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Keeping Secrets: Part 1

~* It's that dream again. *~

Eighteen-year old Sakura Avalon didn't want to believe it, but it was happening again. She was having that dream. A dream that had been plaguing her for many weeks. Sakura knew she was asleep in her bed, but that's not where she was standing. She wasn't wearing any of Madison's unusual costumes, but she was just in a coat and jeans standing in the middle of Penguin Park. She felt the cold wind blowing against her and she felt her hands become gradually icier. Even after seeing this dream so many times, she was relieved that she wasn't wearing a skirt like she always seemed to in these types of situations.

But the dream went on like it always did. Sakura looked up to see her big brother, Tori Avalon. She knew what was coming, but it seemed like she could do nothing about it.

"I'm glad I found you tonight, Sakura," Tori said. "And…I'm glad we're alone. There's…something I've been meaning to tell you."

Sakura gulped. "And…there's something I've been meaning to tell YOU."

Tori smiled. "I can see it on your face, squirt. You're finally ready to tell me the truth, aren't you?"

Sakura hung her head down. "You knew all along, didn't you?"

"It took me a while to figure it all out," Tori replied. "But…"


"You knew about me," Sakura finished for him. "You knew I had magical powers."

Tori nodded. "I knew. But…it's because I haven't been honest with you. Sakura…I once had magical powers myself."

Sakura looked up in shock, just like every other time she had that dream. It still shocked her. "Once? You mean you don't have them anymore?"

Tori was about to answer…when it happened again. There was a laughing that came from an unknown area nearby. Then Sakura heard a something yell out…

"Sinister Ice Rings!"

Before any of them could react, Sakura felt something wrap around her arms and waist. Sakura looked over to see a ring of ice had her tied up and trapped. She tried to loosen its grip, but only fell over. And to her horror, she saw Tori was tied up as well. Finally, something came out of the shadows. It was a trio of unusual creatures.

Two of them brought up the rear. One looked to be a disfigured gorilla-type creature that walked upright. This was no ape, though. It looked to be scarred all over its body and have drool coming from its hideous face. It was like nothing Sakura had ever seen, but she could say the same thing for the others as well.

The second one was a skull with an antenna sticking out of the top of its head. The skull was on top of eight spider legs and it had an eerie grin on its face. It was also emitting a creepy laughter that sent a chill down Sakura's spine.

The one in the lead was a masked creature wearing a black cloak. There was literally a blue fire burning in its eyes. Though it looked and stood like one, Sakura knew it couldn't be human.

"Are these the ones?" the disfigured one asked.

"Who else have we been watching for so long?" the skull snapped.

"These are the two we need," the cloaked being said. "The ones that will help restore the great one. Get them on their feet."

"NO!" Tori shouted. "Take me, but leave my sister out of this!"

"Sorry, but we require both you AND your sister," the cloaked one shot back. "Your sister, the Mistress of the magical Sakura Cards."

After having seen this dream repeatedly, she knew what was coming next.


Just like before, Sakura knew that voice. It was Li Showron, wearing his robes and holding up his sword. Sakura looked out into the distance to see Li running towards her. And then, the skull turned around.

"Psycho Laser!"

A laser beam came out of the skull's mouth and headed straight towards Li. The laser struck him in the torso and he fell to the ground. Li lay on the ground…bleeding.

Sakura felt a sharp pain in her heart. "LI, NO!!"

Sakura couldn't do anything to stop this. Before she could say anything more, she and Tori were being pushed away.

The cloaked one spoke one more time. "Now…we go…to the Digital World."



Sakura woke up in a cold sweat. She took a short nap and had set her alarm for 6:00 PM so she wouldn't oversleep.

Even after having this dream so many times, Sakura still couldn't understand it. It still didn't make sense to her. It had started so normally. After seven years, Sakura was finally going to come clean. She was going to be truthful with her brother and there would be no more secrets between them. They each have their own magical powers and this whole time, they had kept it from each other. Of course, Tori had been on to her for many years.

But it all went awry so fast. Who were these three that were taking them? Sakura had their images fresh in her mind and she knew they were evil. But what did they want? It would make sense that they'd want Sakura because she controlled some of the most powerful magic in the world. But what kind of power did Tori have that they'd want him as well? Sakura didn't know, nor did she know what these three meant by going to "the Digital World".

All that paled in comparison to what scared Sakura the most. She couldn't shake that image of seeing Li Showron, the love of her life, on the ground bleeding…possibly to death. It scared the life out of Sakura and that's why she didn't want to tell Li. If Li wasn't aware of any of this, he couldn't possibly live it…could he?

Sakura felt so confused. She didn't know what to do. The only thing she was positive on was that she wouldn't tell Li. Despite urging from Meilin in Hong Kong, Madison, and even Kero, Sakura's mind was made up. She would tell Tori her secret eventually. But she wouldn't tell Li at all about this dream. His life depended on it.

"You had that dream again, didn't you?" a certain guardian beast asked.

Sakura looked in the mirror. Her hair was out of place and she felt so sweaty. It could be seen that she saw that nightmarish prophecy again. Sakura's eyes were covered in red cracks and there were bags under them. This whole thing had taken its toll on her.

"Sakura…are you sure you don't want to tell Li?" Kero asked for about the millionth time in the last few days.

Sakura didn't answer. She just walked out and walked into her bathroom. Sakura needed some time to reflect on this. She was sure no one would mind her taking up the bathroom. The only other person home was Tori since her father was out of town. But someone did knock on the bathroom door. Sakura opened it and Kero flew in, holding her phone.

"Kero!" Sakura snapped. "What if Tori sees you?!"

"I don't think that's much of a concern anymore," Kero said. "But take this. Someone's concerned about you."

Sakura took the phone. "Hello?"

"Sakura? It's Madison. Kero told me you had that dream again. Are you absolutely sure you don't want to tell Li?"

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?!" Sakura asked angrily. "I said NO!"

"Sakura…you need to relax. You sound like you're about to explode."

"You can't imagine what I saw in that dream, Madison."

"You already told me all about it. I know it seems scary, but you can't just hide in your house forever."

"I can and I will," Sakura retorted. She was clearly delirious.

"You know, Sakura, if you're THAT scared, then why don't you just tell Tori your secret now?"

In the midst of all the panic and confusion, that thought had never crossed Sakura's mind. If she could tell Tori her secret now, there would be no need to visit Penguin Park. So she walked out of the bathroom, with the phone still in hand, and walked over to Tori's room.

"Tori? Are you here?"

Sakura peered into Tori's room and found it was empty. Tori was gone. Sakura had the house to herself, but unlike other occasions, it didn't make her happy at all. She wanted her brother back.

"Madison…he's not here."

"He's not. That's weird. Well…why don't you take a walk for a little while. Get your mind off of this. Clear your head. And when you come back, tell Tori everything."

"That doesn't sound like such a bad idea," Sakura smiled. "Thanks, Madison."

"No problem, Sakura. Just let me know how it goes. Bye."

Sakura hung up and walked to her room to get ready to leave. She was already wearing a pair of jeans, so she was practically ready to go. She noticed from her open window that it was chilly out, so Sakura reached over for her coat.

"Where are you going?" Kero asked.

"I'm taking a walk," Sakura answered. "I'll be back in a few hours."

"I hope you change your mind," Kero replied. He obviously wanted Sakura to go tell Li, but she wasn't about to do so.

"Just let me clear my head," Sakura shot back. She was about to leave, but an instinct suddenly struck. She walked over to her drawer and opened it. The Sakura Cards flew out one-by-one and went into her coat pocket.

With the Sakura Cards safely in her pocket, Sakura walked out the door…and went to take a walk.

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