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Cha Cha Cha


Cha Cha Cha




Special Box

"Something is special, only if one thinks of it as special."

Birthdays were as special as another other day of the year, as far as Sasuke was concerned. A day with confetti, obsessed fan-girls, painted lockers, colorful balloons, old relatives, and annoying confession letters? Did Sasuke Uchiha think that was special? Besides the confetti and paint, a birthday was just a really bad regular day. Who even celebrated being expelled from a birth canal? He would have been saved the dreadful paranoia of being jumped by girls that morning if only his mother hadn't cheerfully reminded him of the special day with her special pancakes and eggs.

Even school was a drag.

He could see it from the other end of the hall. A blind person could even tell what was up ahead. Why had he even decided to go to his locker? Turning back would be a good idea. The hallway, lined with clean gray lockers, was like a picture in a horror movie, minus the bright lights. Any person that wasn't Sasuke Uchiha wouldn't understand the dread of seeing small, sliced, silver and gold confetti splayed out on the white tile floor, each having a different handwritten message. Standing next to his locker was a janitor clad in navy blue holding a ready broom. Over the past years, and even in Junior High, authorities were always prepared for the routine school-wide celebration.

Sasuke massaged his right temple. How he missed the elementary days where he didn't have to go to school year-round. July twenty-third used to be a pleasant family day. He dragged his feet down towards the confetti, book bag slung over one shoulder and en empty black garbage bag clutched in a hand— always prepared.

The Janitor grinned in acknowledgement at the young Uchiha as he bent down by his locker and picked up a strip of silver: "I love you, Sasuke!" It read in illegible, permanent marker. He rolled his onyx orbs and gazed down at the rest:

"Marry me!"

"Happy Birthday, sweetie!"

"Bring me to bed!"

"There's a present in my shirt!"

"U 1S H0T!"

"Let's be MORE than friends!"

"You're mine, baby!"

"Meet me in your room!"

"I love beer!"

"I've got a hot tub at home!"


He kicked the strips away and tugged the signed wrapping paper off of the locker. The tape was all that remained as the wall fell to the floor. Sasuke began turning the dial: right, left, right.

"Be careful," The janitor warned, "I've seen these girls come and go all day. Knowing you, you haven't paid a single visit."

Sasuke simply grunted and leisurely opened the gate to hell. The silent anxiety was shattered when all that was heard was a cascade of things— and Sasuke didn't even know what— forced on him. There were red, blue, green, brown, and white letters, and not just letters with paper, but letters with presents in them, and sharp edged letters, and balloons, and more confetti, and papers, and birthday cards that played music when opened. He could even explain how balloons and presents got in there, or even the small brown teddy bear that had a red bow reading: Sasuke. But after all those years, he had grown accustom to the extreme measures. He found his phone in the heap of things on the floor, not even bothering the check the hundred text messages he had rigorously chosen to disregard. It was really the only reason he came to his locker; to get the phone. He could have gone a week without a locker and simple dismiss the complaints about birthday songs emitting from the walls, but no, his mother had sent him back to school that day under strict orders.

Of course, that wasn't the last of his gifts. There was still the party…

"What a pleasure to see you all again!" Mikoto Uchiha greeted, "Isn't it, Sasuke?"

Addressed boy nodded, uninterested. He and his mother were standing at the "present" table, placed at the backyard entrance of his large home. Already, twenty minutes into his party, the table was like a castle with a filled garbage bag next to it. What could they possibly be getting for a seventeen year old boy? Toys? He was sure he'd be getting doubles. Looking over across the decorated patio and occupied pool, he found his friends playing a game of soccer. Damn the invisible chain his mother put to bind him to the table. He would go play in his grey argyle sweater vest in the ungodly heat if it were just to get away from there.

As Sasuke glared in envy, his mother slapped the back of his head, "Pay attention and greet our guests! Act like you care, because these wonderful people erased their schedules to come and celebrate your birthday! Be grateful!" She hissed.

"But I don't care," He replied, earning another smack.

Itachi popped up from behind and swung his arm around Sasuke's shoulder, grinning blissfully, "Getting a little jealous?"

Mikoto glowered, "And where have you been?" She looked up and down her older son's attire, scrunching up her nose in disgust, "We have guests! Go put some clothes on, you look like a bum!"

"These are normal clothes, Mom," Itachi informed, gesturing to his dark jeans and t-shirt, "And I wouldn't call people that are related to us 'guests'"

"You dress up for a living, so I'm sure you wouldn't mind doing it one more time." His mother seethed. Itachi scowled inwardly, thinking of ways to get out of talking to guests or dressing up. Clearly he shouldn't have to put up a show for his relatives; they should know how he acts and dresses. The only problem was that his parents were the old fashion, "polite" generation— as they call it. Nevertheless, he fled inside, hoping his mother wouldn't notice his absence from the party and make him actuallyl dress in a suit.

"Hello! Are you all Sasuke's friends?" Mikoto exclaimed. Acknowledging this, Sasuke's head snapped in the direction the guests were coming in. Groups of girls were walking up the pavement like packed ants. The girls giggled and grinned, and Mikoto took that as a yes, "Well then, I hope you have a great time, and if you'd like to leave anything for Sasuke, I'll happily take it!"

Sasuke felt nauseated as the girls passed him, winking flirtatiously. His mother didn't seem to notice his reluctance to be at the table, waiting, while parades of fans squirmed their way up to greet the man of the party. If only he could leave…

"Sakura, dear! So glad you could make it!" Sasuke's mother cheered, "Sasuke here has been dying to see you!"

Sasuke turned his head to his mother, mouth opened to protest, but he caught sight of Sakura, shutting it immediately. She was wearing an organic black cocktail dress, with her bubblegum, shoulder-length hair in waves. She was blushing. After knowing Sakura since they were kids, it wasn't that rare to see her face change to different shades of red.

"Hi Sasuke!" She acknowledged. In her arms there was a boxed present; the wrappings were white, and it had a neatly tied ribbon on top. Tape to the side was an envelope. That wasn't all she was carrying, however. Stacked on top of the box was a flower arrangement, in which she handed to Mikoto as a gift.

"It is alright if I carry this box around?" Sakura asked timidly, hugging the box tight to her chest, "It's important."

Mikoto grinned at glanced at Sasuke through the corner of her eye, "Sure! Just remember to keep it away from those nasty kids!"

Of course Mikoto was expecting her son to show some sort of gratitude, but he looked quite indifferent about the present. It must be his dislike towards gifts, she presumed, greeting the last of the guests while Sasuke escaped to watch the soccer game, Sakura and the box following after him.

"Sasuke! Care to join?" Naruto, his idiot but best friend, called teasingly. Sasuke glowered, sitting next to Sakura on a nearby marble bench, the box in between. Being in his unfortunate and unnecessary sweater vest was really a drag. Wasn't celebrating suppose to be fun? Watching his friends play soccer in comfortable shirts and swim trunks was not fun, especially for a birthday boy. Sakura gave him a sideways look.

"Bored?" She questioned, but before Sasuke could answer her, none other than Itachi Uchiha appeared… In the same outfit as Sasuke. He stood next to Sasuke, leaning on the back of the bench, grinning warmly at the two.

"Itachi," Sakura chuckled, "What are you wearing?"

It was a rare sight to see Itachi so dressed up outside of work. For all the times she had been to Sasuke's place, Itachi was usually the kind to stay inside (like a bum), play video games or work out. That didn't really make him anti-social, like someone she knew, whose name began with 'S'. He was a laid-back guy, a personal friend of Sakura's.

"Well, Sakura," He spoke with sugar, "You're looking more beautiful than usual."

Sakura's cheeks tinted to a light red. He was also a good sweet-talker. Sasuke suppressed a gag.

"Kyyyaaa! It's Itachi! Itachi the model!" The fan-girls were at it again, "And he's matching Sasuke!"

They all came running like the paparazzi, readying their cameras to take pictures of the only time in history that the two brothers would match. Sakura broke down laughing, taking her box and escaping to the outskirts of the small crowd.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Sasuke hissed at Itachi, elbowing him hard in the side.

"Aww, look! They think we're cute!" Itachi replied, smiling and waving at the cameras.

"Go change!" Sasuke ordered, pushing through the crowd. He found Sakura and scowled at her giggles.

"Shut up," He mumbled, glowering at the ground as he ambled to the back door of his house. Sakura quickly followed after, box in arms.

"It's just that. You're. Face. Was so. Funny. When they. Saw you. And Itachi." She laughed. Sasuke slid the screen and glass door open in annoyance and stepped into the kitchen. Sakura followed his action and closed it behind her. The music and sounds of mingling people were instantly muffled. Every sound inside the house echoed as if it were abandoned.

"Sasuke," Sakura began, laughter long gone. She was observing Sasuke climb the stairs, "Where you going?"

"Upstairs." He stated monotonous.

"Mind if I come?"


Robot-like, Sakura followed him up the stairs to a mini-living room, containing two small couches, a bean bag, a coffee table, a television and video games to go with it. Sakura recognized the place as the group's hang out place. Sasuke tugged at his collar in effort to get cooler, and plopped down comfortable on the couch. Sakura fell into the neon green bean bag, resting her box on the floor. The TV turned on.

"Sakura," Sasuke deadpanned after some ten minutes of watching a boring ass show. Addressed person looked at him curiously, "What's in the box?"

The girl smiled, apple green eyes shining brightly. "Do you want to see now?" She asked, "I wanted to be there when you open it, so I don't mind."

Sasuke considered it or a second before he sat on the carpet beside Sakura. She was beaming excitedly. Sasuke couldn't tell if he was nervous or just hesitant. Ninety-nine percent of the time, his presents were opened after the party, when every gift giver was miles away. He was never obligated to act grateful, and could criticize all he wanted. Although his mother was the kind family member and often scolded Sasuke for his cold-heartedness, his father was indifferent, claiming that as long as he didn't disgrace himself or the family, then he was fine.

"Open the card first," Sakura insisted.

As told, he ripped the envelope to get to the inside:


Dear Sasuke,

Happy Birthday! I know you may not think it's important, but just remember that all of your friends think otherwise. You should stop sulking and have fun! Quit looking like you're going to murder someone (Yes, I predicted your facial expression, and I'm sure to be right. You rarely smile, you know).

Your buddies,

Naruto and Sakura

Yes, Naruto too, because I'm almost positive the Dobe didn't get you anything decent.

It was hard for Sasuke to hide the smirk creeping over his lips. With the card was a one-hundred dollar bill.


"Keep it." She insisted, holding up her hand. Sasuke didn't like the thought of taking money. It was one thing to buy gift, where the price is unknown, but also another thing to give a certain amount of money. Studying Sakura's façade, Sasuke deemed it not worth the fight, since clearly, Sakura would win. He'd find a way to pay her back somehow.

Sasuke plucked at the box's ribbon, the strip falling silently and limply to the carpet. Sakura was still grinning, waiting patiently for him to continue. Beckoned to do so by Sakura's eyes, Sasuke tore the white wrapping paper off, and stared at a plain brown box. At that moment, Sasuke was anxious. He didn't know what was coming…

The folds at the top of the box were easy to open. Inside the box was dark. He couldn't really comprehend what the six red spheres were, and why it was so special. Gently, Sasuke finger one. They were soft and plump. He took one in his palm and brought it into the light. Raising an incredulous brow, he inquired: "Tomatoes?"

Sakura nodded vigorously, "Tomatoes," She confirmed, "But not just any tomatoes. Their special. From a foreign country, I think. Their supposed to be really rich and healthy than the ones here."

Sasuke looked at her weirdly.

"Go on!" She encouraged, "Try them!"

Hesitantly, Sasuke brought the tomato to his mouth, already smelling the fresh fragrance. It made his mouth water. As he slowly bit into it, immediately tasting the deliciousness, there was a pop. A small, almost inaudible, pop. And tomato juice squirted out…

It spilled over Sakura's lap, seeds visible on the black dress. She gave a short astonished yelp.

"I —" Sasuke started, dropping the unfinished tomato back in the box. He leaned toward Sakura, hand outstretched to the spill as an automatic response to help, "I'm—"

It was a surprise when Sakura felt a weight on her. She had seen his hand coming, hesitant to help her, but she wasn't expecting him to fall on her. She couldn't really do much about it anyway. Provided that her dress was relatively tight, it was difficult to move. Not that she really minded the way he hovered over her, hands on both sides of her heads, hair tickling her cheeks from the close proximity. It was a matter of how he felt about the position. He was the birthday boy.

Sasuke was too busy mentally cussing and punching himself that it took a full minute for him to realize how he must have looked. Like a pervert, he thought, A kid that thinks he can get lucky on his birthday. With that thought, Sasuke was actually putting himself on the same shelf as a pervert. Is that really what he wanted, deep down inside? No, he convinced himself, but the position, albeit awkward, was the least of his worries. How was she seeing him at that moment?

Staring into Sasuke's onyx pools was getting Sakura dizzy. They're beautiful, she thought, lifting her head a little to get a better look. But Sasuke helped her see them a little better too. He lowered his head, and Sakura didn't even realize the move until his lips touched hers.

Something, Sasuke thought, Feels special.


The called man excused himself from parade of women and walked over to one of the patio tables where Fugaku Uchiha and his friends were playing cards. "Yes, Father."

The Uchiha dad scanned his elder son's clothes, "Go change," he order, looking at him straight in the eye, "And get your brother. I don't know where the hell he went, but he should be down here."

Damn, Itachi thought, What's so wrong with my clothes?

Reluctant as he was, the model strutted into the house in pursuit of new clothes and a certain birthday boy.



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