Last Time: The final fight ended and everyone ended up going home (with Kari dodging a bullet in the form of those shadow things). Now it's on to the end.

Keeping Secrets: Part 11

Davis, TK, and Kari all ran into the portal without looking back. They didn't EVER want to see the Dark Ocean again, so they were all relieved when the raised their heads and opened their eyes to see…they were back in Reedington. Davis looked over to see that Kari was slow to open her eyes, as if she was waking up from a nightmare. The Dark Ocean always seemed to bring out fear in her.

Meanwhile, Davis noticed that the others were handling this…just fine. It was as if they had gone through this sort of thing before, which made him all the more curious about what kind of lives they really lived.

Sakura stood up and looked around, still unsure what to make of the whole experience. "So…who wants to tell me what just happened?"

"If we do THAT, we'll be here all night," Eriol shrugged. "Let's just say your dream came true and leave it at that."

That's when Sakura's eyes widened. "Oh, no! LI! Madison, where is he?!"

As soon as she asked that question, Kari opened her eyes and got to her feet. She started walking over towards Sakura, leaving Davis and TK still sitting on the ground trying to gather their thoughts. Davis looked on as Kari put her hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"I know where he is," she said gently. "He's ok. But…he was really worried about you."

"I'm worried about him, too!" Sakura exclaimed. "Where is he?" Then she realized something. "And…who are you, anyway?"

"My name's Kari. And I'm the one who took Li to the hospital. Right now, he's really worried…and I promised him I'd bring you back safely."

Sakura didn't want to wait. "Then let's go!"

Kari led Sakura to her car with one hand and held Salamon with the other. Sakura's brother and friends just blinked.

"Um…should we follow them?" the brother asked.

"It's probably a good idea if we go see Li, too," Madison answered. Then she looked over at TK and Davis. "Hey! Are you guys coming, or what?"

"Um…we'll catch up to you!" TK called out. He turned to look at Davis. "I think we should go. There's still time."

"Time for what?" Davis asked curiously.

TK smiled. "You know what."

Davis scratched the back of his head. He didn't know what TK was talking about, no matter how hard he tried to figure it out. TK didn't say anything more, but instead just led Davis to his car.

It looked like they were on their way to the hospital.

Sakura slowly walked through the hospital's third floor, looking around to see all the patients. The hospital looked packed that night, but it definitely looked like Kari knew where she was going, so Sakura just followed along. Finally, Kari walked through one of the rooms and found Li lying on the bed. He wasn't sleeping. Sakura recognized that look. He was thinking.

Kari nudged his shoulder. "Hey there. I told you I'd bring her back."

Li opened his eyes and gasped. "Sakura?"

Sakura rushed over and hugged Li. "Li! You're alive!"

"I wouldn't be if it wasn't for Kari," Li said, returning the hug. "Sakura…what happened?"

Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She burst into tears. "Li! I'm sorry! I never should have kept this from you! Everyone was right! I should have told you! I never should have kept my dream a secret from you!"

Kari took a few steps back. "Um…I'll let you two share this moment. I'll be outside."

"Kari…" Li began. "Thank you…for everything."

Kari nodded. "Don't even worry about it. Get well soon, Li."

Sakura watched as Kari left the room…and left her alone with Li. And once they were alone, Sakura gave him a kiss.

Li blushed. "So…you want to start sharing now? What happened?"

"Well…it looks like you'll be here a while. So I might as well start at the beginning…"

Davis, TK, and all of Sakura's friends waited out in the lobby for SOMEONE to come back. Finally, someone DID come back. It was Kari. She calmly walked over and took a seat.

"I'm glad this is all over," Kari sighed. "But there's just one thing that's bothering me." She turned to look at Davis. "Just why DID you ask me to come to Reedington in the first place?"

Davis stammered, searching desperately for a response. "I…uh…I…I…um…"

But Davis looked past Kari to find the confidence he was looking for. He saw TK…smiling…and giving Davis the thumbs up. Davis couldn't believe it…but he had TK's blessing.

That made it a little easier, but not by not. "Kari…I wanted to get you alone in the park, so…I could ask…if you…sorta…might wanna…kinda…maybe...

"Davis, spit it out," Kari said dryly.

"Will…you go out with me?"

Kari blinked. "Go out? Like on a date?"

Davis could already feel the sweat going down his temples and he nodded.

Kari…smiled. "Eh…why not? Sure, Davis."

That response completely flew over Davis' head. "Um…"


TK waved a hand over Davis' face. "He's out of it…"

Davis was temporarily zoned out. But slowly…he started to get his senses back. And it all started to sink into him. A dreamy smile slowly widened across his face…and it looked like he was about to float on air.

"Y-Y-You mean it?" Davis asked slowly, his trance CLEARLY noticeable.

"Couldn't hurt."

Davis leaped out of his seat and fell to his knees, raising his fists in triumph. "YES!!!"

Everyone suddenly turned to stare.

Davis sweatdropped and took his seat. It wasn't easy for him to NOT make a scene after…getting what he always wanted. Since he first met Kari, all Davis Motomiya wanted…was a chance. And now…he would get that chance. He was on cloud nine.

Then Davis realized something. "Um…Kari…I'll be right back."

Davis got up and started walking…towards another friend.

Kari couldn't believe it. She actually said yes…to a date with Davis. She knew it had been a few years…since that fateful day when she and TK…broke up. And no one was there for both Kari AND TK as much as Davis was. If Kari had to start dating again (and she would eventually), then she was kinda glad to be dating Davis.

But there was still something bothering her. Kari moved over to the next seat and looked up at TK. She couldn't shake that feeling of…guilt.

"TK…are you ok?"

TK smiled. "Kari…don't even worry about it. We had our chance…and…it didn't work out."

"But…are you sure you're ok with this?" Kari persisted. "I don't want to start going out again if it hurts you in any way."

"I'm not hurt, Kari," TK replied. "I'm glad you're moving on. And to be honest…I'm actually glad you're going out with Davis."


"It's better than seeing you going out with a perfect stranger. If that happened, I'd have to run him over with my car."


"I'm just kidding. What I'm trying to say is……………I want you to be happy, Kari. And if this is what makes you happy…then I'm all for it. Don't worry about me."

Kari gave TK a hug. "Thank you, TK."

Kari did feel good. Davis was a wonderful guy. Even if he was a little egotistical at times and even if he wasn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer, Kari knew he was all heart…like TK.

And Kari appreciated that TK wasn't hurt by this. He truly was a special guy. She was even beginning to wonder why they even broke up in the first place.

Then she remembered.

Davis was feeling like he was on top of the world. But there was still something he had to clear up. So he walked over…to Madison Taylor, who was sitting in a nearby chair. Eriol was sitting next to her and the guardians had all gone back to…wherever it was they lived.

"Hi, Madison."

Madison smiled at Davis. "You know…I want to thank you…for helping me. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been out in Penguin Park tonight."

Davis felt his heart sink. "Uh…Madison…there's something I should tell you."

"What's that?"

"Look…I've seen the way you've been looking at me…and…I should tell you…well…you're a really nice girl and everything…but…"

"Davis, what are you trying to say?" Madison asked.

"I…like Kari. I'm sorry. I know you like me…but…"

Madison coughed, nearly choking. "WHAT?! You think I LIKE YOU?!"

Davis frowned. "You mean you don't?"

Madison seemed dumbfounded. "Davis…I know we've been through a lot, but…we've known each other for a few hours! I'm sure you're a nice guy, but I hardly know you. Besides…I'm taken."

"You are? Oh…um…who's the lucky guy?"

Someone else inched over and put his arm around Madison. It was Eriol and he didn't look happy.

"Me," he said in a low, deep, evil voice.

Madison giggled. "He's a sweetheart, isn't he?"

Davis sweatdropped and nodded. "Oh…yeah. Uh…so I'm glad you're taking this well."

"You have a really high opinion of yourself, don't you?" Madison smirked.

"It's called confidence," Davis replied dryly.

"I call it ego," Eriol shot back.

Davis shook his head. "Why does everybody call it that?"

Madison giggled and gave Davis a kiss on the cheek, much to Eriol's surprise. "I wish you all the luck in the world with Kari. Is there any way we can all stay in touch?"

Davis nodded. "I'll get you the phone numbers. We'll give you a call from Odaiba."

Madison shook her head. "Um…actually…it's pretty long distance. Maybe it'd be better if I called you."

"You're gonna call all of us?" Davis asked skeptically. "You must be pretty rich."

Madison smiled. "I've heard that before."

After that was said, everyone saw Sakura come back out. She looked like she was ready to go and Eriol and Madison were ready to walk her out.

"Goodbye, Davis."

"Goodbye, Madison."

Eriol hesitated briefly before turning to TK. "We really should trade stories someday. I'll try to order another pizza sometime."

TK gasped. "I forgot! I have to go back to work! Oh…I'm gonna get fired again!"

TK ran past everybody and immediately headed out to his car. Davis realized that he must been late and he'd have to leave right away. Davis could understand that. Then he realized something.

"TK!! You're my only ride!!"

It was too late. TK already left and Davis was stranded. It looked like he'd have to walk back. Davis couldn't believe it. But then he got a little help. He felt Kari's hand on his shoulder.

"I can take you home, Davis," she said cheerfully.

Davis…suddenly felt much better. Maybe things would turn out better this way.

Sakura motioned for Madison and Eriol to stay inside the hospital. She really needed some time to herself. But it didn't look like she'd get it, because once she stepped out of the hospital, she was met by her brother, Tori.

"Are we finally done keeping secrets from each other?" Tori asked.

Sakura smiled. "I guess you know all about me now."

"I've known for a long time, Sakura. What I don't understand is…what took you so long to tell me?"

"Well……I didn't know how you'd take it. I mean…I AM your little sister. I just thought you'd lose it if you knew I was putting myself in danger."

Tori sighed. "I know you're my little sister. But I can't stop you from doing what you have to do. If you're destined for this kind of life…then I can't do anything to change it. I just wish you would have told me about it sooner."

Sakura hung her head down. "Me, too." Then she smiled again. "You know…if I had known you had powers, it might have taken some of the pressure off."

"Well…I TRIED to tell you a long time ago."

"You did not!"

"I told you I saw spirits and all you did was get scared of ghosts."

"But that was a long time ago! I was just a baby!"

"Is there anything else you're keeping from me, squirt?" Tori asked.

Sakura reached into her pocket. "Do you know about…him?"

Tori took a long stare…at Kero. "I've known."

Kero frowned. "For how long?!"

"You're a really bad actor," Tori smirked. "Who would possibly fall for that stuffed animal act?"

"I wasn't THAT bad, was I?" Kero whined.

"It took me a while to figure you out," Tori said. "But it didn't take me long to realize you were more than a stuffed animal. That's all you get from me, Kero."

"You'd THINK Yue would have told me," Kero pouted.

"Yue's on MY side," Tori pointed out. "Besides, he said it was something you should have figured out for yourself."

"Yeah, he told me a lot," Kero sighed. He turned to Sakura. "Hey, Sakura…I'm really sorry I wasn't there for you through this whole thing. Some guardian I turned out to be. I shouldn't have left your side. Maybe none of this would have happened if…"

"Kero, don't even worry about it," Sakura cut him off. "What's done is done and we can't change what's in the past. We can only go on with our future."

"And the future just got a lot more interesting," Tori added. "Especially with…those guys in there."

"You think we'll see them again?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know," Tori replied. "You never know what might happen. But for right now…let's just go home."

It was the best thing Sakura heard all night. "You got it!"

Kero flew back into Sakura's pocket and everyone got ready to go. Sakura looked back and thought…Madison and Eriol could always walk back alone. And Li would be just fine now. Sakura just wanted to walk home, side-by-side, with her big brother.

"Hey, Tori. I'm kinda hungry."

"You want to order a pizza when we get home?"


Sakura giggled at the thought of who might deliver her pizza.


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