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Author's note: This version of Magical Starsign will not follow directly off of the games. The idea for this story came from a dream I had not too long ago. One of the characters in this story is named Macadamus. I know there is a character in the game with a similar name, but this character I am using has nothing to do with that one. And now, on with the story.

Chapter 1-The New Headmaster

June was a user of light magic, and a student at the famed Will-O-Wisp academy. She had arrived at the school in the Baklava solar system from somewhere even farther away than most of them could imagine. She made friends with mostly everyone in her class. Her best friends there though, would be Lassi, a hyperactive bunny girl, then there's Chai. Chai was the only salamander mage at the school. Next comes Pico, a fire mage. Then comes Sorbet, whose element is water. Then there was the only Robot mage at the school, Mokka.

At Will-O-Wisp academy, the students came far and wide to learn about Magic. Many came from powerful wizard families. Some, however, were students who discovered that they could use magic, even though those in their families could not. June was one of those few. Her parents had decided to send her to Will-O-Wisp, so that she could learn to use and control her magic.

She had grown to like the school a lot. She found the entire idea of being able to use magic to be awesome. Amazingly she had the same magic teacher as her closest friends at the school. Miss Madeline. Miss Madeline was a very powerful wizard, and an awesome teacher, despite the fact that she was late for class every day.

Instead of going to normal classes one morning, everyone was called to the assembly room for a special announcement. Principal Biscotti stood in front of the entire school of wizards, and was looking nervously off to the entrance.

"I wonder what's got him so worried." Lassi said to the other five of her best friends that were sitting by her.

"I got no clue," said Pico, who was right next to her on the right side.

"Yeah. I haven't seen him look that spooked before," said Chai from Lassi's left. Sorbet sat next to Pico, and Mokka sat next to Chai. June was sitting by Mokka.

"I will never understand emotions," Mokka said, switching his voice emitter to 'sarcastic and annoyed' mode.

June smiled and hit his metallic shoulder with her elbow. "Come on Mokka. Emotions aren't that hard to understand."

Mokka's tone became normal as he spoke to June. "In the case of a robot that is not supposed to have emotions, then yes, they are."

Sorbet started laughing. "That's nothing to be fighting about."

"We're not fighting," June said. "I was just telling Mokka that emotions are pretty easy to understand."

"I can still contradict that," Mokka stated.

"Come on you two, quiet down!" Lassi said, jumping up in her seat to look over at June and Mokka for a moment. "Principal Biscotti's about to talk!"

Principal Biscotti now seemed as though he wanted to address everyone. The room went silent. "I have gathered you all here today to announce that….." He stopped a moment. "I…..I'm being replaced as school Principal." He looked towards the entranceway once more. "May I now introduce you to your new headmaster of Will-O-Wisp Academy, Mr. Macadamus."

"Omigosh!" Lassi blurted out. "They're replacing Principal Biscotti?! But why?!"

"Keep it down Lassi," Sorbet advised. She wasn't he only one speaking at the moment though. As Biscotti's replacement walked into the room, there were murmurs rising up from all around the auditorium.

He stepped up to the front and shook Principal Biscotti's hand. Then he turned to face everyone. He wore dark robes, and a black wizard's hat with the purple emblem of dark magic marked on it. He was much taller than Principal Biscotti was, and his eyes were black as midnight. Around his neck he wore a pitch black medallion. "Hello students. You may call me Headmaster Macadamus."

There was absolute silence in the room. Everyone stared at the new Headmaster of the school. Evidently he uses dark magic, June thought to herself. He certainly is outward about it though. There was nothing wrong with using Dark Magic. However, at Will-O-Wisp, neither student nor teacher usually wore clothing that would tell everyone else the kind of magic they used.

"Psst! June!" Lassi whispered. " Juuune! Why are they replacing Biscotti? He never did anything wrong."

"I don't know," June answered. It seemed like whenever Lassi wanted to know something, June was the first person she asked, before she started asking everyone else.

"Psst! Pico!"

"Lassi," Pico said. "I none of us know why Principal Biscotti's getting replaced. Now be quiet before you get me detention."

"Oh fine," Lassi pouted, crossing her arms and sinking deeper into her chair.

"Now students," Macadamus said. "Mr. Biscotti will be here for the rest of the day. After your classes, if you would like to bid him your farewells, than please do. That is all that we have to announce at this time. Please return to your classrooms."

June and her friends were the last to leave. They had purposely stayed behind to talk to Biscotti. "So, who's gonna say goodbye first?" Lassi asked.

"Well not me," Pico stated. "We can do this any other time in the day. I'm gonna be late to class cuz of you guys!"

"Oh come on Pico!" Sorbet said, pushing him forward towards their former principal who was now conversing with Macadamus. "You know you wanna go up there and say goodbye."

"Yeah," Chai stated, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Besides, it's not like Miss Madeline would be in the classroom yet anyways."

"That's true," Lassi agreed.

"My computations cannot contradict that statement," Mokka said.

"Yeah Pico, let's go!," June said, running forward.

"Ah, children," Biscotti said upon noticing them. "Is there something you need?" All five of them gathered around Biscotti. None of them said anything for a moment. It was Lassi who broke the silence.

"Sir, why are you being replaced?" Biscotti looked to Macadamus, as if he were asking the man to answer his question for him. That was something he never usually did before.

"Children," Macadamus said, taking the hint. "Mr. Biscotti has somewhere very important he must go. And so, in his absence, I will be his replacement."

"How long will that be?" Lassi asked.

Macadamus and Biscotti looked at each other before Biscotti answered. "A very long time students. You probably won't see me again before you graduate from the academy."

"That's right," Macadamus said. "Now you should all be getting to class now. There are a few things Mr. Biscotti and I need to discuss privately."

"Goodbye Principal Biscotti," All of them said at once. Then, they turned and left the auditorium.

Once they had entered their classroom, the other students had arrived, but Miss Madeline still had not. "See Pico?" Sorbet said when they entered. "We told you there was nothing to worry about."

"Yeah, yeah." Pico grumbled. "She was on time once, you know."

"Like when?" Chai asked. "You name one time that all of us can remember. If you're right, I'll give you three Bira."

"Only three?" Pico asked. "Come on. You can do better. How about five?"

"Fine," Chai said. "Five Bira if you can tell us a time when Miss Madeline wasn't late. If you can't then you owe me five Bira though."

"Hey, no money bets!" Sorbet said.

"I got it!" Pico stated. "It was on the first day! She was standing at the door to greet all of us! Hah! Pay up Chai!"

"Oh yeah," Chai said, handing over the money. "I forgot about that."

"Guess they didn't hear you Sorbet," June said.

"Hey June," Lassi said. "How long to you think it'll be before Miss Madeline gets here this time?"

"I don't have any idea." June answered. "The longest we've had to wait was about an hour one time. Hopefully she gets here before that." Just then, Miss Madeline walked into the room.

"Hello my students," She said cheerfully. "I'm sorry for being so late today. I had to speak with Mr. Macadamus and Mr. Biscotti briefly before coming to class."

"At least it didn't take over an hour this time," Mokka stated.

"Yeah," June said, looking closely at the expression their teacher wore. She seemed cheerful as always, but June noticed something different about this. Her face said that everything was alright, but her eyes showed worry.

"Also students, I have some very important things to discuss with Mr. Macadamus later on today after class. Depending on what's decided, I may not be able to teach class tomorrow." At those words, her tone changed to one set with determination, and her eyes showed the same. "Now, I'm going to teach you all some basic combat spells."

"Combat spells?" Lassi asked. "For what?"

"Every wizard at one point must learn how to defend themselves using magic," Miss Madeline answered. "Now, suppose you're challenged to a duel by a wizard that you cannot evade. You will need to know how to attack properly to be able to defend yourself. I will teach you all the basic combat spells for Wind, Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Light. Since there are no Dark magic users in this class, we don't need worry about that one at the moment. Now let's begin."