Everybody I have begun my first crossover story, I have shorter chapters but they will be more exciting than my last story's.

OniRudra presents:

A Death Dog

I do not own Naruto, Teen Titans, or anything else that appears in this fiction. So read this and enjoy.


My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and I have been dead for over three thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven years this next new year's eve. I wont ask for and I don't want your pity, I am dead what the hell am I going to do with it. I just know that if you have to meet me because of my work, even though you live in hell dealing with me will make you have a new painful, scary concept torn open for you.

I am a hellhound, no I am not a big ass dog with flaming maw and the ability to burn you to cinders… okay scratch that last part, I do have the ability to barbecue people to a pile of ashes. But I am not a big ass dog, I am human or I was at one point in time.

When I was alive I lived in the dimension where ninjas and their abilities ruled with an iron fist. I was unlucky enough however to be the poorest sap in my village to have a demon sealed into me. Ironically it is a demon that when I got to hell, killed and absorbed his powers. Anyway not important it's a story for later.

I think it will be easier if I tell you there are not individual hells, yes there are individual levels in hell but there is just one overall hell, no its not in the center of earth or in god's pocket or whatever bullshit you have been fed in your lifetime, more along the line of a arrangement of planets or a pocket dimension if you will. You see when ever the planets in your solar system align they open a gate, no not like a big flaming gate from church with a demon and pitchfork guarding it, but it is a gate. That gate is opened every few millennia in a different dimension and that is when we come and wipe out all the civilization in that universe. Its boring yeah but what else are you going to do, I mean look at me I am trying to explain all of this to you.

Anyway back to what I was trying to explain, I am a hellhound. I did explain I am not a big ass dog right? Kay just checking. Hellhound is a position granted to those who Lucifer, our ruler, thinks has a talent for torturing people or pardon the pun, make their lives hell. We get certain special privileges depending on our behavioral record, which if you're in here to begin with is not that good. Anyway these privileges vary depending on the hound in question, Cerberus our commander and guardian of the gate I told you about, for instance eats the souls of the damned that Lucifer doesn't want running around. Krateik, our resident homicidal killer, is put in charge of the lands of punishment. You should really see some of his more complicated flow charts. Anyway you see my point in all this, you be good you get a treat. We are kind of like really big animals that can be bought off with treats and chew toys. I am an odd ball amongst them though. My treat is that I get to leave hell to chase after runaway souls. You see I am a member of the Hellhounds search and destroy unit. To be more in depth I am the supreme commander of the unit, I have a spotless record and have brought back every target they sent me out to find, I am so good at what I do that I am the one they send out in the incidence of a world war, or massacre, or if someone is just being truly difficult to get a lock on. Anyway basically, when it comes to search and destroy, I am the boss. You mess with my unit, I say hello to your family and they send curses on you for even causing my attention to be turned in your direction.

I have a wide array of abilities: I have soul fire (The ability to barbecue you like I said earlier), I can sense ghost and lost beings (Don't recommend this power, the ghosts never shut the hell up), I have an ability to make weapons appear out of thin air (I can stab you with a spear then walk behind you and stab you with a flaming dagger.), the nifty ability to automatically sense any sinner on whatever planet I am on (The stronger the sinner the more that they are able for me to lock on to) my body is fireproof (Kinda saw that coming didn't you) I have immense physical strength and speed (you spend half your time in hell's prison and survive without coming out buff as a damn bodybuilder.) My last ability is my personal favorite; I am a moderate user of the ability to dive into peoples' minds. (I can't do anything once I am inside except for the fact my very presence gives humans nightmares, imagine being able to do that inside someone's head. Last poor bastard went into a coma where all he saw was naked men trying to grab his 'little friend'.) See along these lines I have the abilities of any normal demon.

Anyway my life wasn't all that great. Take the poorest sap, give him a case of leprosy, throw in a missing leg and then multiply the poor bastards pain and suffering by about fifty and your in the ballpark. You see my life really sucked huh.

I wasn't a bad guy when I was alive I just never caught a break. Crushed on a bisexual banshee that followed a gay fag, who betrayed his home village to gain power to kill a brother that he only won against because he was tired of living. I fit in somewhere along right here.

Grew up as the only son of a village leader who ended up screwing up my life in the first five minutes of it. Got my ass kicked continuously by the precious villagers that he had tried to protect. Had stunted growth all through my ninja academy, had a decent instructor though. Heard he made a teacher position in the heaven of my world. Then got a lazy favorite playing perverted bastard as a teacher, and then send him off as a sucky teacher of the worst team in history and that was my life as a gennin.

Met some cool people though, an ice user, some fellow Jinchuurikis, throw in some weird lazy people and it wasn't that bad till I was sent after the bastard who defected from his village. I tired to stop him with my abysmal skills and got killed because of it. That's when my unlife started.

It was much more fun. Killed people, became a legend of stamina amongst the ladies, and I got to kill the demon that made my life a living hell. So not in all a bad thing. I grew into the pace. It was a lot of fun when one universe ended a few centuries ago and we crushed it under foot as we parted our asses off.

So that's me, it's not a complete bio, but its enough to write down in my opinion. And mine is the one that counts here. So if you don't like it you can just ** off.

Anyway this is just a little about you before you get to meet me, wait I haven't told you what I looked like. Can't have you running around looking for me, it can get you killed here. Yes people in hell can die. I have died lets see… roughly eight hundred twenty-seven thousand, two hundred and eleven times since my actual 'death'. It doesn't hurt much after it happens a few times, but it sure as hell slows you down in the rebirthing cycle, especially if they use your weakness against you, won't tell you mine. Got drunk once took me three dozen years to pull my soul back together, especially when some bastard jacked part of it and was trying to sell it to my succubus fan club. That was a fun weekend though.

Anyway what I look like, hmm. Well my demon form is registered but you can't look it up as you just got here. So I will start with that. My demon form is a six foot Lycan based entity with blood red fur, obsidian black armor, moonlight teeth, ethereal coals for eyes and a flaming battle chain. Yeah badass huh, thanks I know.

My human form eh, I use it more often because I was born with it. Note to new souls, do not try to change your human appearance from your start, its hell of a tricky business and annoys the hell out of the people who decide your sentence. Trust me I have seen it happen way too many times. Any who human form right lets see.

Still six foot, deeply tanned (remember fireproof can build a hell of a tan that way) blonde hair, dark blue ocean colored eyes. (Your eyes get darker the longer your dead it just happens no one knows why.) I wear the outfit of my choice as everyone else has to where that brimstone colored security guard looking thing. I wear red slacks, black belt and brown vans. I don't wear a shirt, makes my chest itchy. I wear a black leather jacket with Lucifer's hellhound patch sewn into the right shoulder. I have got a silver and ruby encrusted pocket watch as a way to limit my Lycan influence. (Always have been more primal due to having that demon sealed in me during my life, silver helps weaken the Lycan blood as its about nearly half dominant while I am in demon form, also allows me greater control at all times. The rubies, hey you live in hell and the color of blood really grows on you.) I wear sunglasses as hell has just one big sun that covers the entire sky. Kind of bright in my opinion. I wear dog tags from my initial factoring into the hellhound squadron, kind of sentimental tell anyone and I will feed you your large and small intestine through a blender with aged sushi. I wear gloves, people say I cut the fingers out because it looks better; truth is hands were too big and ripped the gloves' fingers off. Still feel great like black leather feels nice on the skin. Last thing is most important; it's what makes me so different from my friends in the squadron.

I carry a revolver, not one of those wussy ones you see on human cops. I carry a black and red oak Samaritan. It is big, it packs a punch and if I feed soul fire into it I can level a city block with one, count it, one shot. It is a little decorative it has a graveyard etching into the metal, and a saying in the grip; the saying is the Hellhound's search and destroy units creed.

'Those who hide will be found, those who run will be caught,

Those who fight back will be beaten, and those who cry for god will receive a welcome from hell's burning embrace.

This is our creed and the rules of which we hunt.'

Let's see my Samaritan is break apart for quick reload, it has a silver chain at the bottom of the hand grip which also hangs a pendant showing the hellhounds' patch emblem hanging from it. It can fire explosive rounds, sealing rounds, hammer rounds, slugs, and my personal favorite burst rounds. They split into thirty or so different fragments and will tear a human body to pieces without them having a hope, body armor or not. She is my preferred weapon, but if I ever need to catch up on my other abilities with weapons, I just create one out of the air like I said.

There you got to know me a little bit, I have got to go. Cerberus has another assignment for me, something about a world where villains are causing a lot of trouble. Means I got to go grab something from my house and I get to go on another trip, wonder what this one will be like?