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A Death Dog

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Chapter 17,.

Begin Night of Tears Arc

The night was dark as the people watched as the snow crested the castle on the ledge, causing the Templar soldiers to watch as the Mongols took a break in their capture of the landmark. It was cold, dark and truly disparaging.

Naruto watched from the walkways as the Mongols readied another assaults on the gate, they were relentless in their assault his group had lost half its men, and all their archers were resting, near exhausted and half dead. He sighed as he saw his second in command run towards him.

"My liege they are overrunning the courtyard, we have already lost the barricades. Our men won't survive many more atta-UGHH." He fell to the ground with an arrow having sprouted from his larynx.

Naruto cursed and grabbed a shield, feeling the telltale thumps of arrows slamming into the wood. He saw two angry Mongols charge up the stairs and he beat them down with his mace. He turned to see they had seized ladders and had scaled the walls Mongols now poured over the battlements.

Naruto crushed another foot soldier with his mace, and kicked another from the wall. He turned to knock another away, but saw an arrow sprout from his clavicle; he fell to the ground and looked to see a man walking towards him, holding a bow to his side.

The man was about 5'10, maybe a little less than 200 pds. His long black hair hung in great dirty links, braided in with strips of fur and bone; he looked at the blonde as he fell to his knees.

His brown eyes were dark and sinister, like a demon that had been tortured and enjoyed it because it made him stronger. Naruto truly hated beings like this. He looked up as two more grasped his arms and forced his head towards the ground.

The man looked at Naruto and smiled grabbing the blonde demon's head in his hand. He squeezed it and saw no reaction causing him to smirk.

"I know what you are…." Naruto looked up at him, tilting his head to the side. ".. Demon brood." Naruto registered the shock as the man smiled knowingly and drew a silver dagger from his belt.

He grabbed the blonde's hair and lifted his face back, "Know that you lost your human tether to the man who achieved the title of Khan, and don't bring any of your backwards brethren to this world, now die and spread the fear of Vandar Adg." He then drew the blade across his neck.

Naruto jerked awake looking out the window, he was approaching Jump City, and he could see the outline of the titan's tower from the jet's window. He sighed and leaned back trying to meditate again, wondering why that memory had pushed it to the front. He shook his head as the plane began its descent. 'Nearly home, and I can see my Raven-hime.'

The plane landed and Naruto stepped down from the stairs looking around and stopped. Standing across from him was the titans, ready and armed. He was thankful he had kept on his armor. The boy wonder seemed incredibly agitated.


Robin sat at the control panel looking over the actions of Slade, he was trying to piece together the man's next move, he frowned and brought up the map of the city again. He followed the coordinates of the last few robberies and sighed no luck. He let out another sigh.

He was about to try again, when he felt his emblem beep. He froze and looked down at the 'R' on his uniform and immediately pressed the emblem. He spoke,

"Robin Here." He said as he spoke into the patch. "Tim we have a problem." Robin coughed up his coffee at the voice.

"Batman?" There was a low affirmative from his mentor. "What made you contact me?" Robin waited as he heard a rasping cough from the other end of the line.

"There was a break in in the Gotham Museum of Antiquities, the items are easy enough to track, the reason I need your help is, well Penguin hired some out of town consultant, some sort of assassin or mercenary anyway I have talked to some of my contacts and found he is on a plane to your city. Robin apprehend the person, but be careful your team may need to be extra vigilant." Robin nodded and got up gathering materials to fill the pouches of his belt. He then called the team and they left to intersect the plane.

End Flashback,.

The team stood across from the assassin, disembarking the plane. They had all been told that he was capable of, that he beat Batman. The Justice League was probably already taking precautions to capture and apprehend him. All of these titans were watching him and trying ways to apprehend him. Well except for one that just wanted him shirtless and within nibbling distance. Naruto sweat dropped as he saw Raven look at him. She let out a mischievous smirk and Naruto swore that his Karma just got f**ked six ways to Sunday. He hung his head as he drew a scimitar from his back and pointed it at the group.

"I do not have time to play games with children I am tired, and I am cranky. Don't make me hurt you children." Naruto immediately regretted the last as the green shape changer went from a gorilla back to his normal self then to a Velociraptor. The traffic cone struck a pose and yelled "TITAN'S GO!"

Naruto jumped aside to dodge the dinosaur only to get blasted by a sonic generator. He growled as he looked at his smoking uniform, he cursed when he saw a volley of star bolts blast him into the tarmac. He sighed and threw a dagger at Cyborg, malfunctioning his arm and causing him to blast himself. He turned and kicked starfire away from him only to dodge beast boy as an ox this time. He dodged another wave of black energy, flipping away gracefully.

He was immediately set upon by Robin, swinging his staff with a fury. Naruto weaved to the left, but the staff caught the blade in his guard. He batted it away and kicked the bird boy away with the force of a low level concussive explosive, just to keep up with appearances, he did not want to give away too much information, He turned and threw a bolo at the large sabre cat trying to sneak up on him.

He sprung across the tarmac, dodging cyborg's punch, and a volley of star bolts. He leapt behind raven and wrapped her cloak around her head and kicked her lightly, still causing her to skid about forty feet.

He saw another volley come at him, he reached into his pouch. He removed a small black egg like object and crushed it in his hand, throwing it to the ground.

Suddenly the tarmac was filled with a incredibly dark black fog, its smell caused beast boy to be rendered unconscious. Robin coughed as the black smoke rendered him and cyborg unconscious as well. Starfire flew through the smoke and came out, flying slowly and losing altitude, before falling and rolling across the ground.

Raven noticed her lover standing on the edge air park, Naruto waved over his head, as she focused on blowing away the smoke, getting a small whiff of it as it dispersed. She nearly retched at the smell and applauded her boyfriend's ingenuity.

He had used the smoke that comes from hellfire burning corpses; it was repugnant, it was more than capable of rendering anyone close to mortal unconscious and sick, even dead if it was used in large quantities. He must have summoned it, and compressed it into that small pellet. She smiled barely, he was crafty and he was smart, not to mention incredibly attractive. She sighed as she put her time as to collecting up her friends and teleported them to the tower.

None of the collected parties noticed as a small drone floated around the tarmac brining in information to its source, it made several lazy circles around the area and it shimmered out of sight.

Naruto stood in his apartment, carrying around a jar of sheep's blood, drawing sigils on the walls. He had a feeling that people were drawing in on him, not normal people. People who had skills in exorcism and magic, people who would want a demon to do their dirty work, and if they couldn't bend him they would send them to hell. Naruto knew the type, and he wasn't stupid enough to broadcast his position, he had been risky with his last few months. He had to be overly cautious now and lay low for a bit, he still had to stay low as to stay under the radar of the people he had robbed for Fisk.

He walked over to the worktable when he heard the door open to the warehouse; he spun around and hid behind a pillar. He looked and cursed at what he saw.

Raven walked through the warehouse, wondering what exactly was going through his mind. He said apartment, where the hell did he get the idea that this was normal. This was just one more thing that he needed to answer for. Her hands went to her side where the bruising from the kick had set in. She thought this would be the best place to look for him. Where was he?

"Naruto how in the hell am I supposed to keep in contact with you," She said as she looked around again, looks like it was fairly livable. Bathroom, bedroom, little furniture, and he had etched protective sigils on the walls, charming. "He is going to get it."

Naruto emerged from behind the pillar, waving to her. She smiled, and walked towards him. Naruto held out his arms as she hugged him, they had been apart for too long. She felt her knees weaken as his breathe ran across her shoulders. He smiled as she stepped away, then it happened.

Naruto fell to the ground holding his groin; she had cold cocked him with her knee right in his groin. He made half-hearted sounds as he tried to ignore the pain. She nodded as she looked over to his wall inspecting his bookshelf; it was a hell of a lot of books. She looked back at the blonde who had finally gathered up his breathing.

"That was for the kick and the bruising," Naruto glared at her as he set himself in a chair. She made her way back to him, as he nursed his groin. "Is it going to be ok?" He glanced at her, "It's not like I will use it anytime soon, I have more wooing and sweet talking to do before I get to that." Raven turned red and stammered as Naruto laughed.

He walked over to his kitchenette, and set on a kettle for tea, laughing as Raven glared at him. He smiled and walked to set up a light lunch.


Lex Luthor sat in his office at the headquarters of LuthorCorp. He was looking over the business briefs that had taken place over his business vacation. He looked duly over all of them, his mental acuity making perfect copies of each form in his head, he eventually set them to the side, and they bored him. He looked to see a manila envelope on his 'in' box.

He sighed as he picked it up and slit it open with his letter opener, an old ceremonial Tibetan priestess dagger. He poured the collected materials out and frowned.

There was a disc of surveillance footage, he set that aside. He picked up a bag of fine dark sand like material, and picked up the packet.

"To Mr. Luthor, we regret to inform you of…." Luthor read over it till he finished. He picked up the pamphlet and threw it across his office. "Arrrgh!" He shook his hands in anger and slammed his hands on his desk.

"They stole my fabric and alloy; I was going to sell it to the government. Damn it!" Luthor strutted around his office desk and set up his viewing screen and inserted the disc.

The screen came to life and displayed, the outside of the building, the hallway leading to the test area, and the vault to hold and secure his materials. He watched as a figure swaddled in black cloth run across the ground towards the door. He threw two knives and took out his guards, not pausing in his run; he leapt up, grabbed the window sill and threw himself through the window feet first.

He landed without making a sound, he snuck up behind his guard and twisted his neck, a full 360 degrees, the man was dead before he hit the ground, he drew a small knife and cut through the man's hand, he then carried the bleeding hand and used it to activate the palm scanner opening the door. He walked silently through killing every one of his lab techs, the last one a woman was about to scream, only for her throat to sprout two knives.

Lex shuddered as he realized the thief had severed her vocal cords, he walked past the gasping woman and over to where the prototypes were, chained to the table. Luthor leaned closer as the man picked both locks in less than 6 seconds; he picked up both attaché cases and headed towards the exit.

Lex smiled as he saw his security team enter the room. He was astonished as he took every weapon apart before his men could get a shot, and severed one's spine with an open palm strike. The next fell to a knife in the eye and the last fell to the ground begging. Luthor flinched as he knocked the man to his knees.

The killer took out a grenade from the man's belt and stuck it in his mouth. He tied a wire to the pin and walked away, he exited the room and the pin was pulled out. The man spat out the grenade and screamed only for the grenade to go off and the camera screen to go to static.

Lex sat down at his desk, steeping his fingers. This man was an expert. He was trained well, he was in and out in, and Luthor checked his impresario's model watch by LuthorCorp. 'A minute and a half, perfectly timed, who is this person, well whoever he is he was about to pay, no one crosses Lex Luthor.' Luthoropened a small safe behind hisand pulled out a mobile phone.

He pressed an auto dial button and was rewarded with a voice in several seconds. "This is Talia Al Ghul."

"Yes this is Lex Luthor I would like to hire the League." He heard a whistle.

"Who crossed you Mr. Luthor?" Luthor grimaced. "I don't have a name, but I have a recommendation." "Yes Mr. Luthor always happy to take a recommendation from one of our financiaries."

"I want this to be handled by the hand of the demon. Then I want to be informed of your progress, by the Demon's Head." Luthor smiled as he heard an affirmative, "I am sending the information I have."

"I have you now you dreadful little bastard." Luthor laughed as he imagined having the assassin's head at his feet.

**The Demon's lair**

Talia watched the video and was shocked, no pause, no emotion, not even a break in his movements. He was good, better than her if she was guessing right, the head needed to see this. She rose from her spot in office and headed down the stone hallway to the throne room.

"What do you want daughter," She bowed as she looked to the throne, where her father sat. He was reading an ancient tome. He looked up and she shivered.

Ra's al Ghul, the Demon Head, was the leader of the League of Assassins. His hand stretched across the entire planet, and his mastery and inherent knowledge of death, bypassed anyone on the planet. He had a full head of gray hair with white streaks, and piercing cold blue eyes. His mastery of the sword was unparalleled and his hand to hand combat skills were legends in some countries.

"What is it my daughter?" Talia bowed as she showed her father the paper and video from Luthor, waiting with baited breath. If her father took an interest, he would either slay the new assassin, or take him straight into his tutelage. Either one had great potential and many other consequences.

Ra's watched the video, his visage slowly stretching into a smile. He nodded to his daughter. His grin showed near to all of his teeth. "Let us test his mettle, send Merlyn and two of his guard, immediately, to see if we can cause the boy to show his true capabilities, Oh and send Lady Shiva along as well, I want to see the skill of this young one in all aspects.

Talia bowed to her father and left, knowing better than to try and sway her father. He was a great stone of decision, nothing but defeat would cause him to change his mind. "God help this poor boy."

**Jump City**

Naruto watched as the titans ran through their obstacle course, he had been sending out his ability to try and find more pages of the Necronomicon. He had actually found a high concentration, meaning numerous pages, but he couldn't pinpoint them. He didn't want to hunt them as they were most likely guarded by a powerful entity. He shrugged as Robin destroyed another training block.

"Looks like he still steaming, from you taking him apart." Naruto cracked a grin as Raven sat down next to him. "Well he was facing a man who beat the batman. He probably feels like he failed his mentor, it's a frustrating feeling." Naruto said as he watched the dark knight's protégé fail a rolling spin kick.

"Is it weird that I am very attracted by the fact you defeated one of the greatest superheroes in the world." Raven said with a straight face, glancing sideways at Naruto. Naruto shrugged, "He was injured before I went at him."

"Doesn't change all that much, in my opinion." Naruto looked at her, Raven looked back. "Robin always said that he was the greatest detective, and that he was capable of fighting off so many thugs even with his injuries." Naruto shrugged. She blushed as he leaned in only for her to push him away, pointing to Cyborg.

Cyborg was grinning at the two, Naruto kept a straight face and Raven looked down. Naruto stood and walked towards the jetty to go to the mainland, Raven headed to the tower. Cyborg's grin disappeared; maybe he should have just let them be. Oh well he would just apologize he would talk to the blonde tomorrow.

Naruto walked through central jump city. He was wondering if he should stay away from heroes until the heat blew off, maybe have raven sit in for a vacation. It would be nice if he didn't have to be chased from hell and back. He needed a break, to lay low. He shrugged when he froze; he spun around and grabbed his tail by the throat.

It was beast boy. He rasped out something, but it was unintelligible. Naruto let go, beast boy fell to the ground. "Why are you following me?" Beast Boy coughed, rubbing his throat.

"I just wanted to know more about you and Raven," the shapeshifter said as he picked himself up. Naruto sized him up; he knew how many creatures the green boy had at his disposal. He had been eaten by a few of them, and hunted the rest.

"What does it matter to you?"

"She is my teammate, and she is our friend, Robin is not sure of your intentions, but I know who you are her friend, and she doesn't make friends easily. Everyone but Robin is for you but with all the trouble we have with all the different villains, she doesn't relax like the rest of us. She needs you, like a flower needs the sun. Please don't take what we say, she needs you." Beast Boy looked at him, hoping his heartfelt plea would not fall on deaf ears.

Naruto looked at him, the changeling was being serious. Naruto nodded. "I will stay, and help the titans, but I stay for Raven most. She is the reason I have stayed so long, I gave up my way of life for her." Beast Boy nodded not sure of how to take this new information. He then nodded slowly, only to be grabbed by his shirt and flung over Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto had noticed the shadowy figure, when Beast Boy's head moved to nod. He was running at the two with a katana. Naruto had let his instincts kick in and pull beast boy out of the way and step forward.

The assassin swung down with his katana, Naruto smirked. This was a magical construct; it had no heartbeat, and no breathing. 'This means no repercussions.' He stepped to the side as the blade cut a thin line into the concrete.

"Whoa that's sharp should we call for help?" Naruto shook his head as the figure thrusted this time. Beast Boy shut his eyes as he saw the blade fly towards the blonde demon. He heard a sound of vibrating metal and winced before opening one eye.

Naruto stood to the figure's side, holding his sword hand in a reverse locking grip; he struck the figure in the neck, causing him to fall to the ground before dispersing in a cloud of dark smoke. Beast boy looked at Naruto who was inspecting the blade of the assailant.

"Poison lined, stainless steel, expertly crafted. This blade is not the tool of an amateur," They both stood there as cops began to arrive on scene along with Robin's motorcycle and the T car. The chief of police walked towards him.

"Sir did you see what happened?" Naruto looked at the man and the titans as they went to check on beast boy.

"A figure attacked me and Beast Boy from the alley way, Beast Boy was knocked aside and I disarmed him but he disappeared." The chief nodded as Robin rushed over.

"What happened? Did he hit you, are you injured?" Naruto took notice of Raven watching him and inspecting him for injuries. Naruto shook his head and Robin's brow furrowed. "Do you feel like you would be alright at your home?"

Naruto was about to say yes then paused; there were probably more waiting for him. He needed to get some stuff though. He shook his head, robin nodded this seemed to be more towards what he was used to.

"Beast Boy, Cyborg go with Naruto to his home and see that he makes it to the tower we are going to keep him under watch until we know who we are dealing with." They nodded and headed to the car followed by Naruto, Raven grabbed his arm as he passed and whispered.

"Naruto I don't like this, why are people targeting you?" Naruto looked at her then shrugged, she nodded, that meant they would talk later. Robin headed towards the police chief to retrieve the assassin's weapon and gather footage of what had happened.

Naruto rode in the back pretending to be asleep and exhausted by the ordeal, as he let the titans in the front seat talk about the events.

'BB there is nothing we can do, Naruto is raven's friend, and has been nothing but nice to us, I am not going to pester him with questions; I don't care if he took apart an assassin in a second, we shouldn't pry that is not our business." Naruto let a small smirk.

"But Cy you don't understand, he isn't a normal person. He smells of smoke all the time and I don't think I have ever heard his heartbeat shoot past its normal rhythm, even when he was being attacked." Cyborg just shook his head, as he turned towards the destination Naruto had given him. They stopped outside a large warehouse and blinked, he lives here? Naruto chose that moment to wake up, from his actful performance.

Naruto looked out the window and nodded, "I will be right back guys." Naruto cursed under his breath as he watched them both exit the car as well. "Sorry man, you were just attacked, you could be in shock for all we know, and we are going to help you gather up your stuff." Naruto nodded as he let out a little bit of heat, causing the thermal lock to open up.

Cyborg and Beast Boy walked into the building and were surprised. Did this guy have anything he didn't do? Beast Boy saw a kitchen with a tool box on the counter, a pair of stairs leading to a bedroom where Naruto headed for and followed after him.

Cyborg let out the sensor on his arm and scanned the building, no one but the three of them there. Well thank goodness for that, he didn't want to tear the blonde's home apart fighting off shadow killers or something like that. He walked to the Kitchen and looked at the cookbooks on the shelf. Italian, French, German, English, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and some he didn't know. "He must be quite a cook." He headed over to the shelves adorning the opposite wall, and read the books' titles: geography, history, mechanics, neuro circuitry, meditation, medicine, weapons, psychology, pharmaceuticals, theories of life and mental medicine, and some he had no idea towards what they contained. He shrugged and walked through the living room area. There was an engine in pieces over his floor and coffee table, apparently he was taking it apart and looking into ways to make it even stronger than it was, he picked up the blonde's notebook and flicked through the information, there were some good ideas in here, maybe Naruto wouldn't mind helping with the T car, while he was staying with them. He was walking away when he saw something that caught his eye.

There was an old canvas punching bag, on a sawhorse next to it was a pair of bloody hand wraps, he could also see a set of golf clubs, and a small waveband radio. Cyborg nodded at this, the blonde enjoyed some sports at least, he would be using the gym some it seemed.

Upstairs Naruto took his time gathering up things and telling beast Boy not to touch this or that, he was finished packing his gym bag from Hammer's, where he was offered lifetime membership in exchange to spar with the owner occasionally, when beast boy heard cyborg saying they needed to go. Naruto nodded and grabbed another bag by the door, this one holding his hellhound's uniform. He turned towards the door, and locked it tight, taking careful notice of the man on the rooftop across the way. He couldn't turn and take a good look but he had a feeling that they would meet him sooner than he wished. They piled up and drove towards the tower.

On the adjoining rooftop..

The four figures watched as their target drove away with two members of the teen titans. They didn't care they had plenty of time to challenge and test the blonde's mettle, they would wait.

The one in lead was clad in dark, dark blue uniform, with a quiver on his back, and one on each thigh his bow at rest in his right hand. He was of average build, standing a little more than six foot; this was Merlyn, one of the greatest archers on the planet, and a skilled tracker. On either side of him stood a black swathed figure, shuriken on their thigh, a short sword on the back of their belts and a katana across their backs, they were his guard, they were nameless, neither had been granted the honor of a name amongst the league, but both hoped to watch the archer at work.

The last on the roof was the only woman. She had shoulder length black hair, and sharp brown eyes that took in everything about her target, this supposed 'Death'. She was shorter than the others by several inches, but was not to be taken lightly. Beneath her exotic and attractive body, was the muscle of a coiled Cobra ready and capable of anything she needed to do. She wore a long black leather duster over a martial arts uniform, of Asian origin. She was perhaps the greatest female martial artist on the planet, she was Lady Shiva.

"So Shiva what do you think of him?" Merlyn asked in an accent from the United Kingdom. The pair had inspected the house earlier in their attempt to find and test the blonde, but he had not been here, their drone giving them the coordinates. Needless to say he interested both masters one in a more carnal way. Shiva was attracted to this blonde who held no fear of others or himself, his company appealed to her.

"He is a disciple of a strong mind equals a strong body and that to truly master both is a myth. I look forward to our encounter, it will be entertaining." Merlyn nodded to his guard and in a flash of smoke the group was gone into the night.