This epilogue is specifically dedicated to momiji'sunusedhalo who requested this, and who so dedicatedly reviews my stories. I am eternally grateful.

This is basically just carrying on from chapter 5. Enjoy!

It's nearly twenty-four hours later, after a whole day of worrying and swearing and re-checking diagnostic scans that Chekov finally wakes up. He slowly opens his eyes, squinting as they adjust to the change in light, looking around to see that he's in the med bay and that Bones is sitting on a chair next to him, tiredly dozing.

"Doctor?" Bones jolts awake at the sound of Chekov's voice- it can only be Chekov's voice with an accent that distinctive, and Bones grins as he sees that the kids going to be OK now. He's not as pale as he was before, and he's got a bit more colour to his cheeks.

"Thank god you're awake, kid" he gives one of his rare smiles, more out of relief then anything else "We all thought you weren't gonna make it. You gave us quite a scare, especially poor Sulu"

"Hikaru?" Chekov says, looking up at the doctor with those big blue eyes that Bones thought he'd never see open again. The kids bloody lucky, that's all he can say, "Is he OK? Vhere is he?"

"Calm down kid. Don't want you straining yourself" Bones says, shaking his head "Woh woh!. Where do you think you're going?" he pushes Chekov gently back by the shoulders as the ensign tries weakly to get out of bed

"To see Hikaru," Chekov says, as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"You will do no such thing" Bones replies sternly. "I'll get Sulu to come here. Lad's been worrying himself out of his mind". He clicks his commbadge "Chapel? Kid's awake; can you take a break from analysing that blood sample to get Sulu for me? Thanks"

"Is Sulu ok?" Chekov asks worriedly, and Bones almost laughs at the Russians innocence. He's been shot, and been in a coma for almost three days, but the only thing the bloody kid's worried about is how his boyfriend is.

"He's fine" Bones assures Chekov "It's you we were worried about" he runs his tricorder over the Russian, checking his vitals: blood-pressure's fine, heartbeat is stable, thank god. "Are you feeling ok now?"

"Am leetle bit hungry" Chekov mutters, embarrassed at the attention, and Bones has to laugh .He didn't realise how much he missed the Russians quirks; or seemingly-never-ending appetite.

"I'm glad you're ok, kid" he can't help admitting, then reigns in his feelings when the ensign looks at him, saying sternly "I mean, the paperwork would have been ridiculous"

The smile on Chekov's face tells him that he doesn't believe a word of Bones's gruff reasoning. The doctor relents slightly, leaning over and ruffling the kids' hair in a small display of the somewhat paternal affection he feels for the ensign

"Starfleet would have lost a hell of an officer, kid"

"Sank you, Dr. McCoy" Chekov grins

Bones frowns "What for?"

"Saving me" the Russian says simply and Bones wants to reply that it was really Chekov that was the hero, for pushing him out of the path of that phaser, but it's at that moment Sulu arrives, running into the med-bay with a wide eyes, a hopeful yet panicked look on his face.

"Hikaru!" Chekov shouts as he sees the helmsman, laughing as Sulu pulls him into a fierce hug

"Oh God. I thought I was going to lose you, Pasha" Sulu whispers, running his fingers through Chekovs locks as though trying to convince himself that the ensign's really there, alive and breathing in his arms.

Bones smiles as he watches Chekov and Sulu embrace, walking away silently to his office. It's not his place to interrupt, and as he sees Chekov bury his head in Sulu's shoulder, whispering that it's ok, he's really here, Bones doesn't think he even has the heart to.