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GL High, an unusual high school with even more unusual staff and students. Prestigious in nature, though not respected by other higher class schools, GL High has students wear matching black uniforms. Nothing in particular separates the uniforms for the school from others; the boys have black pants with an unbuttoned black overcoat while the girls have a black V-cut dress with a dark grey skirt.

What differentiates the students of GL High from others, and the school for that matter, is the allowing of any color of undershirt and limited adornments on each student. As long as what the student is wearing beside the uniform isn't outwardly dangerous, i.e. an imminent threat, or inconsistent with the requirements, there isn't a problem. The undershirt must be a plain color with no writing or other graffiti on it and any extra belongings must be limited and keep to the personality or occupation of the student and/or teacher. As such, weapons are allowed to be possessed by students under the grounds that they do not use them.

GL High carries students and teachers of various abilities and powers. Naturally, it would be very difficult to administrate the multitude of people with only the staff of the school alone, so the 'Marine' faction was formed, indicated by a logo on the jacket. Students or staff who volunteered were admitted into the ranks of the marines and together they worked to keep the school under control. Somewhere along the line, however, certain members of the marines became corrupt and soon began to abuse their power.

In response to this corruption, some students and staff began to form groups intended to fight the marines under the guise of clubs. These groups were later to be identified as 'Pirate' groups. The principal of the school was placed into a precarious situation. Unable to disband the Marines due to the chaos that would ensue and aware of recent transgressions, the principal of GL High decreed that punishment could only be applied to students literally captured at the scene of their offense and that the Marines were not exempt from this punishment. This was the beginning of the battle for control of the school between the 'Pirates' and 'Marines'.

It isn't required to join either side of the battle. In fact, large amounts of students are neutral or oblivious to the situation at hand, not bothering with the struggle. Others help one or both sides without completely devoting their efforts to it, subtly helping out when they can. Although rare, some groups even offer their services for a fee, willing to fight for whichever side gives them the best incentive. Whatever a student decides to do, they are guaranteed to have something of an eventful stay during their tenure at GL High.

It should be noted, however, that although the feud between Pirates and Marines appears to be and is somewhat treated like a game, it is much more serious. Expulsion from the school is a regular occurrence to groups of people caught causing severe mischief and many times it is not the people who commit the calamity that are blamed and/or punished. The school, to avoid being tyrannical in its methods of discipline, follows a 5 point demerit system. Minor infractions generally result in a warning with multiple repeats eventually leading to a single point. More serious offenses can easily garner a single point, occasionally more. There has yet to be a violation caused by either party within the limits of the struggle that has merited anything higher than a 3 point demerit.

To prevent complete anarchy within the boundaries of the battle, certain limitations have been placed. These limitations aren't an established set of rules; however they are very closely followed by all who participate. Completely avoiding the acts of killing, lobotomizing, or otherwise seriously crippling a person is the most closely followed standard that all people of GL High follow and there has yet to be a case to involving any of the aforementioned acts. Fighting is allowed, though if students are captured during or directly after a fight they are given a minor infraction, causing them to get closer to a demerit point. Destruction of school property is highly frowned upon, although it is an expected result of some struggles. As long as the destruction is collateral, unintended, and not too extravagant, the consequences of destruction can be minor. More serious damage generally results in higher demerits and intentional mass destruction of school property is grounds for immediate expulsion. Other guidelines have been observed, but they aren't as prevalent and are learned over time.

Classes begin at 8:30 AM and end at 3:50 PM, though most students, if not all, stay on school grounds well after class is let out. Students are allowed to be on the premises of the school until 10:00 PM. Being caught inside or on school property after this time is grounds for a minor infraction. Students meet at the same room everyday and stay inside of it for most of their day, only leaving to do various activities such as Gym or a Lab. Teachers travel to different classrooms throughout the day to teach their subject material, returning to teacher offices on the first floor of the building in their free time.

The layout of the building is rectangular with three floors. There is a gymnasium outside the school with an indoor pool adjacent to the gym. Near the gymnasium are tracks and various fields for sports and other activities. A square area in the center of the school has staircases that lead to the second and third levels. Each floor is separated into four even areas, the bottom left being 1/5/9 on each respective floor, the top left being 2/6/10, the bottom right being 3/7/11, and finally the top right being 4/8/12.

Floor one is reserved mainly for teacher workrooms and laboratories. There are a few classrooms on the first floor, but they're filled with delinquents. The second floor is mostly consisting of first year students, although there are plenty of classrooms for second year students as well. If a second year student is on the second floor, they are usually in section 8, the other sections being reserved for first year students. The third floor is where all of the third year students and some of the second year students reside.

A large reason for the second and third year students being able to fit on a single floor is the abnormally high rate of expulsions. Having become commonplace, GL High compensates for the high rate by accepting a large amount of students, many never intended to make it past the first or second year. Because the rates of expulsions have become so rampant in recent years, a new policy has been instated in which at the end of every year, a single point will be removed from every student's demerit list. Requests can be made during the year for the same effect, though aren't generally accepted. Most common of these requests are students arguing a situation they had been blamed for, in which undeniable proof must be supplied to show they aren't responsible.

Lately there have been rumors of competitions between Marines and the Pirates. It is speculated that certain higher-ups in the demerit system have points as a reward for the winners of such competitions. The winners are supposedly able to give the demerit points to any of the parties involved or can subtract half of the value of the points from their own demerit record. Groups that were not associated in the event are supposedly not allowed to be given demerit points however all of this is speculation.

The newest batch of students entering GL High appears to be the strongest yet. Perhaps somewhere among these new scholars is the one person who will be able to fix the ever growing problems regarding the feud between the Marines and Pirates. Or, perhaps, there is a person who will spiral it completely out of control. Whichever it is, even if it's neither, it will be discovered in time.

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