through out the night as though it was their last. He took a small whiff of the air and could smell the remnants of the nights activity but on top of that, he could smell the beginnings of Rose's cycle. 'No child this time.' he thought to himself. He didn't feel happy or sad about that it didn't happen this time. 'Rose and I aren't ready yet. She said so herself.' He walked out of their bedroom and headed down to the galley to get some food for Rose.

Rose knew that the Doctor was watching her, but she waited till he left the room before she started to get out of bed. She was sore from their activities, but some of the pain was also due to her cycle. 'Great. The Doctor gets to deal with a hormonal, crazy, human child.' Heading to the bathroom, Rose could feel it start. Deciding that a shower was in order, she turned on the water and proceeded to clean up.

When the Doctor came into the bedroom with food he took notice that Rose was out of bed. He reached out to her via their link and felt that she was cleaning up. He chuckled a little when he felt Rose yell at him through the link. "I have food when you are ready, Rose." A minute later Rose came out of the bathroom wearing a tank top and shorts. "So where is this food that you have for me?" she said as she gave the Doctor a cheeky grin while walking to him. The set the tray of food onto the bed. There was chips, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, and some bread with a meat spread. The two tucked into their meal and talked a little before there was a knock on the Tardis door.

It had been a few hours since the Doctor and Rose were interrupted by a Time Lord that the Doctor didn't know. They were lead to an antechamber for the Jajubians council were they were given assignments. Rose was to help at one of the mountain top lookouts, while the Doctor was assigned to a patrol to scout the limited trails. For the nest several weeks Rose and the Doctor tried to spend as much time together as they could but up until last week they hadn't seen each other since then.

During their time apart, Rose had met the commander of her lookout post. Correon, who is highly respected within Time Lord society, was given the charge of commanding the lookout. This position is not one that he has taken lightly. Six months of overseeing the scouting of the terrain, teaching combat techniques to Time Lords who are far too young to fight, and strategics has taken a toll on him. The Time Lord ran his hand through his graying hair as he closed his blue eyes. Rose wasn't sure how to interact with the Time Lord. The Doctor had told her about Correon, and his many talents, but she was still skeptical.

The lookout stations are built similar to the hovel homes, but only a bit larger. Like the hovels, the lookouts are built into the sides of the mountains with large opennings serving as windows. Inside there are rock pillars to support the ceiling and there are no separate rooms. You eat, sleep, and work all in the same room. If you need use the bathroom or to clean up, there is a small waterfall and pool about 4 miles along the trail.

Correon notices that Rose keeps to herself but does what is asked of her. He knows that back on Gallifrey there is gossip about how the Doctor chose a human for a mate. Whispers about her looks were true, she was a beautiful specimen, but Correon would never had chosen a lesser species. However, he can't help but see that the time lines seem to swirl about her like no other. That is one of the reasons why he never talks to her. His comlink with the Main Camp goes off, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Rose heard the comlink go off and watches as Correon walks outside to answer it. Her nerves are on edge lately, especially since her cycle is late. At first she didn't take notice of it due to traveling and being on other planets, but she had a hard time trying to keep down her breakfast this morning. She hopes that the Doctor will be able to come visit so he can check her.

"Get ready everyone. The Daleks are on the move. Lookout station 23975410 was taken out and the enemy is on its way here."

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After watching the Doctor hit the side of the ragged cliff, Rose felt anger rise up and her eyes turned to gold.