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"All Growed Up: (DC) Ai's finally found the cure for Apotoxin 4698. Too bad the Shonen tantei thought it was candy. What's Shinichi to do with a 17 year old Ayumi, Mistuhiko, and Genta?'

-This is before Subaru (Okiya?) started staying at Shinichi's place. Also, if anyone's seen OVA 9, you could say that has happened (I don't believe it's at all implied that Subaru's living in his house in that OVA, so it could be placed anywhere in the DC timeline).

Well, I can see you when I close my eyes, it's complicated, but I'll make it that simple.

"I'm gonna sleep this off like a baaaaad hangover."

-Lanipator/Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Well, I can see you when I close my eyes, it's complicated, but I'll make it that simple.

The rain should have been the first indicator that something was going to go wrong. It happened nearly every time the sky let out those precious drops of precipitation. Not that there weren't any good memories caused by the rain, it was just, more recently they were connected to bad one's. If Shinichi hadn't known better, he may have sworn the fates had been out to get him.

Back to the point though. It was rainy, and the Kudo home hadn't been cleaned for more then a couple of weeks, so Ran had felt it to be a prime time to go over and clean it up along with Conan. On a whim, she called up Agasa-hakase and asked if he could unlock the door to the home and drop off the cleaning supplies, since it would be a bit of a hassle to drag all of the equipment a number of blocks across town in the rain. The professor was more then happy to do as she asked, and she quickly got Conan and herself dressed and out the door shortly thereafter.

The walk was a slow and relaxed one, the overcast and general mood of the day causing the two to take their time to get to the Kudo's. Yet, as they approached the gate, something seemed distinctly off.

Conan stopped walking halfway to the door, an unusual but calculating look on his face. He squeezed Ran's hand a little in apprehension, "..Ran-neechan?"

She squeezed back, "Conan-kun?"

He looked up to her from under his blue umbrella, "Did you ask Agasa-hakase to leave the front door open like that..?"

Ran shook her head as she glanced down at him, "No."

Shinichi nodded partially to himself, figuring that was the answer and released her hand. He then jogged to the front door, "Stay there!"

She grasped at him, but only managed to catch and slide out of the grasp of the fabric of his umbrella, "Conan!" she huffed and started walking towards the door. Yet, as soon as the boy got to the front doorway he seemed to be startled into a complete stop, dropping his umbrella unceremoniously as he made an unusual squeak/gasp. She stepped beside him, looking around to see what would cause him to make such a noise since with him, someone being murdered wouldn't be the cause. She glanced at the 3 pairs of messily removed shoes, observed the 3 missing pairs of house slippers, and then looked down the hall to see three large lumps collapsed somewhat near each other.

Ran and Conan both watched the three prone lumps with a critical eye. Conan spoke up first, "Ran?"

She glanced at him, having caught onto his change in honorific, which only happened when he was nervous about their safety, "Yes?"

"Could you please turn on the light?"

She nodded and closed her umbrella with a soft click before setting it aside. Walking slowly over to the light switch she took note that Conan trailed close beside her as she flipped the switch.

Conan made a distinctly Shinichi gasp and hide behind her legs, turning a bit red. "R-Ran-neechan-!"

To say Ran was a bit startled herself would be an understatement. The three lumps turned out to be three teenagers- two boys and a girl. All of whom were in clothing that had ripped and torn due to their being far too small for them. The boys seemed to by the most lucky when it came to undergarments, as well as the fact that they had passed out face first. The girl on the other hand had passed out partially on her side, face-up, and well…

She was not so lucky. Ran felt herself blush a little and glanced down at Conan, who had latched himself onto her leg the moment he'd realized what'd happened, and seemed to be doing his best to keep his eyes covered.

She stepped in front of him and bent down, "Conan-kun?"

He peeked an eye out from behind his hands before fully looking up at her, realizing she was blocking his view, "Yes Ran-neechan?"

"Can you go see if Shinichi's parents have any shirts that the two boys could wear? I'll bring the girl to the living room and look for some clothes after you, ok?"

He nodded before scampering up the stairs, a red flush to his face. Ran smiled ironically to herself as she stood. If her observations of Conan were anything of what she thought they were, she knew Shinichi was simply squirming at the whole prospect of this…

Well, what was all of this anyway?

Ran took one last glance at the entryway as she closed the front door, noticing she recognized the shoes that were scattered rather well.

The three prone bodies on the floor were Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko. The shoes and the sizes of the clothing on the three teens was evidence enough. Conan's reactions- as mixed as they were, were also pieces of evidence.

Picking up Ayumi bridal style from the floor, she pondered her own stock of evidence for her repeatedly disproved 'Conan is Shinichi' theory. She'd repeatedly given up on the notion, only to come full circle and examine everything she'd known again, re-enforcing her beliefs each time. There were times the thought of Conan being Shinichi was unbearable, and others the only thing that could keep her going.

Today, it was a mix of amusement and confusion. She could handle Shinichi being a child. They'd been living together long enough, but the prospect of children becoming full-fledged teenagers? How could someone completely skip the natural course of nature and move past all of the awkward moments of puberty? It made her a little jealous for the amount of two seconds before realizing, once the three kids woke up, they would probably be afraid.

Ran placed a light blanket over Ayumi as she waited for Conan to return and wondered. Had Shinichi ever been afraid due to his situation? Sitting down on the couch next to the girls legs she imagined herself falling asleep as she was now, only to wake up with clothing too big and her hands far to small.

It wasn't the first time she had wondered, but today, it made a shiver go through her whole being.

It was terrifying.

How did he-"Ran-neechan?"

She started and looked down at Conan who was smiling somewhat awkwardly at her. Smudges were on his face from some of the more collected dust from… somewhere. Her motherly instincts immediately kicked in at the sight of his glasses, of which she immediately plucked off his face and began to clean. "Oy!" Shinichi grasped at air to take them back, only to realize she was simply cleaning them. He let himself relax, and waited anxiously for his glasses to be returned to him. Once satisfied, Ran looked down at him and smiled, placing them back on his person. "So, did you manage to find anything for the two of them?"

Conan nodded, "Yup, I even found a closet full of really weird costumes, and found stuff in the bigger kid's size too…" he made an odd face, "Though, what Yukiko-obaa-san was doing with stuff like that…"

Ran giggled and gave Conan a few pats on the head before standing, "I'll be back shortly. See if you can find a couple more blankets for the boys, alright? Wouldn't want them to get sick from laying on your cold floor."

Conan nodded mechanically, both going their separate ways before Conan came up short and stopped in his tracks. He backpedaled enough to view the stairs from the living room and gave a skeptical look up towards where he knew Ran would be going.

'Does she…?' he forced himself to move again, slowly walking over to the storage closet to look for a few more blankets. Finding one, he took it out and slowly strolled over to the hallway, 'On the one hand, it wouldn't be so bad for her to believe me to be Shinichi. On the other hand…'

With slight reluctance, he covered Mitsuhiko first, being careful not to jostle the unconscious boy/teen too much since he sometimes had the habit of being a light sleeper, 'I think I should make some precautions, but otherwise, I think I should just let it be for now. She's suspected me before, and even if I make her think otherwise, she'll just suspect me again before long.'

As he pulled a second blanket out for Genta, he smiled, 'At least I can count on someone to keep me honest.' Though, that though caused him to scowl a bit.

Him, Kudo Shinichi, the one who proclaimed that there was only one truth, needing someone to keep him honest.

Fate definitely had its way of jerking him around.

Happy with his job of covering the two boys up, and happy with the two piles of clothing next to them for when they awoke to change into, he made his way to the kitchen to start a pot of water to boil for tea.

Shinichi became quick to realize the frustration of this self appointed task. He dragged the chair over to the stove, picked up the half-full pot of water and almost fell straight off the chair in his excursion. Shinichi huffed in annoyance, 'I can't wait to be able to do things normally again. Being a kid just plain sucks when it comes to normal everyday tasks…' As he finished filling the pot as full as he could manage pulling and lifting, he felt himself half slip off the chair again, only to suddenly come to a stop, a familiar hand coming to grasp the pot out of his hands, and another to grab the back of his shirt to make sure he didn't fall any further. Once settled he looked up and saw Ran smiling down at him a little sympathetically, "Ran-!"

"It's ok to ask me to do this sort of thing, you know."

He blushed and growled in frustration, "I-"

She placed the pot on the stove and started the flame with hr back to him, "I know you don't like being babied. You never have, but you could have gotten really hurt. Having to deal with 3 strangers is difficult enough, having to have you brought to the hospital because you gave yourself a concussion…"

Shinichi's ire was quickly put out by her sad expression and concern. He deflated and hopped off the chair to walk over to her. "I'm sorry."

She smiled warmly, "It's alright." She walked over to the cabinets and glanced through a few of them before finding the tea, knowing that Conan was shadowing her unconsciously. 'I wonder if he'll continue doing that when he's finally able to come home…' Ran jerked at her thought, startling Conan.

"Are you ok Ran-neechan?"

She glanced at him and nodded, "Yes." Carefully and lightly, she placed the final tea cup down with a faint click, becoming seemingly entranced by it. 'What exactly is home for him, anyway?'

She walked over to the small breakfast table in the kitchen, used for simple things like a morning cup of coffee, or a simple light breakfast when the large dining table in the other room was unnecessary, and sat down. Conan dragged the chair he had been using over and sat down across from her, his legs swinging half-consciously, "What're you thinking about?"

She looked at him with an expression he had started to become accustomed to, when she was upset and thinking of him- but not just simply of him, but imagining that he as Conan was actually Shinichi right there in front of her as his true self, "Conan… What is home for you?"

He blinked, a little startled by her question, since all things considered, he should be the last thing on her mind. He leant back a bit into the chair and stared at the ceiling, thinking. "I don't know."

She watched him for a moment before the tea kettle started to whistle and caught her attention. Looking between the two for a moment, she stood and turned off the stove before she went about making the tea. He watched her do so before sliding off the chair. He paused at the doorway to look at her for another long moment before silently walking down the hall to where the two boys were and looked down at them, his hands in his pockets and a calculating look on his face. Suddenly, a slight scowl appeared, "I know you're awake, Genta."

The larger boy's eyebrow twitched before rolled over and grinned largely, with his hand behind his head. He chuckled loudly before suddenly becoming silence, startled at his voice. He sat up as he grabbed his throat, "Wh-!"

Conan walked alongside him as he watched Genta check himself over in confusion, "You look like a high schooler."

Genta looked at him with a pale face and wide eyes, "What's happened to me!?"

Conan stared blankly, "You mean 'What happened to us'? I'd like to know, myself."

The stockier boy stared at his shorter friend before her turned and looked at the other teenager laying beside him. "You mean…?"

"That's Mitsuhiko. Now, if you wouldn't mind changing into these clothes…"

Genta started and looked at Conan before he glanced down at the pile of clothing in his arms. Pausing in a long moment of orientating himself, he finally stood up slowly before bending over and taking the pile of clothes. Conan pointed down the hall, "Two doors down, take a right. Should be the first door you see."

Nodding mechanically, Genta slowly made his way towards the bathroom, stumbling and walking oddly due to his great inexperience of having longer legs.

Shinichi sighed heavily and looked down at Mitsuhiko, "I know you're awake too."

Mitsuhiko opened him eyes and gave him an awkward look of apprehension and a slight attempt at optimism, "Conan-kun.."

Shinichi pointed to the other pile of clothes, "We'll talk after you're dressed. The second door down the hall will lead to a room you can change in."

The not-so-freckled-boy-teen nodded and slowly stood up, keeping the blanket around his shoulders as he slowly walked down the hall, quickly realizing that being taller ment you had to walk a little differently.

Once the door was closed behind him, Conan turned and opened his cell phone, walking over to the library door and going in.


Conan pulled himself onto the large red plush chair he enjoyed so much, "I have a question."

Haibara hmm'd of the line. He breathed a moment, trying to figure out how to word his question, "Are there any new… cures?"

The girl paused over the line, "I made a batch somewhat recently. There hasn't been a good time to test them out yet, why? Do you have something in mind…?"

Conan sunk in his chair, "No… I think you may need to see if those cures are still around."

Haibara paused, "What exactly do you mean by that?"

He sighed, "I'm not entirely sure myself."

On that note, he flipped the lid of his cellphone shut. His suspicions would be confirmed soon enough. He turned to the doorway to see Mitsuhiko and Genta both looking around in slight wonder at all the books.

He raised an eyebrow, "It's not that interesting."

The two boy-teens jumped, Mitsuhiko speaking first, "Conan-kun-"

The boy waved a hand to call them closer, "I need to ask you guys some questions."

Mitsuhiko giggled nervously and he rubbed the back of his head, "Ah, you see…"

Suddenly, a girl's scream broke out from across the hall in the living room. All three boys jumped before Conan bolted out of the room towards the source. Genta and Mitsuhiko scrambled after him as best as they could, tipping over themselves and each other to get there, "Ayumi!"

When they entered, Ran had already come to comfort the girl-teen as she cried in fright. "Ran-neechan…"

Ran patted her on the head, "It'll be alright Ayumi-chan… I promise."

Conan put his hands in his pockets, watching for a moment before turning to the very upset and guilty looking boy-teens, "Now tell me, what exactly have you three been up to…?"

The boys shifted in anxiety before Mitsuhiko spoke up first, "Uh… well… We went over to by Agasa-hakase to see if he could re-charge our watches… We went in, but no one answered, so we sort of sat in the living room a while before deciding to leave… After that we noticed this place was open, and wandered inside since I remembered that ghost story…"

Shinichi mentally laughed to himself before giving him a skeptical look, "Did you… eat anything while at the professors?"

Ayumi jerked and sat straight, turning to him, "Candy! There was a bowl of candy on the table! It's the only thing we had while we were there…"

The two boys nodded in agreement as Shinichi processed this with slight alarm.

…Candy…? Just what had Haibara been thinking?