When Rose entered her travelling home, the Doctor was already buried in the bowels of the TARDIS, preparing her for space after more than a month of idleness. Rose whispered a greeting and fondly ran a hand along a coral strut. A warm, answering hum sounded in her mind. Without saying anything to the Doctor, Rose headed to her room.

No matter what the Mother Superior thought, there was no dress that could make the Doctor want her, or rather, make him act on the want he'd seemed to have two weeks ago. Rose was sick of dresses, sick of being smothered in cloth. She stripped out of the grey dress as aggressively as possible to undress. In an effort to cheer herself, Rose grabbed her favorite underwear set. It was a common design, black silk with a baby pink ribbon dipping in and out of sight, tying into a small bow between her breasts. Despite its simplicity, this bra fit as though it were designed for her, and no matter how tight the skirt, the knickers never betrayed themselves. She put on a pair of denim shorts and a tank top.

After glancing in the mirror, Rose sat on the bed and stared at the skin which was being allowed to breathe for the first time in weeks. The room shuddered as the TARDIS slipped into the Vortex. When the shaking stopped, Rose saw that two tears had fallen onto her thigh. Giving in, Rose grabbed a pillow and curled herself around it, letting tears flow that were two weeks coming.

Footsteps sounded down the corridor. "Rosie," Jack called. "We're dropping the prisoner off in about fifteen minutes. Wanna come with?" His face poked around the corner. His cheerful look deflated. "Oh, Rose." He crossed the room and sat next to her, pulling her into his embrace.

"He can't make up his mind, Jack," she sobbed into his coat. "I know I was stupid to hope that he might want me. That he might even love me."

"No, you weren't."

"But he doesn't need to be so cold," she continued. "He doesn't have to push me away so hard. It's not like we're not friends."

Rose's ears caught up with her brain, which was urgently waving signals at her. Jack hadn't said a word since he'd crossed the threshold of her room. Which meant…

She looked up to see the Doctor standing in the doorway, a broken look on his face. Instead of embarrassment or sympathy, Rose filled herself with the warmth of anger. The Doctor had been calling the shots, so if he didn't like the result, that was his problem. She pushed herself away from Jack and stood stiffly.

"For two weeks, you don't say a word to me except to make sure we get on the road on time, and then that? You need to make up your damn mind, Doctor, 'cause I'm sick of being jerked around." Rose laughed bitterly. "You know the best part? After fifteen days of silent treatment for no good reason, the Mother Superior still tells me I'm-we're living in sin! And you won't so much as kiss me!"

The Doctor's hand materialized in Rose's hair, holding her still as he crashed his lips against hers. His tongue forced its way into her mouth, teasing and coaxing her own into action before going on to take a full survey of her mouth. When they broke apart, Rose realized that she was clinging to him, one arm around his neck, the other on his hip. She was dizzy and out of breath, but she had the foresight to murmur breathlessly, "Jack out."

"Damn," Jack muttered, but he was smart enough to hurry out, closing the door behind him."

"She was right," the Doctor rasped.

Rose was too focused on the feel of his firm chest pushing against her to know what he was talking about. "Hmm?"

"The Mother Superior. She was right."

"We still haven't sinned." Rose told him teasingly.

"'But I say unto you, that whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.'" The Doctor's voice was full of dark promise.

"I'm sorry?"

"According to Matthew, I've been sinning for months, now. And if what you said to Jack is true, so've you. So," he dropped a gentle kiss on her swollen lips, "If we're going to hell anyway, why not make the journey worth it?"

Rose shivered and pressed a kiss to the hollow of his throat which was just peeking out of the v of his jumper. The Doctor groaned roughly.

"Why now?" Rose asked. "You could've had me any time, any where."

"I'll hold you to that."

"Seriously. Why Napoleon?"

"I didn't know. I thought that you didn't, couldn't want a broken soldier. 'Swhy I pulled back. Jack said he was doing me a favor, getting us back here, and then Napoleon chuckled and said that I didn't have to pretend to be your guardian. He and Josephine weren't nearly as prudish as royalty had been. They had decided that we were lovers. I thought I'd crossed a line. And I am sorry that I hurt you."

"That still doesn't explain the come-hither looks and the touches for over a month before hand. I thought at first I was going mad, because you'd never shown interest at all before."

The Doctor shrugged uncomfortably. "Simple answer? It was the dress." Rose stared at him incredulously. The Doctor cleared his throat. "You've never been so plainly, so austerely dressed. But when you were hidden from my sight like that, all your color suppressed beneath your skin, that was when I realized how much I need you to spread your warmth into my life, and how much I want you bared to me." His eyes were dark and enticingly fathomable. Just me."

Rose licked her lips. "Bared?" she whispered, warmth beginning to pool between her legs.

The Doctor's nostrils flared, and his eyes widened. "Body and soul, Rose." His thumb traced her lower lip, and her tongue darted out to taste it.

"You, too," she told him simply. "You only get me if I get you."

She saw the Doctor swallow, hard, "Yes," he hissed, claiming her lips once again in a slow, sensual exploration. Rose chased him back into his own mouth, where she began to categorize every detail: the moan that rumbled in his chest when she tickled the roof of his mouth, his shiver when her tongue curled around his, and the sharp buck of his hips when she traced the shell of his ear with her fingernail.

Tearing his lips from hers, the Doctor's hands settled at her waist, his thumbs slipping beneath her shirt. "Rose," he said in a tone that sent heat coursing through her veins.

"Yes, Doctor."

"Tell me you're sure. Just this once. Let me know you're certain, and I'll never doubt again."

Rose's hands met the Doctor's and she pulled her shirt off in one motion. His throat convulsed as his eyes traced the outline of this new territory. Rose brought the Doctor's gaze back up to her face with a tender touch.

"Doctor, I've been sure of this since I agreed to come with you. I never regretted that, and I could never regret anything that happens between us. Even if I got separated from you tomorrow, at least I'll have the memory of tonight. I'd know you loved me."

"I do, Rose. You must know that."

Rose smiled gently to calm the look of desperation in his eyes. "And I love you. Which is why I'm sure, absolutely positive that I want this. I want you."

Eyes over-bright, the Doctor nodded. This kiss was chaste, almost reverent until Rose sucked his lower lip between her teeth for a playful nibble. The Doctor groaned and set about to devour her. His hands skimmed up the bare skin from her waist, skirting past her breasts, around behind her to pull her flush against him.

Only then did Rose drag herself away from the otherworldly flavor of the Doctor's mouth. She scattered kisses on his throat, already too intoxicated by his taste to create any sort of pattern.

The Doctor let go of Rose long enough to shuck his leather shell and to peel his jumper off as well. Rose's hands on his bare stomach pulled the Doctor to a shuddering stop. She explored the smooth, cool skin that stretched over rangy muscles.

"Rose," he panted. She ignored him with a playful grin and lowered her head to lap at his nipple. "Please!" he grunted, pulling her hips against his to grind roughly together. Rose thrilled to know the effect she had on him. Her teeth grazed against the hardened nub. One of his hands snaked back to squeeze her bum while the other began to knead her breast through her bra. Rose shifted her attention to his other nipple One of her arms twined behind his neck and stroked the shell of his ear. The other grabbed the hand that was toying with her breast and guided it back to the clasp of her bra.

Ever quick on the uptake, the Doctor quickly unfastened it, and Rose let it fall to the ground. The Doctor took a step back and let his eyes take over her form; drinking in the sight of her swollen lips, flushed skin and taut nipples that strained towards him.

Standing patiently for some minutes, Rose watched the Doctor's face as he explored the new territory. She was proud of herself that she only glanced and the bulge in his trousers occasionally.

Finally, she could take it no longer. His heated gaze was practically palpable, and yet it was infuriatingly insubstantial. "Doctor." Her voice was lower than she had ever let him hear before. His eyes darted up to hers. Whatever he saw there must have been all the invitation he needed.

The Doctor closed the space between them, his work roughened hands splayed over her breasts. He whispered in Rose's ear, "I'm goin' ta make you scream," before nibbling on her earlobe, causing Rose to shiver deliciously. He pushed her back until she was forced to sit on the edge of her bed.

Before she could reach for him, he knelt before her, deftly removing her shoes and socks. His hands slipped up her bare legs and along the inside of her thighs until he reached the hem of her denim shorts. Pressing a finger to her sex through the thick fabric, the Doctor teased her. Despite the cumbersome cloth, the Doctor's clever fingers searched for her clit. Rose's hips bucked of the bed when he found it.

He swiped it again, harder, and Rose could feel the tension beginning to build. Her internal muscles clenched at nothing as her body strained for release. She couldn't stop the cry of loss when he pulled his hands off of her. He fumbled at the clasp of her shorts, pulling open the clasp and yanking down the zip. He hooked his fingers under the soft satin of her knickers and, with a bit of help from anxious wriggling, he bared Rose to his gaze. He stood to take in the view, his face a picture of gob smacked wonder.

Nostrils flaring, the Doctor closed his eyes, breathing deeply of the scent of her desire for him, heavy in the air. "I've waited far too long wishing for this sight." He whispered. "My Rose, naked and unashamed. S'more than I let myself wish for."

In his moment of reverent inaction, Rose sat forward and quickly undid his belt. She slipped her hands down the front of his trousers.

"Oh, God," Rose moaned when her hands found the smooth skin of his straining erection rather than cloth. She rubbed against it, learning the deceptive softness of the skin and the hardness beneath it. The Doctor groaned, his head dropping back. His movements were clumsy and dreamlike as he unfastened his jeans while she continued her ministrations. Freed from its denim cage, the Doctor's cock sprang into Rose's hand. She pumped its length a few times before wrapping her free hand around behind his bum and pulling him towards her. Before he could react, she dipped her head and licked the bead of pre-come where it oozed from his head.

A choked sound which may have been her name fell from his lips. In response, she pulled him into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around his head, Rose suckled lightly while continuing to pump his shaft. The Doctor began to pant as she brought her free hand up to caress his balls and increased her suction.

Rose," the Doctor ground out. "I'm gonna…oh gods, yes." Rose glanced up to see her Doctor frantically grasping for the last threads of his control. For everyone else, he could be the Oncoming Storm, or the Destroyer of Worlds, but for Rose he was just her Doctor, and she wanted to see him lose control for her. She smirked up at him, loving this power that she alone had over him.

"No, Rose, you gotta stop," he pleaded. Rose hollowed her cheeks as she sucked harder still, her head bobbing to take him deeper, her hand tightening around his shaft.

With a shout, the Doctor came, his tangy seed shooting into her mouth. She swallowed greedily around him, pulling from him every drop before she let him fall from her lips.

The Doctor dropped to his knees before her and devoured her in a bruising kiss. "My Rose," he whispered against her lips while she tried to catch her breath. "Lie back for me." The heat in his voice made Rose shiver as she scooted back to obey him. The Doctor stripped his boots, socks and jeans off. A muffled clank signaled his belt hitting the floor, weighted by the black denim.

Joining Rose on the bed, he stalked on hands and knees up her prone form, scattering kisses as he went. Lips tickled her knee, teased her breast, and worshipped her mouth, but he avoided where Rose needed him most.

Grabbing one of his hands, Rose guided it down to her sodden curls. The Doctor chuckled against her lips. "Impatient are we?"

"I've been waiting longer than you," she told him, gasping when he dipped one finger between her labia to glance against her clit.

The Doctor smirked at her, knowing her game. "That is entirely your own fault, you minx."

Rose grinned smugly. "I know."

He kept his touch light, more than enough to arouse, but not enough to give her release. Thoroughly frustrated, Rose pushed into his touch, seeking more pressure, but the Doctor anticipated her and pulled his hand away.

"Ah, ah, ah," he chided, pressing down on her clit with each syllable.

Rose decided she wasn't above begging. "Doctor, please."

"Please what?" the Doctor asked with a sinful smile.

Unable to find it in her to be embarrassed, not with the Doctor, Rose answered in something resembling a whimper. "Please make me come."

With a look of wicked glee, the Doctor moved down her so that his face was only inches above her curls. Rose's eyes widened and she licked her lips, watching as be examined the gleam of her juices on his fingers. His tongue darted out to sample her taste and then he sucked them into his mouth with every sign of enjoyment. When he released the digits, Rose remembered to breathe.

With the fingers he had just cleaned, the Doctor spread her lips and soothed the raised nub with his cool breath. Finally, he lapped at her clit. Rose stiffened and then melted under his assault. Teeth grazed her sensitive flesh as he sucked her into his mouth and plunged two fingers into her opening.

"Oh, God." Rose groaned; her internal muscles clenched around him, needing more. He withdrew the fingers and added a third before thrusting them back in. And again. And again.

Sparks already fizzled beneath Rose's skin when the Doctor pushed his fingers into her dripping pussy once more and then curled them. Rose felt her toes curling in response to his fingers pressed against her g-spot. "Doctor," she pleaded.

One more time and she was flying, his mouth and fingers the only things tethering her to reality, even as they sent her higher.

When the world reasserted itself, Rose noticed a slight pain in her throat. The Doctor chuckled with a look that put Rose in mind of a cat that had gotten a canary in cream sauce. "Told you I'd make you scream," he told her darkly.

Bending his head again, the Doctor licked the full length of her slit. He chased her juices to their source, his tongue delving as deep into her as it could. His velvet moan at her taste coupled with his tongue searching for more of her caused lust to flare up again in Rose.

"Doctor," Rose said with a touch of command in her voice. The Doctor shivered; she'd have to explore that later. He stopped his attentions and met her gaze with a small pout. "Come here," Rose ordered with a look of invitation.

Grinning, the Doctor brought his face level with Rose's. She could still taste the Doctor's seed, and when his lips met hers, she could taste herself and him mingle in erotic ambrosia. Her hand snaked down the Doctor's torso until she found his penis was hard again.

"Fuck me," she whispered against his lips.

The Doctor pulled one of her legs over his hips so that he was nestled at her opening. A moment of tenderness flashed between them before he entered her.

"You're perfect." He moaned while Rose bit back a curse. He was still for a moment, trying to be gentle, but Rose didn't want gentle; she wanted him in all of his fierce passion. She hooked her other leg around his hips and pulled him farther in. The Doctor's eyes widened before slamming shut. He bucked against her, his pelvis rolling against her clit. When he opened his eyes again, Rose could see him, all of him. There was an almost angry love glaring down at her, hot and jealous and possessive. Rose met it with loving acceptance. She could see his fears breaking.

Haltingly, he withdrew and then plunged back in. Rose moaned her approval. His lips sealed over hers, searing her veins. "Mine," he demanded.

"Yours," Rose affirmed with a lazy smile. Again the Doctor withdrew and surged back in only to pause. Almost of its own volition, Rose's hand caressed the Doctor's cheek. "Mine," she told him happily.

His eyes widened in surprise then he nodded with a twitch of his lips. "Yours," he whispered.

After that, there were no more words, and all softness left their actions. They struggled together for release, grunting their desire, moaning their love, and panting their need for one another. The Doctor might have called her name when he came, but Rose never heard it as all she could hear was the blood in her veins singing of completion as she spasmed around him.

The Doctor collapsed on her, and after a moment of savoring his warm weight, Rose let him roll them both so she lay limply on him.

The soft brush of his lips on her forehead was the last thing she felt before falling asleep.


When they emerged from Rose's room the next morning, famished, grinning, and all but joined at the hip, they met a smug-looking Jack in the kitchen.

"Have a nice night?" he asked cheekily, glancing at their joined hands.

"Oh, like you can talk," the Doctor sniped cheerfully.

Rose got an uncomfortable look on her face and gripped the Doctor's hand tighter. "Jack you didn't really sleep with Napoleon did you?"

"A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell," the Time Agent replied loftily.

"You're no gentlemen" The Doctor reminded him.

"Oh, well, in that case, he snores." Jack told them, grinning at Rose's wide eyes. "And Josephine? Very imaginative. It's amazing what she will do when given two men to play with." Jack batted his eyes at Rose hopefully. She punched him in the arm.

With a glare at Jack, the Doctor led Rose out of the kitchen, only pausing to pocket a few bananas. When they were out of earshot of the kitchen, Rose leaned into the Doctor's side.

"I don't need two men to be imaginative," she told him.

"No?" he asked, the foundation of a smug grin being built.

"Nope," she agreed. "Want me to show you?"

The look he shot her was downright filthy. "By all means."

Needless to say, the pope impersonator wasn't delivered to his planet for quite some time.