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Bella's POV: Chapter 1

"Hurry up Bells, we don't want you to be late," a familiar, gruff voice called from the kitchen.

I sighed, stumbling out of bed and over to the mahogany dresser I'd had since I was little and came down here in the summers. Pulling out a simple blue tank top and a pair of jeans, I slid them on, pulling a brush through my knotted brown hair. Briefly I touched the pendant at my neck, pausing to watch it glimmer, before rushing down stairs.

"Sorry dad," I said, catching the granola bar Charlie tossed to me. "Don't worry about it Bells, but until your truck gets outta' the shop we gotta' wake up earlier."

I nodded and walked out into the constant drizzle with him, not bothering with a rain slick. Today I'd just deal with being wet, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I frowned slightly, my hair dampening immediately and was briefly grateful that I had enough sense in me to shove a brush in my bag last night. My clothes were soaked through, but that was normal. No one in Forks ever asked why others were "soaked to the bone."

Sliding into the passenger's seat in the police cruiser, I pulled my seatbelt on, listening to the soft click that meant it was working and adjusted it so it didn't dig so painfully into my chest.

"So, are you nervous?" Charlie asked, glancing over at me. His chestnut colored optics strayed to the pendant and he grimaced, looking away again. The pained expression remained for a moment, as if deliberating over whether or not to bring the subject up.

"Kind of," I replied, ignoring the look. If he didn't like it he could get over it, this was the one thing I refused to relinquish. "But it's my first day, so of course I'm nervous."

"Well, don't worry Bells, I'm sure they'll love you."

Sadly, love was an understatement.

"Hey, you're Isabella right?" A boy with slicked back blonde hair asked, running up beside me. I nodded, frowning slightly at how well people already knew me. My first day here and people already knew who I was, where I was from, and what time I arrived. I couldn't decided if it was creepy or annoying, but either way, it bothered me.

"Just call me Bella," I told him, clutching my books tighter to my chest. He smiled and nodded. "I'm Mike by the way," he added, holding his hands out, "Want me to carry your books."

"No thanks," I said awkwardly. He glanced at my neck, his eyes slowly trailing downwards until they reached the heavy knot of silver sitting at the hollow of my neck, just above my cleavage. It glimmered in the dim light, like always, and I could feel a comforting heat flowing through me from it.

Mike studied it for a moment before his eyes trailed down the rest of my body hungrily, taking in the fact that these pants were a little too tight, fitting against my legs like a second skin and then flaring out at the bottom. How my shirt didn't completely reach the hem of my jeans, leaving a small sliver of pale skin there that even I didn't notice until now.

A shudder ran through me and I ducked my head lower, walking faster. "I, uh, have to get to biology," I told him, my voice small and shy. He grinned and continued to walk with me, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"So do I! Maybe I can convince Mr. Englert to let us be lab partners."

"Uh, yeah," I replied, biting my lip and letting my hair fall over my shoulder. The familiar scent of strawberries was comforting, the smell of my mom's favorite shampoo, and I breathed it in, hoping it would calm my frayed nerves as I rushed into the classroom.

Going over to the teacher, Mr. Englert, I held out the small blue slip of paper that the woman in the office told me to get signed. He complied of course, pushing his large, dark rimmed spectacles up his bird nose. His hair was graying, though there was still a considerable amount of brown hair left, creating an odd streaky effect, almost like it was done professionally. He was wearing a green sweater vest over a white shirt, both tucked into his khaki pants, a big brown belt holding everything in place.

And although his appearance seemed organized and tidy, I couldn't help but notice how cluttered his desk was. Coffee mugs and pencils were scattered all over, sitting on top of precariously stacked papers that seemed to have no rhyme or reason to them.

"Class," he announced, setting the pen he'd been using down in a steadily growing pile of ballpoint pens, "This is Isabella Swan. She's just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona. I hope you all give her a warm welcome. Bella, you can take that seat over there."

Nodding my thanks towards him, I felt a blush heat up my cheeks, creeping down my neck. I fruitlessly tried to ignore the stares I could feel were on me, studying the new "specimen" that would be joining them this year. I couldn't help but hope that the excitement would die down soon and I could go back to being invisible, friendless, Bella.

My fingers found their way to my neck once more, a small prayer slipping past my lips in a barely audible whisper as I ran my fingers over the smooth surface of the pentagram (A/U: Pic of the necklace is on my profile). As if my prayers were answered, all eyes turned away from me, moving to the boy who just stepped through the door.

"Ah, thank you for joining us Mr. Cullen. Take your seat."

The boy, a tall, incredibly pale boy with golden eyes and copper colored hair, sat down next to me. He wore a confused expression, though it soon turned to a cautious smile as he turned to me, holding his hand out to shake.

"Hello," he said politely, his topaz eyes gleaming playfully, "I'm Edward. You must be Bella."

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