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The door to the second floor opened. Fox rolled in a suitcase through the door with Ike behind him. Behind Ike was Lucario, Zelda, Diddy Kong, Ness, Pit, and Kirby. They all had unhappy looks on their faces except for Kirby who seemed to be quite neutral on the whole situation.

Fox came to a stop in front of a larger portion of the hallway. "Ow! Watch your foot, Ike!" Instead of Fox's normal apparel he now wore a red jacket with a maroon shirt and maroon pants.

"Its not my fault you stopped without warning. Keep moving we have to find that door that says 'RA'." Like Fox, Ike also was wearing different clothing then he usually wore. Instead of the dark red and blue now he wore a light blue and white.

Ness was behind Diddy Kong trying to keep with Diddy's uneven walking pattern. Instead of Ness' usual red and blue cap, blue and yellow striped shirt, and blue jean shorts he now wore a white and red cap with a matching shirt and yellow jean shorts. "What does RA stand for anyways?"

"Room Advisor, like we need one though. I don't see the point to any of this, it's all nonsense," Ike answered coldly. Everyone stayed silent, Fox started to walk again until he reached the door with a white dry-erase board on it that read, 'RA'. "Well knock on it Fox!"

"Calm down will you? There isn't a rush," Fox said trying to remain calm.

Ike pouted, "Seeing this 'RA' is one step closer to leaving this rotten prison."

"Being with you is like being in Prison." Fox said under his breath.

Ike had heard him and he unsheathed his sword heatedly. "You better watch you little muzzle Fox! If I hear one more thing from your mouth today I'll cut it right off with my Ragnell!"

"Getting my muzzle chopped off still wouldn't fix the pain that comes from looking at you!" Fox retorted.

Ike swung his sword at Fox who back flipped out of the way. While in the air he took out his gun and shot three red laser blasts at Ike who was advancing towards him. Ike put his sword in front of him allowing it to take the hit of the blasts. He then swung the sword over his head and slammed it down where Fox was standing, Fox had moved before it managed to hit him and ran on the wall to the back of Ike. There he kicked Ike forwards making him fall over his own sword. Ike, furious with embarrassment and annoyance twisted on the ground making the broad side of the sword smack Fox in the ribs and into a door.

Fox got up and shot three more laser blasts at Ike but before they even made it half way to Ike, Zelda appeared in between the two and casted a blue diamond shape around he causing the shot to hit Fox's bullet proof shirt. Ike laughed and then went to strike Fox with the sword but Zelda shot a magic spark out of her hand stopping the sword and sending it behind Ike.

"I've had it with you two fighting! The walk to our ride you fought, during our ride you fought, after our ride you fought, and now in a dorm you two are fighting. I've had enough!" Zelda spread her arms out and blasted Ike and Fox down the two ends of the hallway.

Two hands grabbed hers and put them down beside her. "You know you were told no fighting on dorm ground." Snake said in a gruff voice. He had managed to leave his room quietly and get behind Zelda unnoticed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Snake. These two were-"

"I know, I know. I saw the end of it but you still shouldn't have interfered, I was about to end it."

Zelda opened her mouth to speak but then quickly realized something, "why are you telling me what I can and can't do anyways? Isn't that what our RA is for?"

Snake chuckled, "Oh Zelda, I am your RA."

Zelda blushed with embarrassment, "Oh my. I'm sorry."

"Its all good, just a word to everyone, no fighting. Any fighting that starts only I am allowed to end. You hear that? Only me." Everyone nodded, by now Fox and Ike were standing in the back behind Kirby who still was looking around puzzled by what was going on. "Alright so all of you know why you are here, correct?"

Everyone nodded. "Good. Then I don't have to explain much. As you know you will be staying on this island for a while. While on the island you may not fight, especially in or on dorm grounds." He eyed Ike and Fox who looked down and smiled at each other. "If you decide not to follow this rule you will be exported off this island and be locked up on Shadow Moses Island. I have the room assignments for you, note that these were not picked out by me so I cannot change them."

"Wait, Snake," Pit started, "How long will we be on this island?"

"I told you, a while."

"I know you said a while but how long specifically?"

"When they think we've learned our lessons and are ready to go back to fighting each other and nothing more."

"So why are you RA? You did just as much fighting."

"Seniority I'm guessing." Lucario was about to comment but decided not to. "Ok so now that our Q and A is done are we ready to hear our dorm room buddies?"

"As long as I'm not rooming with one of these two." Zelda said pointing at Ike and Fox who were now thumb wrestling.

Snake laughed, "Don't worry Zelda, like me, you will be rooming alone in room 304, the last room at the end of the hallway. Diddy Kong and Kirby you two will be rooming together in room 300."

Diddy Kong grabbed Kirby's hands and began to jump up and down with him excitedly. Kirby, being filled with mostly air stayed off the ground as Diddy Kong danced. "We're rooming together, Kirby! Just me and you! If there is a bunk bed I call top bunk!" Diddy Kong calmed down and let Snake continue.

"Anyways…Fox, Pit, and Ike you three are sharing room 301. If I hear any unsettling noises at anytime you three will all be sent to Shadow Moses Island immediately." Snake eyed the three who all nodded in agreement while holding in their excitement. "That leaves Ness and Lucario who will be in the room across from me, room 302."

Ness and Lucario looked at each other and nodded. They never had spoken to each other so sharing a room would hopefully keep their relationship calm.

Snake but away the list, "now you may all got o your rooms and unpack. Dinner will be downstairs in the café at 6. For those of you who didn't bring clocks that will be in two hours. Settle yourself in; I'll be in my room doing some stupid paperwork. Paperwork that I don't remember signing up to do." With that Snake went into his room and closed the door.

At the same time Fox, Ike, and Pit all cheered loudly and ran into their room and slammed the door shut. Zelda walked to her room silently, Ness and Lucario walked together to their room in the same manner. Diddy Kong held Kirby's hand as he led him to their room.

The last door clicked as it locked.