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Zoro leaned his head against the window of the bus. He had been lucky to find a seat, much more so considering that he had a window seat. The swordsman was drained from the lengthy day he had at the school, and all he could think about was getting some sleep.

Closing his eyes, Zoro reflected on the events that had transpired earlier in the day. His homeroom teacher, Robin, had left shortly after her introduction and soon after the rest of the teachers made their way into the classroom, each introducing themselves and their subject before leaving for the next teacher to come in and repeat the process.

After homeroom, class 6-K was to be taught mathematics, science, language, geography, and finally history in that respective order, each class lasting an hour long. The schedule that the class was to follow was homeroom from 8:30 to 8:50, three classes after from 8:50 to 11:50, a 45 minute lunch break from 11:50 to 12:35, a special class from 12:50-1:35, and finally the last two classes from 1:50-3:50.

The special class was one students would have to travel to, varying each day depending on the room, and they had a 15 minute transit period to reach said classes. 6-K had gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with a computer class to fill the Tuesday and Thursday slot. Each classroom had a unique schedule that they would follow with the special class held at varying times in order to keep things less cluttered and organized.

The green haired student had watched begrudgingly as Mr. Kuro walked back into the classroom a second time after Robin had left only to introduce himself again as the class's math teacher. Zoro occasionally glared at the man, however the teacher never returned his glance, not once.

After Professor Kuro had left, Zoro decided that it was time to take a nap and slept all the way until lunch. While most of the class went around socializing with the intention of getting to know everybody, Zoro instead decided to keep to himself and enjoy his lunch in peace. The rest of the day went by relatively quickly and uneventfully, however the swordsman found himself unusually interested in history and what the teacher, Robin, had to say about it.

Right as he was about to leave the classroom for the day and head back home, Zoro was stopped at the door by a student donning the same emblem that Smoker had on his coat earlier in the day. The student had Zoro follow him into a room down on the first floor by what Zoro recalled was the administration area.

Inside the room was a man who introduced himself as the vice-principal and Professor Kuro. It didn't take long for Zoro to realize that Kuro brought his tardiness up to the assistant principal; however the green haired swordsman was still confused on why he was called into a meeting over something so trivial.

"Ah, welcome, Roronoa Zoro. Take a seat."

After Zoro had taken a seat, the man continued.

"Very good. Now, it had been brought to my attention by Professor Kuro that you were tardy today for your first class, is this not so?"

"I was."

"The good teacher also informs me that when he confronted you outside the classroom about it that you became extremely agitated and threatening towards him and—"

"What?! I didn't say anything to him! What are you talking about? He's lying to you!"

Zoro had looked towards the teacher and saw a vicious sneer on the man's face, his countenance otherwise completely unreadable.

"Look, asshole, I don't know where you get off by lying—"

"And that you became violent after he tried to explain certain school procedures and policies to you."


"What? Like I said, he's lying to you. Here's what really happened, when—"

"I don't care about what 'really happened', Roanoa Zoro. This is the first day of school and I already have reported threats against one of our staff. Considering the circumstances, who am I supposed to believe? A colleague of mine who's worked at this school for years, or some first year student who was late for class on his very first day of school?"


"Exactly. Considering that this is the first day of class and you were currently unaware of school policies, I will not penalize you for your actions. However, so you understand these are not acceptable actions, you will accompany the school janitor and help him until his work is finished."

The vice principal pointed to an older man who had just entered the room having heard his cue.

Zoro sighed. He thought back on the incredibly tiring tasks he had to do under the supervision of the aged janitor. The more the swordsman thought about it, the more he realized how stupid and unnecessary the tasks he was required to perform really were.

Zoro did think it strange that he was required to lift up the vending machines while the janitor took his time cleaning out the area under. It had actually looked like it had been years since the spot was cleaned. Grimacing and clutching his aching and throbbing arms, the swordsman silently cursed the old geezer for the hell he put him through.

There were more insanely strenuous and mind-numbing activities that the older janitor had put Zoro through, such as cleaning just about every classroom on the second floor, rearranging the desks, repairing a couple of recently broken walls, and more, yet the thing that kept nagging at the back of the green haired swordsman's mind was the janitor himself. If Zoro was having such a hard time on his own, how was the obnoxious old man able to do these things? He didn't like bragging, but Zoro knew that he wasn't just some weakling that spent all of his time doing nothing. He actively trained in his free time and made daily visits to the gym.

Strangely enough, the swordsman felt that the janitor would've had little to no problem doing everything he'd made the student do. Zoro couldn't understand why the aged, white haired man, who occasionally would pull out a flask and drink from, gave off such a powerful aura. He did, however, understand that the feeling wasn't one of trickery, but one of caution. The green haired swordsman had learned not to ignore his intuitions when it came to strength, a quality that had saved his skin on more than one occasion.

Zoro felt his face and body dip forward as the bus slowed down for its next stop. His cheek had stuck to the window since he hadn't moved much during the trip and it tugged a bit painfully, causing the student to open his eyes. Zoro peeled his face off of the window, rubbing it at first before scratching it when it itched. The student noticed that he had a slight bit of saliva resting on the corner of his mouth so he swallowed what he could and wiped off the rest with his sleeve. He hadn't realized how tired he really was and how close he had come to falling asleep on the bus. The last thing he needed was to wake up to be miles away from his apartment.

Looking out the window, Zoro recognized the stop as his own and proceeded to fumble through the crowd of people towards the door. After he exited the bus, a wave of exhaustion fell on the green haired swordsman and he checked his left wrist to see the time. Zoro pulled the sleeve of his coat back only to see his bare wrist, and it dawned on the student that he had forgotten to wear the timepiece in his haste to get to school. He hadn't thought to check his watch since the swordsman was preoccupied with reading the letter over and over again on the bus, and he was so used to wearing it that he couldn't tell if it was on or off.

The swordsman shrugged to himself. It didn't really matter that much in the end; he would just remember to put it on tomorrow.

Zoro entered the apartment complex and leisurely made his way up to his room, immediately casting off his school clothes once he entered. Although they weighed almost nothing, the green haired swordsman felt like he had removed an enormous weight off of his body. Feeling rejuvenated by the relief he felt in discarding his apparel, Zoro took off his school pants and put on a pair of dark green flannel pants that were much more comfortable and flexible instead.

Leaving his shirt off, the swordsman walked over to the mostly empty area that he reserved for exercise. Close to the ceiling of a part of the wall was a pull-up bar, under it a rack with various free-weights resting on it. Zoro relied on the gym for the heavier weights that he used, but the lighter weights he had served well for morning and late-night workout sessions. The swordsman had a nagging suspicion that he wasn't going to have much time to go to the gym anymore, especially if the recent day was any indication.

His arms aching once again, the green haired swordsman decided to leave them alone for the night and instead work on his lower body. After various exercises, Zoro collapsed onto his bed and wearily looked over to the clock. He decided to set the alarm to a little earlier than what it was on so he could have at least a little extra time to get ready in the morning. After he finished messing around with the clock, Zoro buried his face into his pillow and let the embrace of sleep quickly overcome him. Before he passed out, the swordsman wondered what sort of crazy day he was in for tomorrow. He had been caught completely off guard by the insanity of the school on his first day and knew that it wasn't going to get any less complicated.

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