Oh well, the last chapter…

Final Chapter
All That's Well Ends Well

With the defeat of Giga Bowser, the legacy of King Starman had finally ended, and thankfully Ganon was able to retain his normal sense and return to his original form without causing any havoc.

After taking a rest and recovering from their battle wounds, the Smashers headed back to Eagleland on the Final Destination and along the way, they dropped Red back at his hometown in Pallet Town, Kanto, and said good-bye to him.

And thus the Smashers returned to Onett…


"It sure is good to be back home again!" Luigi said as he walked into the apartment grounds.

"This really isn't our home," Dr. Mario reminded him. "But it still suits us all right."

"Speaking of which… I wonder how the progress with our mansion is currently," Fox wondered.

"I'm willing to bet there is little to no difference since we last left," Falco said.

As the Smashers went up to the second floor to return to their rooms, they were suddenly surprised by the presence of the apartment residents standing at the hallway greeting them with party noisemakers. "Welcome back!" they said cheerfully.

"Wow! A party for us?" Yoshi asked. "Great!"

"But-a how did-a you know that-a we are coming back-a?" Mario asked.

"Master Hand contacted us some time ago that you guys were returning," Reed explained.

"Yeah, and so we decided to throw a surprise party to celebrate you safe return and not to mention the fact that you guys just saved the world!" Susanna added.

"Do you like it?" Mr. Binko asked.

"Yes!" Yoshi and Kirby replied. "Where's the food?"

"We can have the celebration out in the courtyard," the landlady said. "I don't want the apartment to be a mess after the celebration."

"Yay!" Yoshi and Kirby immediately ran back to the first floor and headed for the courtyard.

"They sure are crazy about food all the time, aren't they?" Reed asked.

"That's how they always are…" Luigi said.

The rest then descended the stairs and headed for the courtyard where there was a table of food and a barbeque grill set up and Kirby and Yoshi were jumping up and down excitedly as they couldn't wait for the feast to begin. "Enjoy all you can!" Susanna told them. "We prepared all these specifically for you!"

"Thanks a lot!" Peach said.

Everyone gathered at the courtyard and started to celebrate and then Boss and his two co-workers came into the scene. "Hey! I heard that you guys are back!" Boss said. "Mind if we join the celebration?"

"Sure! Come on in!" Mario said to them. "Da more people da better!"

"By the way," Link asked Boss, "About our mansion… How's it going?"

"Sorry, but work has been going slow," Boss apologized to him while giving a light chuckle. "There are so many things in life that things aren't progressing as planned. I hope you don't take this personally. Hahahaha!"

After Boss went to the party table, one of the co-workers which is also his daughter, Betty, told him, "Actually he got into a fight with his girlfriend, Nurse White, lately and has been in a bad mood ever since. Ever since you left, work progress only progressed by 3.25%..."

"Dang… I had a feeling it would be like this…" Link grumbled.

"Can't-a be helped eef he eez that-a kind-a of person," Mario said. "But-a let's-a not-a think-a of that-a! Come and enjoy da party!"

And thus for the rest of the day, the Smashers and their friends had a great time celebrating over the victory against King Starman and his minion of evil.

It was thanks to the power of the Holy Weapons that they managed to get all these done. Now that the Smashers had saved the world, the purpose of the Holy Weapons was complete for now. Until the time comes again, the weapons shall now go back into slumber, but perhaps not for long…





Somehow I felt that this story took longer than it should to finish, but I'm still glad that I got this done.

The next story I plan to work on is Adventure on Gillax Island that was mentioned in my profile. As for War of the Darkling, that will probably have to wait for a while because as of now, I wish to return to present time and continue the story of the Smashers' never-ending adventures. Perhaps I'll also continue Super Star Wars Bros. some day.