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Theta ran as fast as he could through the forest, to try to get to the cavern to stop the ceremony. Branches smack his face, cutting into his skin as he gets closer. He isn't sure if he will make it in time. However, he will try his best to keep Shoshana from looking into the untempered schism. He doesn't have a plan, but he will make it up as he goes along.

Upon reaching the base of the rocky hill, he realizes that he may already be too late. He can see the robes of the officials and a few guards making their way up. There she was, Shoshana, walking in the middle of the group with her father dragging her by an arm. Bound and determined to stop the ceremony, Theta, quickly begins to follow the path up the hill.

At the top of the hill, is the cavern that holds the untempered schism. It is there that the chosen children of Gallifrey look into the vortex and their fate decided.

Shoshana sees the cavern and begins to panic. "Please. No! I don't want to look! I don't want to go crazy!" She pulls and pulls, trying to get her arm out of her fathers grip.

"Now Shoshana, we have been through this. You will not go crazy. Be brave." Shoshana's father says with very little patience in his tone. He quickly forces Shoshana in front of the cavern. "You need to open your eyes, Shoshana. Now!"

"I will not." replies Shoshana keeping her eyes closed. Her hands kept opening and closing by her sides as if she was waiting for someone to take her hand.

"Child you must open your eyes and allow yourself to look into the vortex. Come on now, it isn't going to hurt." said one of the Time Lords from the Academy.

"I will not!"

"Stop!" Theta shouted at the group. "If Shoshana doesn't want to look, she shouldn't have to. Quit trying to force her. It should be her decision, not yours." He started to walk towards Shoshana when someone knocked him to the ground.

"Stay out of this, Theta. It's none of your concern whether she looks or not. Not like she is promised to a half breed like you."

"Koschei, stop with this madness." Theta said as he begins to get up off the ground.

"Like I told you before, stay out of this Theta." said Shoshana's father.

While no one was looking Shoshana had turned around, so her back was facing the vortex. She looked about her to take stock of what was happening...

The Doctor opened his eyes and sat up very fast. His eyes hadn't adjusted to the blinding whiteness of the room he was in.

"Easy there, soldier. You took one heck of a beating." came a voice from the fuzzy whiteness. "You are lucky to have survived the battle."

"Where am I? Where is Rose?" the Doctor asked. He tried to feel her through their bond but, her place in his mind was empty.

"Not many people survived the battle." said a familiar voice. "Rose is on the list of the missing or captured."

The Doctor felt a weight compress the mattress as the familiar voiced person sat down. "What do you mean she is missing? She can't be missing." The Doctor said with a panic in his voice.

"Easy Professor, you shouldn't be exciting yourself. You might cause yourself further injury." Ace said softly trying to calm the Doctor. She had been helping with the injured, and preparing the dead bodies. "What happened down there? It seemed as if the Daleks were winning, then they all just vanished."

"I don't remember much. Just brief images." Rubbing his head with one of his hands. "Has anyone found Rose?"

"Her body isn't among the dead, so it's possible that she is on another hospital Tardis." Ace said. "Think you could check, Luxor?"

"Of course. But you all must understand that resources are beginning to thin. If Rose can't be found, then it might be possible that the Daleks have either killed her or holding her hostage." Without waiting for a reply, Luxor left the room.

"We have to find Rose. I can't sense her through our bond. It's like she is hidden from me."

Ace looked at the Doctor with sad eyes. She knew that he was upset at the loss of Rose. However, he needed to focus on the war and the billions of lives that hung in the balance.

"I'm sure Rose will turn up soon. Maybe she is asleep or unconscious? Who knows? Maybe your bond isn't strong enough to be felt at great distances."

"It wouldn't matter the distance, I would still feel her. For a while now her presence in the bond has been sporadic. I was on my way to go talk to her about it when the attack happened. For all I know, she could have been dying before the attack." The Doctor whipped the blanket off of his legs, and began to climb out of the Med cot. "I can't just sit by and wait for someone else to find her."

'You will not have to, Doctor.' said a voice in the Doctor's mind. 'She has just arrived. Ragnorok found her and brought her here. She is in very bad shape. Rose is in Medical Bay 637854. Hurry.'

Without saying a word vocally or mentally, the Doctor raced out of the MedBay, with Ace on his heels.

Romana stood by the Medical Capsule that held Rose. She didn't want to believe her eyes when she saw the damage that was done to the girl. The physicians were doing everything the could to keep Rose alive. As Romana watched the physicians work to repair the cuts, gashes and burns from Rose's body, she had felt the Doctor's worry and fear. She had quickly told him, via telepathy, where Rose is. Now all she could do was watch over her friend's bondmate till his arrival.

"That is most curious." one of the physicians said.

"What is?" Romana asked as she made her way towards the physician closest to Rose.

"It would appear that this human was carrying a child of Gallifrey recently. However, from what I am seeing on the scan of the abdominal area, it looks like it was forced to abort."

"So she lost her child." Romana said softly.

"Yes, but not by choice. More like something pulled the child out." The physician walked over to Romana and started pointing at the screen of his MedPad. "You see there are tear marks from where the placenta was pulled away from the wall of the girl's uterus. Those tear marks are not from her body forcing the child out. The child was literally pulled out." Changing to another screen on his MedPad, the physician continued. "Here is more evidence. All along the birth canal you can see scrape marks and tearing. So who or what had her in their custody before coming here, had to have done this to her. All of these injuries are very recent. I would say, no more than 8 hours old are these wounds."

Romana felt shocked at what this physician had told her. Someone had robbed Theta and Rose of their child. Before she could hide her emotions over this, the Doctor had finally reached the MedBay. The Physician looked away from his MedPad and looked at the door. The physician raised an eyebrow and made a soft noise to get Romana's attention. Romana turned towards the door, and motioned for the Doctor to enter.

"Come on in Doctor." Romana softly said.

The Doctor moved into the room and took a glance towards where Rose was laying. "What happened to her, Romana? What are the physicians saying about her condition?"

Romana was taken aback by how much emotion the Doctor had in his voice. It was then that she knew that the bond that he has with Rose was meant to be.

"It would seem Lord Doctor, that Rose was hurt very badly."

"How bad?"

"I will not lie to you my friend. Besides the wounds inflicted in battle, there are some very personal injuries." Romana escorted the Doctor towards the far wall, away from Rose, before continuing. "The child, your child, was physically removed by something or someone. The injuries from the removal of the child, show that it was done purposely."

The Doctor's face showed pure shock at the mention of his child. However, a darkness began to show at the mention of the child's removal from Rose. As a physician began to show the Doctor the extent of Rose's injuries, the Doctor's body began to shake. Pure hatred and darkness began to roll off the Doctor that made everyone in the room, including Romana, to tense up in fear.

A week had passed before Rose regained consciousness. The physicians were careful not to mention the child in her presence. The Doctor had stayed by her side the whole week, and was now trying not to let Rose see his anger and frustration over the loss of their child. Romana had the physicians clear Rose to be released from the Medical Bay. So the Doctor was preparing Rose for the walk to his Tardis. He had brought her a clean pair of tan pants and a red tunic for her to change into.

"Do you need help with getting the tunic on Rose?" The Doctor asks with a hint of sadness in his voice. He can see that she is struggling with the tunic due to the bandages on her upper arms and shoulders.

"If you could please." Rose says sheepishly. She still hasn't told anyone what had happened to her after the battle. Hell, she only remembered bits and pieces of things. She remembered being in pain and the Daleks, but nothing else.

As the Doctor helps her get her arms pulled through the sleeves of the tunic, Rose decides to end his quietness. "So have the physicians figured out why I had lost so much blood? Also they seem to look at me with sad eyes. What is going on Doctor?"

"Rose I will answer all of your questions once we are in the Tardis. Not before." He winces at the harsh tone of his words.

"Okay." was all that Rose could say. She knew that he was worried about her, but that definitely didn't warrant the harsh tone. With her other arm in the sleeve of the tunic, it was time to head back to the Tardis.

Rose and the Doctor made their way out of the Medical Bay and down the massive hall that led to the outside. They reached the 15 foot double doors, and made their way towards a gorgeous courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard stood the Tardis, surrounded by blue trees with black leaves. The ground itself was made of broken up pieces of marble mixed with soft dirt.

The Tardis opened her doors for the Doctor and Rose. She kept the lights dimmed and had moved The Doctor and Rose's bedroom closer to the console room, with the MedBay right across the hall.

Rose sat down carefully into the Victorian armchair that sat in the console room, while the Doctor began to set coordinates for Gallifrey. An uneasy silence sat between the two, till Rose spoke up.

"So what happened to me, Doctor? I know that you know, and now it's time that you tell me. Doctor, I have to know what happened to me."

The Doctor let out a huff before walking away from the console, to stand before Rose. "Rose, what do you remember? About the battle?" As he watched her face for any signs of remembrance, he bent down so that he was crouched by her knees. He placed a hand on her knee, waiting for her response.

Rose knew he wanted to know what had happened to her, but anytime she tried to remember her mind went foggy. She took a deep breath, and started to tell him about the post getting a call to arms. She had stepped out of the post and started to help evacuate some of the non essential staff. After that everything was foggy. Rose told the Doctor about remembering pain from the foggy bits of her memory, but nothing else.

Now it was time for the Doctor to notify Rose about the physicians discovery. He watched as Rose's face went from happy to great sorrow. He quickly pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried. It wasn't long before the Doctor started to cry as well.

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