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Chapter One

I Didn't Mean To

I don't even remember why I was even in Forks. Sam and Jared couldn't even figure it out. We were probably hungry since we were gathered in one of the few diners in the small town. We were crammed into one of the tables in the back stuffing our faces full of pancakes even though it was five in the afternoon. The place was loaded with teenagers since it was so close to the high school and school had let out an hour ago.

I was through my second plate and forcing down the last of the three pancakes from my third plate, trying to ignore all the other teenagers and Jared trying to talk through a mouthful of food, and I saw her.

She was one of those people you don't notice until you make eye contact. She was busing some nearby tables, balancing a bin full of dishes that was half her size. She couldn't have been taller than five foot six and I doubt she weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. She was a mousy girl dressed in shabby clothes a few sizes to big for her and messy light brown hair pulled into a haphazard ponytail and big blue eyes spotted with specks of brown. She was a mess, but she was beautiful.

Our eyes only met for a moment before she ducked her head and walked away from the table and toward me, probably for the kitchen but I didn't care. In that one second my whole world was spun on its axis and when it stopped it centered itself on her. The anger that seemed to sink to my bones disappeared while I admired the girl I never would have seen if it wasn't for being a werewolf.

She didn't try to look at me again and busied herself with organizing the dishes in her bin. She passed my table and I turned in my seat to watch her. She was steps away from the door leading to the kitchen when one of the fuck head teenagers stuck his foot out and tripped her.

She fell almost in slow motion. Damn near everyone in the back of the diner laughed immediately while she was on her knees on the floor. I jumped up and tried to launch myself at the group of jackasses but Sam jumped with me and grabbed me. Those assholes were so busy laughing at her, my new reason for life, that they didn't even notice Sam struggling to get me out of the diner while Jared paid for our meal.

"What's your problem Paul?!" Sam yelled as he tried to push me through the parking lot to get away from witnesses.

I was shaking, my jaw was wound so tight I couldn't say anything and all I wanted to do was break through the iron grip Sam and Jared had on both of my arms and strangle the teenagers that hurt my imprint.

"Sam, I think he imprinted on that bus-girl." Jared muttered. Just the fact that I didn't know her name sent a fresh wave of rage through me.

I tried to wrench my arms from my brothers' grip but they wouldn't give. "Shit," Sam hissed as they pushed me into the woods.

I don't think I had ever phased so fast in my life. The shreds that used to be my clothes couldn't cover half of my foot. I snuck around Sam and Jared until I found of a view of the back door of the diner. She came shuffling out a few seconds later, struggling with a bag of trash while she tried to wipe away the few stray tears on her cheeks.

I almost phased back to run up to her but Jared and Sam had phased, saving their clothes first, and stepped in front of me.

Don't, not now! Sam warned while he used his head to push me back. I was pushing him forward with all my strength and I was actually succeeding.

I'm going to kill those bastards. I had always been an angry person but there was no way I had ever felt the rage I had when I thought of all their faces.

Paul if you go back in there as a man or a wolf, you'll scare her off forever. Jared was trying to show me reason, it wasn't really working.

You don't know that! I started shaking. I couldn't stand around and do nothing.

From Sam's mind I could see the night he attacked Emily and the whole memory made me shudder. You want to test that?

I looked over to my imprint as she rubbed her eyes furiously and tried to straighten her ponytail. The damn teenagers made her cry, either from hurting her or upsetting her. I tried to step out from the woods but Jared and Sam stopped me again.

Just wait Paul! Jared yelled impatiently.

She's going back into the diner with those stupid teenagers! I snarled and glanced back at her and watched as she picked up random pieces of garbage and threw them away.

I know, but it's her job, she survived alright without you until now. Sam had a point and I hated it. My whole entire being screamed for me to follow her and make sure no one ever harmed her again.

I focused my attention on her, eventhough it had never left her, and watched as she fussed with her clothes, trying to wipe off the dark stains on her baggy jeans and smooth her wrinkled dark blue shirt. When she seemed to accept her appearance she turned and walked back into the diner, slapping a forced smile on her face.

We'll go back to the Rez. You can follow her until she falls asleep then come back, and don't show yourself to her as human or wolf then we'll meet up later. Sam said it in his 'Alpha voice' forcing me to fall to my knees in submission. It was an order I could live with. For now.

Jared and Sam phased back right next to me and pulled their clothes back on. "Paul," Sam said sternly. I snapped my head toward him for a second. "Don't attack anyone either, or you will live to regret it." He said knowingly. I didn't do anything as they walked back to my truck and drove off.

I stood rigidly in the woods, watching the door like it might attack me. From where the sun was in the sky I guessed it was eight at night when she came out the back. A few other waiters came out with her and almost shoved her out the door. I growled lowly and dug at the ground with my claws. I was starting to get the impression I was the only one who actually saw her.

The waiters went to the parking lot while she went to a run down mountain bike chained to a pipe. She put the chain her green backpack, it was the only thing on her that was still in good condition, and hopped on the bike and started riding for town. I followed her as she pedaled on the side of the road, it was easy to keep pace except with for when I had to cross a road or backyard.

She looked too small to be able to ride her bike five miles in the spitting rain. I couldn't feel the rain on me but she had started to shiver. I wanted to snatch her off her bike and carry her, just so that I might keep her warm. She almost got hit by a car twice. I couldn't understand how they wouldn't be able to see her. She was so pale her skin almost glowed in the darkness. I damn near ran into a couple of trees I was so busy watching her but it seemed like no one else would.

She finally started slowing down after a little over five miles of biking and about forty-five minutes. The house she rode up to was small and run down with a crappy car in the drive way. I could hear fighting inside the house and she could to. She looked wearily at the house then pushed her bike around the side of the home and to the backyard. In the backyard was a shed that was in better condition than the house. She parked her bike on the side of the shed, chained it up and threw a plastic covering over it. She walked to the door of the shed, which had two outside pad locks, unlocked it and slipped in.

The shed was tucked in the corner of the yard and was surrounded by woods on two sides so it was easy for me to find somewhere for me to hide and still look in through the small back window.

From what I could see inside there was a dresser crammed against the wall the door was on and it was jutting into the doorway a little on top of it were stacks and stacks of books. On the other side of the door was a small bed piled with blankets. There was only one light in the place and it looked like it was on a desk under the window, because she was unloading her backpack onto it, but I couldn't see it. There was a small generator behind the shed, and that's probably what she used for power because I couldn't see any cords coming from the house.

I wasn't quite decided on whether I should be pissed she was sleeping in a shed because the back of the house was missing two windows and the paneling was falling off. The shed was about as big as they come and from the looks of it had even been dry-walled. It wasn't a pro job, but it was adequate. She looked like she was safer in the shed for the moment.

She started undressing and I looked down at my paws for a moment. As much as I would have loved to see my imprint undress, if Sam found out, he'd kill me. I counted to fifty and glanced back up through the little window and she was wearing a long, tattered, old gray shirt. It almost looked worse than my clothes after I phase with them on. She at least looked like she was warming up because she stopped shivering and her cheeks gained some color. She also had a hint of a smile on her pale pink lips.

I relaxed a little more seeing her so much more content then I had seen her before. She sat at her desk and started reading her text books. I was thankful the chair was high enough so that I could still see her face.

I watched her for a long time. It must have been three hours before she even started showing signs of actually being tired. After her fifth yawn in a row she finally left her home work and lay down on her cot like bed. I had to move a little closer to be able to see her as she slipped under her covers. Just as she closed her eyes and looked like she was ready to sleep peacefully there was another loud fight from the house. I didn't care what was going on over there, so long it didn't spill over to her shed. Her eyes flew open and they were filled with fear.

I felt a fresh wave of anger flow over me. It didn't take a genius to figure out it was her parents in the house fighting, I had heard it enough in my youth, and I wasn't stupid enough to think she was scared of the dark. She buried her face in her pillow and I could hear her sobs and see her thin body shake. All I wanted to do was comfort her some how because there was no way I'd be able to leave if she fell asleep crying.

In an impressive stroke of genius I crept away from her shed and closer to the house, as close as I felt comfortable, and howled loudly. I could hear the couple inside jump and even start whispering fearfully. I trotted back to my spot in front of her window happily and looked back in. She was sitting up now, straining to listen. She wasn't afraid now, just curious. After a few minutes of silence she lay back down and closed her eyes.

Her parents weren't fighting, they were barely speaking, probably still too scared. I waited impatiently, hoping she would fall asleep before the idiots in the house started fighting again. It could have only been five minutes tops, but she was asleep, peacefully so. Her eyebrows were furrowed in her sleep and I don't think there could be another way for her to be anymore beautiful.

Paul, we have patrol. It was Jared. He was wary and had every right to be. There was not a single part of me that wanted to leave the view I had of my imprint. But I had to.

I pulled myself away from her begrudgingly, looking over my shoulder every few feet to make sure she was still asleep.

She'll be fine, don't worry so much. Jared was trying to calm me down. It wasn't working.

You did the same thing after you imprinted on Kim, don't fucking start. I snarled as I jogged faster toward him.

Take the east boundary, I'll take the south.

We didn't say anything to each other from then on. I didn't really care much, I was too worried about her. I still didn't even know her first name. I was at least hoping to hear it in passing but nothing. It was all I could think about the whole time I ran through my side of the boarder.

Six hours later I my mind hadn't strayed far from her all the while. Jared was too busy thinking about Kim to care. Of course he would be able to see her soon and hold her and kiss her without issue.

I still hadn't figured out how I was even going to talk to her.

I had never been this bad with girls. I was always a ladies man, but this is different. This is my soul mate. I can't use cheesy pick-ups with my soul mate. I don't want to use her for a one night stand. I want her for the rest of my life. I wasn't going to try and get her into bed like I had been with other girls since I was fourteen. I was going to do this the right way. To bad I didn't have a clue how to do that…

I knew I would have to resort to asking Sam for help. I wasn't looking forward to that. I wasn't going to ask anyone else because it's bad enough that I have to ask for help, it would only make it worse if I talked to Jared, Quil or Jake about it. Hell, Quil and Jake imprinted on kids! I didn't need to know how to braid hair, I needed to know how to tell my imprint the truth without sending her screaming.

Our patrol was over and we had walked back to our houses. I phased as soon as I smelt my mom, not saying anything to Jared. I walked through the woods butt naked and thought about how to approach the situation with Sam. I'd have to ask him in the morning before school. It wasn't like I'd be sleeping much tonight anyway. My imprint was fifteen miles away, sleeping in a shed. I'd be lucky if I could force myself to lie in my bed for more than twenty minutes throughout the night.

I came across the backyard I shared with my mom and dug out the spare shorts I kept in an empty cooler behind one of the many trees. Once I was covered I walked out into my backyard and saw Sam waiting on my back porch. Well, that's one less thing I have to do in the morning.

"Don't even think about it." Sam growled seriously.

"About what?" I ground out. We didn't have to be phased for me to know what he was thinking about, but I wasn't going to make it easy for him.

"I'm not stupid Paul!" Sam bellowed loudly and angrily. I felt my skin prickle and I had to stop myself from snarling at my Alpha. "I know you just imprinted on girl that could only be described as abused." He informed me.

"So what am I not supposed to think about? Getting her outta there?" I asked rhetorically. He already knew.

"Yes!" He yelled frustrated. We both tensed as we felt a yelling match progress into an all out brawl. Sam took a deep breath and looked at me without anger in his eyes. "I asked around while you and Jared were patrolling, her name is Anna Roland and she'll be eighteen in six months." As he said the sentence I felt all the anger slip away.

I was almost frozen as I thought back to her. Her name fit her well but she looked younger than seventeen. Then again that could be because she so small.

"I'm not telling you to leave her alone, I'm asking you not to do anything stupid." Sam was damn close to begging and if we were on a lighter subject I would have teased him for it. "You can tell her our secret, hell you can make it a musical, but don't do anything without proper cause." He said firmly.

"What are you a lawyer now?" I asked with a snort.

"No, I'm making sure I don't have to get you one!" He yelled seriously. I lost some of my attitude then. I really hate lawyers thanks to my mother's choice in boyfriends. "If her parents hurt her or try to hurt her, I'm not even going to try to tell you what to do, but until then watch, don't act." He ordered.

I nodded stiffly and guess he accepted the answer because he turned and left. I didn't want to listen to him but I did. I forced myself to think about seeing Anna again tomorrow to make sure I actually walked into my house.

Inside it was quiet, even though Mom would be waking up soon and going to work. She had gotten used to my schedule, probably more than me. Then again we've been living off weird schedules all my life.

I grabbed some left-overs from the kitchen and damn near swallowed them whole. After a quick shower I forced myself to walk into my room. I was still so agitated I couldn't sit still so I cleaned the mess my room was hidden under. That only killed half an hour before I was pacing again, remembering that Anna was sleeping in a shed and the weather was starting to get colder.

I stopped in my tracks when I thought about her. Anna. So simple, so beautiful. It matched her perfectly. Just thinking about her name calmed my paranoia for a second or two. Then I was reminded that she was still in a shed and I was here, ordered by my Alpha to leave her alone for the night.

I spent the rest of the morning praying to anyone that would listen that Anna's parents didn't do anything stupid. I would protect her until my dying days but I didn't want to have to face Sam if I did have to kill those parents of hers. Don't even get me started on the scum-bags she works with or the jackasses she has to clean up after.

I thought about all the people I could ask to give her a job, somewhere closer to me and with fewer idiots and preferably no men. Sadly, I couldn't find any. With a deep scowl I resigned myself to letting her continue to work at that little hell-hole. I would, of course, have to watch her every second she's there to make sure no one hurts her. Or hurt them when Sam isn't looking.

My alarm clock started going off at eight o'clock on the dot and strode to the bathroom. I still had to go to school. Just three more classes to finish and I'd be done. I would have all the time in the world to straggle shithead teenagers. And make sure no one laid a hand on Anna. Or looked at her wrong. Yeah, I'm a little possessive of Anna but she's mine. Or, she will be. Doesn't really make me sound less like a stalker but all I want is for her to be happy and from what I've seen, she isn't all that happy so maybe having a possessive stalker like werewolf will help… Or at least keep her safe.

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