Sitting on the railing and leaning against the beam I continued to watch her dance in the rain to music only she could hear, hearing her laughter I smiled softly, my eyes never leaving her form. She was all I had left in this world, though I was reluctant to let her in, I was glad for she kept me human, she kept me sane. I have guarded her and kept her a secret and though I know she resents being like a gilded bird I will not let her be used against me, I will not let her become a mere rag doll for them.

"You are thinking very deeply." A soft musical voice resounded from in front of me, snapping me out of my inner thoughts. Glancing down I found myself drowning in seas of blue and green.

"It is nothing to be concerned about." I replied brushing a strand of wet hair from her face.

"You always say that and I know you are lying." Sighing I push off the beam and jump down from the railing to stand beside her.

"Just leave it mon petit oiseau-mouche," I replied cupping her face in my hands and kissing her forehead, hearing her sigh I smile knowing I had once again won this little battle, "Je suis très attaché à vous mon cher n'oublie jamais cela."

"I know that, but I dislike it when you do not tell me when something is wrong." Chuckling softly I pull back and smile softly.

"In due time I shall tell you everything, but for now let us go inside and get you out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold."

"Very well," leading her to the stairs I grasp her hand gently in mine, before guiding her back into the house, making sure the door locked right behind us. Watching her climb up the stairs to her room, I turned and walked towards my office quickly turning on the computer and signing on to my account, inwardly snarling at the new message, it would seem I would have to leave again for another 'assignment'. Sending a quick reply and transferring some funds into my account, I logged off and shut off the computer, opening the drawer and pulling out my passport and other documents I knew I would be requiring.

"Une autre tâche?" Looking up I nodded my head and stood, closing the space between us and kissing her once again on the forehead.

"J'ai peur alors, mais je serai allé seulement pour une semaine."

"Je vous attendrai." Smiling at her reply I kissed her one more time before heading towards the front door. Pulling up to the building I shut off my car and exited, making sure to lock it behind me, entering the building I nodded to the receptionist before heading towards the elevator, arriving at the floor I stepped off the elevator and nodded at the other receptionist before making my way into the office.

"Glad you could make it, Alex."


My second Alex Rider story, I hope you all liked it, please tell me what you think. Also here are the translations to what was being said. If anybody speaks French then please don't hesitate to correct me, I am still learning. Ja Mata Misawo

mon petit oiseau –mouche – my little hummingbird

Je suis très attaché à vous mon cher n'oublie jamais cela – I love you dearly my dear never forget that

Une autre tâche? – Another assignment?

J'ai peur alors, mais je serai allé seulement pour une semaine. – I am afraid so, but I shall only be gone a week

Je vous attendrai. – I shall be waiting for you