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Chapter Twenty Seven

Goodbye to Childhood

There was no real reason for me to be sad or anything other than excited. I finally got to be alone, with my imprint totally and completely, but come Christmas morning and knowing that my mother would be leaving in two days I was still in a depressed mood.

It was just Anna, my mom and me in the living room, watching A Christmas Story after all the presents were opened. I was on my third plate of breakfast and Anna was folding all the clothes she got and my mother was gathering trash. She was completely packed now and her apartment was ready for her, she just was waiting for Christmas and then she was gone, to spend New Year's in her new place and leave me and Anna to our 'space'.

I was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV angrily. Anna climbed next to me and draped her legs across my lap, knowing exactly how to get my attention. "Stop looking so angry." She whispered, tugging on my hair.

I kept frowning and wrapped an arm over her legs and around her. "I'm not angry." I muttered.

"You are a bad liar." She pointed out as she ran her hands over the stubble that was on my jaw. She had been fascinated with it ever since I decided to grow it out.

I grumbled. "It's just weird. She's going and I'm not. I've always been with her." I tried to explain. She never had that bond with her parents.

She smoothed my shirt and studied it for a moment. "She'll still be close, maybe even too close you'll find." She chuckled.

I just shrugged. I would handle it like I handle most situations, brood and gripe as long as I could with Anna around. Which probably wouldn't be all that long.

My mom came back in from the garage and then went to the kitchen started cleaning instantly. It was going to be odd, not seeing my mom every day in the kitchen, or just cleaning and cooking in general.

Anna kissed my cheek, knowing I was getting more depressed at each thought I had.

"So, I was thinking of going around the Rez, giving a few more goodbyes and then leaving for Seattle." My mom announced as she sat on the couch with us.

Anna smiled and nodded. "Sounds like a plan." She said in her normal gentle manner.

"Yeah," I grumbled in agreement.

"Wonderful!" My mother said happily and went back to watching the movie.

I sulked a little more until Anna's giggles shook me out of it. She watched the movie intently, since it was her first time watching it and she had been informed it was a huge part of pop culture. I was just happy she wasn't taking notes like when she watched Star Wars. When the movie was over I went for more food and tried not to listen to what Anna and my mom were talking about. It probably wasn't anything good.

"Can you get me another pancake?" Anna asked louder than needed.

I nodded without having to look at her. I put six on a plate with lots of butter and a little syrup, since that was how Anna liked it the most and went back to the couch with two forks. Anna eyed me when I started eating.

"Wha?" I asked through a mouthful of pancake.

"I think you're an emotional eater." Anna said seriously.

My mother was thrown into hysterical laughter that took her a full minute to recover from and Anna giggled at the reaction mostly. "I'm eating your pancake." I mumbled through the food in my mouth.

She made a face and snatched one half of a pancake that was waiting to be devoured and nibbled on it like a hamster.

"I think I will go and start my rounds, I have a lot of people to cover." My mom said as she stood up from the couch and put on her snow boots.

"Tell them we say Merry Christmas." Anna said with a smile.

"And leave us alone." I added sulkily.

Anna smacked my chest.

"Its okay Anna, I couldn't hear what he said through all the emotional eating." My mother said smugly just as she ducked out, knowing full well I would have thrown the plate.

I started growling and Anna laughed, pushing herself up to kiss me, taking away whatever noises I was making. "Hey, I wasn't eating my feelings, I was expressing them." I tried to defend myself.

She giggled even more and curled up closer to me since it was cold in the house and I was better than a radiator.

We had few hours to ourselves and Christmas presents. I convinced Anna to try on some of the dresses for me so I could 'gauge where they should be worn' as one of my better excuses. There was a blue dress, that was really more for warmer weather, but god it was so sexy. It showed a large plane of her chest, not really cleavage, and hung on her perfectly. I told her that dress needed to be worn daily. She laughed at me and tossed a coat hanger at me.

I set up some of my tools if the extremely empty garage while Anna cleaned up some more in the house because I didn't need her catching a cold. I liked having a real place for my tools, and Anna's car since it was a million times nicer than my truck but it felt so damn empty without my mom crap. I almost hoped Anna would fill it.

I doubted she would. She had filled the book shelves we had initially gotten and my mom bought her two more and I got her countless books to fill them. But that was really the only stuff she wanted. She wasn't one for knick-knacks, or tea pots. She liked books. And she probably wouldn't curse them to the garage. I went back into the house and the house was just as empty as the garage felt. We had filled out the place with the normal furniture but really, it was nothing like when all my mother's shit was here.

"Paul!" I heard Anna call out from our room. I shuffled down the hall and into our room where I saw her struggling with a dress that I hadn't seen her open that screamed my mother. "I'm stuck." She said in a panic.

The dress wasn't tight on her, it was a shimmery silver that looked great with her skin and hair. I debated keeping her in it. "Stop ogling Paul!" She cried.

I tried not to laugh at her indignant tone and unzipped the difficult zipper, surprised I didn't break it. "So, where did you get this?" I asked, trying to be serious.

"Its from Dana, she gave it to me for a party she's having after New Year's at her apartment." She answered with a blush creeping to her cheeks as she shimmied out of the dress and disappeared into the closet to change back into her comfy, fluffy pjs.

"I like it." I said to her when she finally came out of the closet.

She was still blushing. "Its way too fancy." Anna said surely.

I leaned down and kissed her holding her tight. "Doesn't matter, I like it." I grinned.

She sighed and shook her head at me.

The door opened and my mom started dropping bags. "I'm gonna miss everything!" She cried.

"Oh god, I almost thought she wasn't gonna cry." I groaned as Anna rushed over to her.

My mother pulled her into a crushing hug and motioned me to join through tears. I shuffled over and wrapped my arms around the both of them.

"I can't believe I won't see your smiling faces every day." She cried as she held our faces in each hand.

I had to sit through an hour of my mother's tears before I realized I really wanted her gone. I had spent the whole day moping in an empty house and I was ready to be alone and possibly walk around naked. Its not asking too much.

She had gathered up the little bits that were remaining and wanted to head out before it got dark but there were still bags on the floor.

"What about these?" I asked as I picked up the two garbage bags.

"Oh, those are for you two from everyone. They don't want to bother you on your first day alone in here." My mom said with a wink.

I groaned and dropped them on the couch. Anna looked excited for more things to open and clean. She had been cleaning for a week straight.

"Hugs!" My mother ordered, grabbing Anna first. "Take care of him, and you can come down to get away from him if you need to." She said with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Be safe." Anna said with a little emotion cracking her voice.

My mother turned and looked up at me. "Please keep this place in one piece." She pled.

I rolled my eyes, again, and hugged her without provocation because it was going to happen anyway. She held onto me like the first time I phased and disappeared for a while. She held me to make sure I was there and to make sure I knew she cared. Its hard to forget with all the crazy shit she does.

"Alright, you're gonna have to leave." I said nodding toward the windows as I pulled her away.

"I know, I'm just having a hard time getting over all this. You're not a little boy anymore." My mother said as she took in deep breaths and patted my cheek.

"That's an understatement." I muttered, rolling my eyes.

She smacked me and gave Anna another quick hug before she moved to the door. "I'll call you when I get there, and don't forget about the party in two weeks." She said with a pointed finger to the both of us.

"Right," Anna said awkwardly. I knew she would rather forget about the party than put the dress back on.

"Okay, I'm going now." My mother said as she opened the door and slipped out, closing the door around her head. "Have fun guys." She smirked before her face completely disappeared.

I let out happy sigh. "Finally." I groaned as I grabbed Anna and pulled her onto the couch.

Anna curled up between me and the couch and attempted to block the chill that was seeping through the old house. "I guess its just us now." She murmured.

"For today, tomorrow everyone will be over. There is no privacy here." I complained, it was probably going to be Seth and Embry the most since they liked Anna and Anna liked them.

"So, we better enjoy the peace." Anna mumbled as she slipped even deeper into the couch.

"Pretty much." I grinned and held her, completely content to basking the momentary peace we had just been given when her head poked up.

"But we do have those bags to go through." She said with a grin.

I groaned and reached over the couch and pulled up both of the bags and dropped them on my chest and watched as she started going through them excitedly.

Emily and Sam had given us cooking dishes, filled with food. Leah gave us three, two-packs of Febreeze with a post-it note stuck to it that said 'for the wet dog smell'. Everything in the bags was mostly for the house but Anna didn't really care, she was just excited to have new things to put away.

She ran around the house for another thirty minutes putting everything in its 'perfect place' and I wondered if she had gotten a concussion when I wasn't looking, but then I remembered this was the first, proper sized home she ever had. I quieted my rage monster as best I could and stopped thinking of depressing shit and just focused on my imprint flit around the house like a jumping bean until she was finished and before she could say anything, I hauled her over my shoulder and took her to our room, dropping her in bed and burrowing under the covers.

"How do you like it?" I asked nervously.

"Like what?" She asked me curiously as her icicle toes buried between my legs.

"Your home." I answered, using the blanket to pull her closer.

She smiled, uncontrollably. "Its perfect." She grinned before she forced me onto my back with her lips.

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