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Let us create weapons using our own powers

Weapons that will be able to destroy darkness and evil

Let us create 27 of them

Screw that…

Let us create 26 of them

As one of us will raise 26 proud warriors in the far future

They shall be the chosen ones to wield the weapons that we forged

They will be the ones to bring light to the world…














Chapter 1
King Starman Attacks!

It was a peaceful day in Onett, at least for now.

The Smashers were currently living in 10 Lives Apartment waiting for their mansion which was blown apart by Kirby to be fixed. Even though they hired one of the best builders in this place, Boss the Builder, it was taking forever to complete because Boss's architect company consists of only 3 people and they use ABSOLUTELY NO machines. Everything is done by hand, so work was done slower than you think.

To make things worse, Boss only works when he is in a good mood, and as long as he is in a bad mood, nobody is allowed to work. And what's even worse is that he gets into a bad mood really easily. One time, he found out that there were no more maple syrup for his pancakes, and he burst into rage and demanded that there would be no work for two days straight.

But that's not the main point of this story.


Room 009

"How long are we going to hide this hole from the landlady?" Fox asked, looking at the large hole on the wall that connected to Room 010.

"We can't be hiding this forever…" Falco said. "If ever the day where we have to move back to our mansion comes, the hole cannot be hidden anymore."

"The last we fixed it, we accidentally broke it again and the size is even bigger than the last one…"

Reed popped out from the other side of the wall and said, "But it's really convenient though. Ever since this wall was formed, my life has gotten better!"

"And our food supply has been dropping faster as well!" Falco angrily snapped.

"Not too loud, will you?" G&W, who was sat down on a mattress reading newspaper, said. "The landlady will hear us and if she comes up and finds the hole, we're all screwed." He continued reading the newspaper afterwards. "King Starman caused pointless destruction on some random unimportant town. He claims that this is only the beginning of what was to come. Where's this guy getting at?"

Fox walked up next to him to see the news article and said, "Whatever his problem is, he's getting too far already… Something really needs to be done about him…"

"I agree, I don't really think we should be sitting around doing nothing while he goes on destruction spree."

"He was able to escape death quite a few times already," Falco said. "That guy sure is hardy. If I ever run into him again, I'm going to make sure that he stays dead this time!"


Meanwhile, Roy and Lilina were out on a date together at Fourside. They had just reserved a spot at a grand restaurant and were standing at the entrance even as we speak.

"This is the one I was talking about," Roy said to her.

"It looks very expensive," Lilina said. "Can you afford it?"

"Of course, I can!" he said, and then he added in his mind, "Using my roommates' bank accounts."

They went inside and the waiter checked their names on a list of reservations before leading them to their table. Shortly after they had given their orders and were waiting to be served, an explosion suddenly blasted through the wall and a busted car came flying in.


Everyone screamed and ducked down and when Roy saw the car flying in their direction, he quickly grabbed Lilina and pushed her down on the floor and the car flew over them, barely touching their heads.

Roy got up and looked at the damage done and gasped, "What happened?!"

There were more explosions coming from the outside and he quickly rushed out there to see what was going on. Once out there, he saw a familiar person standing on top of a streetlight and it was someone that he knew. "King Starman!"

The black star-shaped alien with a crown on his head looked at him and said, "So one of the annoying Smashers that have been a thorn on my side for quite a while is here."

"You! What are you doing?!"

"Killing time by destroying things for no reason."

"That's not a good enough reason! You've been causing enough trouble already lately, don't you know that?! What exactly is it that you're up too?!"

KS leaped down from the streetlight and onto the street and said to him, "The time has come for me to rule all. I'm going to take over this world and then become the ruler of the universe."

"Pretty clichéd, eh?"

"Either way, I'm going to exercise my powers and show everyone what I am capable of so that nobody dares come against me! After they have realized the might that I possess, the whole world will bow down before me!"

"Like that's going to happen! I'm going to stop you here right now, even if I don't have a weapon!" With a shout, Roy ran forward with his fist outstretched to hit KS.

The alien stretched out his fingerless hand and Roy was halted by an invisible force. "How foolish of you to charge at me head on!"


He raised his arm into the air and Roy was lifted up as well via telekinesis and then KS hurled him across the air and onto the street roughly. "Ah!"

Lilina stepped out from the restaurant just in time to see Roy being hurled away. "Roy!" And then she turned to look at KS angrily. "How dare you do that to Roy?! Elfire!" She raised her hand at KS and a swirling vortex of fire appeared at her palm before it turned into a blast of fire that shot forward.

KS simply swung his hand at the incoming fireball and knock it away with little effort, and when he pointed his hand at Lilina afterwards, she was pulled forward forcefully and the alien held her up in air, choking her. "Ack!"

"A weakling like you think you can scratch me?" he said cruelly.

"LET HER GO!!!" Roy shouted angrily. Picking up a random metal rod on the street, he jumped at KS and swung it at him, but KS easily blocked it with his arm and Roy was repelled at a fast speed, but landed on his feet. KS hurled Lilina at him afterwards and Roy quickly threw the rod away and caught her using both arms. "Lilina, are you all right?"

"I'm all right… How about you?" she asked.

"You don't have to worry about me. I'd be ashamed of myself if I couldn't protect myself…" He then glared at KS and said, "You'll pay for this!"

"What are you doing to do about this then?" KS asked him as if mocking. "Hm?" He suddenly felt something approaching from the side and thus ducked down really fast just in time to avoid getting hit by a roundhouse kick by Captain Falcon.

KS jumped back to a safe distance afterwards and immediately saw Dr. Mario hurling a couple of medicine capsules at him. "So your friends came," the villain said.

"Guys!" Roy said to the two Smashers.

Dr. Mario immediately ran up to Roy and Lilina to see if they needed any aid. "Are you two all right?"

On the other hand, CF walked towards KS and said, "You've got nerves to not only lay waste to this place but as well as picking on my friends. You've got a death wish, don't you?"

"You are the one who have a death wish to come against me," KS said to him.

"You sure made yourself quite big on the news, you know? Being famous is good indeed, but getting way too famous may earn yourself enemies as well. I think it's about time that you know your limit on what you're doing!" CF then ran up to him at a fast speed and did a shoulder tackle that KS easily avoided by warping away.

The alien reappeared behind him and pointed his arm at him and fired some energy blasts and CF quickly dodged them by ducking down and then spinning around to face him. He tried to grab KS by the legs but the villain hovered into the air and shot out star-shaped projectiles at him and CF quickly jumped out of the way.

"Hey you! Don't forget that I'm still your opponent!" Roy shouted. With the same metal rod in his hand, he jumped to KS and brought it down on him but KS easily blocked it by forming a small hexagon-shaped shield in front of his hand and repelled him. CF quickly climbed up onto the nearest streetlight and then jumped in the direction of KS to grab him, but KS stopped him in midair using his telekinesis powers.

"Whoa!" he cried.

"Not the wisest idea, I say," KS said before hurling CF in the direction of Roy and knocking him down.

"Ow! Don't underestimate me!" CF growled as he got back up again.

"Enough of this child's play! If you all wish to die so much, then I will grant you the death that you desire right now!" KS said. He lifted his right hand into the air and bluish energy started to appear around him while something that resembled a portal was beginning to appear over his hand.

"What's he doing?!" Dr. Mario asked.

"I have a bad feeling about this…"

"PK Star…" KS was then interrupted when someone shouted at him and then flew at him. He quickly stopped the attack and turned around to block the incoming attacker which turned out to be Master Hand and he was pushed back by the force of the Hand's finger jabbing attack. "You!"

"That's far enough, King Starman!" MH said angrily to him. "You better not lay a hand on my comrades!"

"Master Hand!" Dr. Mario exclaimed happily. "We should be able to beat King Starman with him on our side!"

"You're going down right now!" MH said loudly, and then he folded himself into a gun and fired bullets rapidly at KS.

The villain easily swatted away the first bullet using his hand and then warped away to avoid the rest. MH turned to the direction that he reappeared at and fired at him again, and this time KS countered by shooting a laser beam that pierced through all the bullets. MH saw this and moved away in the nick of time and avoided the beam. He then folded up into a fist and launched himself straight at KS.

"PSI Shield!" KS lifted both his arms and formed a large blue hexagon-shaped shield and blocked MH. MH pushed against the shield really hard however and was starting to show signs of breaking through it. Still holding the shield using one hand, KS brought up his other hand and gathered energy within it before firing a beam through the shield, not only destroying it but as well as blasting MH backwards.



"PK Cannonball!" Energy covered KS's body and he charged straight at MH to ram into him. MH recovered faster than expected though and quickly gave KS an unexpected slap and the villain was swatted across the air and crashed through a building window.


"That was a hit!" CF exclaimed.

KS came back out from the building however and still looked to be in perfect health. "Impressive as always! But now is not the time to be wasting my powers against you. If I stay around to play with you, then things will go nowhere. I will have to take my leave for now."

"You're not going anywhere!" MH said angrily, and he flew at him and attempted to grab him, but KS warped out of the way in time.

He reappeared again higher in the air and said, "I am going to take over this planet and make all your inferior Toonerians bow down before me! Very soon the Starman Empire will be created and all of you will regret not being able to stop me in time!"

"That will never happen!" MH said to him. "Even if we are unable to stop you, that doesn't not mean you can get away with what you want as well! There are many people in this world with powers beyond your imagination, so don't think that you will instantly take the top seat just because you are an alien with psychic powers!"

"We shall see about that," KS replied. Slowly, his body become brighter and brighter and then he disintegrated into energy particles which drifted away into the air and disappeared.

"He got away…" Roy said.

MH floated down to the Smashers and said to them, "Are you guys all right?"

"We're all fine," Lilina said.

"Thanks for coming over to help," Roy said. "But man… I so want to beat up that guy already…"

"He's really getting too far," CF said. "And it looks like he's going to get serious and take over the world this time. We can't allow him to do that!"

"But he's very strong…" Dr. Mario said. "Even Master Hand is on par with him!"

"That may be true," MH said. "But that doesn't mean we should give up. We will have to become stronger."

"Any suggestions asides from clichéd training and stuff?" CF asked.

MH thought for a while and said in his head, "The only way for you lot to become stronger now… If the prophecy passed down by my descendants is true, then surely they are the ones…" He then said to the Smashers, "I think that it is time that you people get your hands on the Holy Weapons."

"Holy Weapons?" they all said curiously.


The purpose of this story is to entirely retcon the original version from canonical timeline. To put it simple, this story will entirely rewrite what was in the original and pretend that one never existed in the first place. There will be several things changed from the original in order to allow things to match up with current event and information, so this story may very well be more than just a remake.

People who have not read the original may likely want to know how the original was. As badly as it was done, I will keep that story around as a reference for this new version and also to let people who missed out the original read it.

Please keep this in mind: When you review this story, please try not to make any comparisons or references to the original as I do not want to be reminded of how badly it was done.

And on the side note, I have plans to resurrect the originally ditched idea of the Star Wars parody using Smash Bros. characters. In fact, I plan to work on two stories together this time. You can expect it to come out any time soon!