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Hi there, my name is Taniyama Mai. Months ago, I used to be a normal 16-year old teenager. Well, that was before I met Shibuya Kazuya of Shibuya Psychic Research. He's my boss, a 17-year old paranormal researcher/ghost hunter. I've been through a lot of things ever since I started working as one of his assistants. I've been targeted by ghosts and on one occasion by a demon. I've also developed some ESP powers like clairvoyance, out of body experience and prophetic dreams. Lastly, we cant forget about the everyday annoyance...

"Mai, tea!"

Yes, there he goes again. My narcissistic but drop dead gorgeous boss, Naru, who is addicted to the tea I make.

Nothing ever changes around here, and I like it that way. SPR is a place I call home and we're one big happy family. Ayako (miko) is like the mother, Bou-san (ex-monk) as the father, Lin-san (onmyouji) as the uncle, Madoka (Naru's ghost hunting teacher) as the aunt, Yasuhara (researcher) and John (priest) as the cousins and then there's me, Naru and Masako (medium) as the siblings.

Who am I kidding? Me, Naru and Masako as siblings?! More like a love triangle... Or not. I bet those two always go out on dates. So there's really no love for me.

My musings are stopped as I hear the door to Naru's office open. He stands there, with an almost adorable, impatient look adorning his face. I have only one thought at the moment... "Uh oh!"