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Blood Stained Breaths

"Kakashi sensei! Naruto, he's-" Thunder clapped loudly and the rain started coming down faster. Sakura's screams were cut off as Kakashi swooped in, catching her in his arms.

"Sasuke," he instructed. The raven haired boy nodded and rushed to Naruto's side. He carefully scooped up the unconscious boy and raced after Kakashi, his quick feet sinking in to the muddy ground. They left the corpse in the rain. Kakashi lead Sasuke toward an old barn across the field. The grass was quickly being covered by gray water; soon both ninja were running across a thin layer of rain.

Naruto was heavy in Sasuke's arms. He tried not to look down, knowing what would meet his gaze. Sakura's pink hair; dull in the hazy rain caught his eye from where she was being cradled in Kakashi's arms. Her green eyes were wide and she was staring at Naruto in horror. Water that may have been tears or may have been rain, streaked down her face. Sasuke chanced a look down too. The boy's face was deathly pale, his skin stained with black-red blood, his orange jacket and black shirt ripped open, the wound in his stomach ragged and deep, cutting through the top of the orange seal around his belly button. Sasuke felt his heartbeat quicken in panic. Dark worry bubbled in his throat. Quickly flicking his eyes away he sped up, the barn in sight.


"He just... threw himself in front of Kousuke..." murmured Sakura. The two males stared at her. They sat close together, trying to hear the girl's recount over the brutal rain on the barn roof. "The sword went straight through both of them... Kousuke... From what I saw was hit higher, in the chest, in his..." she trailed off, her shocked eyes staring past Sasuke and Kakashi. Sakura's thin frame began to shake as she started to sob. The young Uchiha's eyes left her and came to rest on his blonde team mate. He watched his chest rise and fall in uneven shallow breaths. The bandages were no longer a pristine white.

It had been a simple escort mission. Team 7 were supposed to safely deliver the Mizukage's son, Kousuke, to his home land after his visit to the village hidden in the leaves. But they had been ambushed and forced into unexpected combat with ninja far too skilled for the three youngest members to deal with. Sasuke and Kakashi had quickly and expertly been separated from Naruto, Sakura and Kousuke. The battle had been fast paced and deathly. Both sharingan users had tried desperately to regroup but the enemy had relentlessly pushed them further and further away.

According to Sakura, they were attacked and she and Naruto had fiercely defended Kousuke. Naruto had drawn on Kyuubi's power a moment before one of the other ninja had come at them wielding a thick bladed katana. He leapt in front of the other young man as he pushed Sakura to the side. Kousuke had been killed.

Sasuke could picture it. Naruto, in blur of blonde hair and orange chakra would have recklessly thrown himself in front of Kousuke as the ninja crouched low to put more power into the attack. The blade would have pierced their bodies in a swift movement. In Sasuke's mind's eye, Kousuke's head fell onto Naruto's shoulder, his eyes blank and wide open, blood trailing from his mouth. The ninja would have smiled as he dragged the katana out, blood flying out in the sudden movement, splattering Sakura as he made his escape and Naruto fell to the ground.

"Sasuke," called Kakashi. "We need to get into the loft or we'll get flooded." Sasuke nodded and gently gathered Naruto against him. The blonde's head lolled drunkenly and his eyelids fluttered. Sasuke felt a low moan rumble through Naruto and into his own chest. He clenched his jaw as the blonde's face crumpled in pain, his fingers coming to grip the front of Sasuke's navy shirt as they leapt into the loft.

It was warmer among the rafters. Sakura was sleeping, her breathing deep and worn out. Rain-washed blood was faintly painted all over the side of her face and the length of one of her arms. Kakashi was slumped against the wall next to her, his one visible eye closed. Sleeping. Maybe. In the gloom, the young man crawled until he was crouched by the other boy's bloodied side. Naruto's usually tanned face was a pallid white making the strange whiskered scars stand out vividly. Sasuke leant over him, his ear next to his mouth, listening to his laboured breathing. Turning his head, he brought his mouth close to Naruto's. Calm, stable, breath mingled with shallow gasps as he watched the unconscious boy from steady, black eyes.

"You can do this Naruto," he said. "Wake up." The raven haired boy's words were lost under the loud rumble of distant thunder. For a moment his carefully placed mask of indifference slipped. His eyebrows came together in a frown. Wake up... The body beneath him stirred and the tension on it's childish face eased slightly. Sasuke smiled miserably.

"You'll definitely pull through, right dobe?" he murmured as he pressed his cold fingertips to his best friend's burning forehead. Eyelids fluttered again. Naruto groaned through clenched teeth.