Rokudaime Uzukage

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Chapter 1 - Beginning.

Somewhere in Konoha

"Is everything ready?" A shadowy figure asked from his two subordinates.

"Yes. Everything has been taken care of regarding material possessions. Also the scroll has been retrieved from the Hokage tower." A female voice replied.

"Excellent. Now all we need is the boy." The mysterious figure whispered.

"It says in the reports that the boy is a Jinchuuriki. Is it true, Shinji?" the other figure asked.

"I believe so, but that doesn't matter, it actually helps us in regarding of his training." The man known as Shinji answered.

"The problem is getting the boy out of the village without raising an alarm. The civilians wouldn't care one way or the other, but there is the matter of ANBU guards that the Hokage has stationed to guard him. The gazing ball is a matter that we have to count in as well. He'll watch the boy after all, we should time this at the same time there is a council-meeting going on as to avoid that."

The female asked, "Do you think he will come willingly?"

"I think he will come if he will be explained what our agenda is. I think he's much more intelligent that he actually gives the picture of, as such I am sure that he will listen to reason, if we can convince him that we see trough his mask. He needs to shed it anyway in near future." Shinji replied.

The other ninja, a male, snarled, "I've been watching the child for a week and the way he is treated disgusts me. This village doesn't deserve a hero like the boy. They can't even tell a prisoner from a prison. I can't even believe that these people think they have the strongest ninja village in existence. Also we have to take care of the mental trauma that the villagers have undoubtedly caused."

"Calm yourself, Mori. We don't want to raise any unnecessary attention." Shinji warned.

"Shinji, the children are coming out for lunch now."

"Ok. You know what to do. Now go." Shinji ordered. The two other ninja scattered off to their assigned positions. 'Kushina, forgive me for this. But this village doesn't deserve to have a hero such as your son. He will be more appreciated in Uzu as he is the chosen one to succeed you as the Rokudaime Uzukage. We need your son more than this ungrateful village does. They do not deserve the heir to the Uzumaki clan, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto.'

Outside of the Konoha Ninja Academy

An orange clad boy of eleven sat alone eating his lunch that composed of a cup of instant ramen, second-rate fruit and spoiled milk. His deep cerulean eyes gazed sadly at the other children as they laughed and talked amongst themselves. Earlier he had asked from Haruno Sakura, his crush, if he could have lunch with her.

"Go away, Naruto! I don't want to have lunch with you. I don't even want to see you! You're annoying, dense, and stupid and I don't want to have anything to do with you! Now, GET LOST!"

Then she went running over to her precious Sasuke-kun. Naruto sniffed. 'Why do they hate me? Abuse me? Beat me? What makes me so different from the others?'

Unknown to Naruto, two people were watching him. Hyuuga Hinata - who had a major crush on Naruto - was watching him from where she was sitting with Ino and Sakura. She had a sad look upon her face. Another person watching him was none other than the female intruder who looked upon him with sorrowful eyes. Uzumaki Nayoko watched her cousin silently contemplating what he did to deserve such treatment. She also watched Hinata, waiting for the Hyuuga heiress to turn around. When she finally did, Nayoko made her move.

Naruto was surprised to see a red-headed kunoichi float down right next to him. She looked to him and said, "You're Naruto, right?"

Naruto looked at her suspiciously, "So what if I am?"

"We've been looking for you for quite a while. My name is Nayoko. Uzumaki Nayoko."

Naruto stared at the crimson haired beauty for a moment. Then he broke the awkward silence, "Are you related to me in some way?"

Nayoko responded, "Yes. I am your cousin. My father was you mother's brother."

At the realization that he had a family, Naruto was about to jump for joy when she put her hand over his mouth. "Shhhh. No one can know. You need to keep very quiet. Right now I need you to come with me though."

Naruto looked puzzled, "Why?"

"Because you are the heir to the Uzumaki clan and you are needed in our village. You know about your tenant right?"

"The baka fox?" Naruto asked.

Nayoko chuckled, "Yes the fox. Well, the Yondaime Hokage's last wish was that you would be a hero, but as you probably know, things don't always go as planned."

Naruto's face drooped for a second. "They don't see me as Naruto. They just see me as the fox."

Nayoko's face softened as she hugged her cousin. Naruto's surprise soon became joy as he was finally being appreciated for something. "This village doesn't deserve you. Do you know that your mother, my aunt, Uzumaki Kushina, was the Godaime Uzukage in our village?"

Naruto broke out of the hug with an incredulous look on his face. "She really was? Was my father famous as well?" He asked, jumping up and down.

"Hey take it easy little cousin. Yes Aunt Kushina was and your father was a famous ninja as well. In fact he was Konoha's Yellow Flash. He was the one who sealed the fox inside of you."

"My father… was the Yondaime Hokage?"

"Yes, Naruto. He was Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage." Nayoko responded seriously.

Naruto backed away for a second. His face wore a look of absolute shock. Then, "So my father was the fourth Hokage? And my own father sealed he Kyuubi into me... Why? No..."

"You're not mad at him?" Nayoko asked, letting out her breath.

"I am disappointed… Not angry, that will come later. I understand why he did it. He had to save the village. He didn't know that the villagers were going to treat me this way. But, he should have done something to get me an even footing, what ever the situation. He was the Hokage, and as such could make laws.. I understand why he did what he did, but it is hard to accept that your own father has condemned you to this life I have led." Naruto let out.

Shinji and Mori, who were watching from above, jumped down and sighed in relief, "Good. Thank heavens that you accepted it so well, Naruto-sama."

"Naruto-sama?" Naruto asked.

Nayoko then said, "Oh Naruto. These are my companions Aranayo Shinji and Kaguya Mori. Both of them and myself are Whirlpool nin."

"Pleasure to meet you both."

"It is an honor to meet Godaime-sama's son." Mari said as he bowed low.

"So are you going to come with us?" Shinji asked.


"To Uzugakure. You've been chosen by the reinstated council to become Rokudaime Uzukage." Mari answered. "Hasn't it always been your dream to be a Hokage?"

"Yeah, but I have friends here and then there's ojii-san and Iruka-sensei. I can't just leave. I've got to prove myself to this village." Naruto sullenly replied.

Nayoko then asked, "Do you think that the village council will let you become Hokage?" Naruto shook his head.

Nayoko then simply said, "They hate you. The shinobi part of the council and the Hokage both try to look out for you, but the civilians and the Elders have more power. They hate you. They despise you. They would betray this village to it's enemies before they see you become the Hokage. As for you proving yourself, you don't have to. By keeping the fox at bay, you prove yourself a hero to this village every day. You defend this village 24/7 and you get treated as a pariah for it. You have got to see that no matter what you do, these people will jump at every mistake you make and use it as an excuse to make you a scapegoat. If a mission you are on fails, they use it to exile you. Mark my words, they will find a way to get rid of the "demon brat."

Naruto looked at her and realized she was right. "But my friends…"

"…Will probably always be your friends. But look at them. How old are they? They can only defend you so much. They can't change the minds of these people. All people will do is say that they are under the demon's spell and you know that. So what is the point in staying in a village where your dream is a mere pipe dream when you have another village that is begging you to take another Kage position. At the age of eleven! You're lucky to be getting this offer. So what do you say, Rokudaime-sama?"

Naruto looked at her and then looked at his friends. He then looked back at Nayoko and said, "I'm guessing you already emptied my parent's house here?"

"Yes. Your blood sample helped us get through all the security seals and jutsus." Genji said.

"My apartment?"

Mori replied, "Everything that looked of importance was taken from you're apartment as well."

"Let's go then." Naruto exclaimed.

Shinji and Nayoko let out a sigh of relief. 'We have our Rokudaime Uzukage. Now Uzugakure no Sato can prosper once again.'

Naruto suddenly swayed and his kneels began to buckle. "I feel a little weak."

"It must be because of everything that has happened recently. I saw the report in Hokage's office that you were beaten not so long ago.. Mori, can you carry him? We really need to go." Shinji asked.

"Yes Shinji-taichou." The Kaguya then picked Naruto up and began to carry him piggyback style. "Are you comfortable, Naruto-sama?"

"Quite, Mori-san."

They were about to leave when a loud voice said, "NARUTO! We've got to go inside. It's time to go back to…" Sakura stopped when she notice that Naruto was being taken by three mysterious figures. "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING WITH NARUTO?"

Everyone of Naruto's classmates turned around to see three mysterious figures with Naruto on being carried on the back of one.

The three Uzu nin and Naruto then said, "Oh shit." 'Sakura. Why do you have to be so fucking loud?' Naruto thought while groaning.

"YO ASSHOLES! LEAVE OUR CLASSMATE ALONE!" Inuzuka Kiba shouted. Akamaru, Kiba's companion, began to growl.

Uchiha Sasuke, then began to issue orders, "Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and the rest of the girls go get Iruka-sensei and Mizuki-sensei. Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, me, and the rest of the guys will go get the dobe back."

"RIGHT!" Everyone cried.

Getting back to the Rokudaime Uzukage and his three companions, Naruto said, "Let's get the fuck out of here!"

Nayako then detonated a smoke bomb as the four ninja made their escape. As they began to make a break for it sirens began to blare. "Why does it always happen to me?" Naruto muttered.

Nayoko chuckled, "So much for a quick and quiet escape."

"Send a signal to the nin outside to back us up. This is going to get messy. We've also got a problem because two chunin instructors, Naruto's classmates and Hatake Kakashi are following us." Shinji said.

Mori looked back toward the growing amount of pursuers. "More keep coming after us."

Then a voice screamed, "DROP THE DOBE AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"

Naruto sweat dropped. 'Great vote of confidence teme.'

"Wow, that Uchiha's pride needs to be knocked down a few pegs." Shinji snorted.

"Tell me about it." Naruto grumbled.

"Now is definitely not the time to make jokes, guys." Mori said.

Shinji carefully took Naruto from Mori and started issuing orders.

"I'll make some seals so that we can escape easier. Some transportation seal will do for now so that we get outside of the village. Mori, Yanagi no Mai would be an excellent distraction at the moment. Nayoko, keep Naruto safe and try to distract the Academy students."

"I need to concentrate to make the seals, so that we can get the hell out of here."

"I would call this a situation, wouldn't you?" Mori smirked and went headfirst to meet Kakashi and the two academy teachers so that he could stout their positions before getting back to the small group.

Nayoko looked at the older ninja, "Yes I definitely would."

"Ok, now let's get to a someplace that is easy defendable so that I can make the seals and we should be out of here with a simple shun-shin." Shinji ordered.

"Unknown ninja, you are trespassing into and committing an act of kidnapping. Return Uzumaki Naruto at once and surrender for interrogation!" A voice called out once again. However, Shinji began making the seals into the papers and tapping them to his ninjas.

Mori stopped and turned around. He then charged the Konoha nin. "YANAGI NO MAI!" He cried as bones began to sprout out of his body.

"Oh shit, it's a Kaguya!" one of the Konoha nin yelled as Mari began his Dance.

Iruka turned around toward the academy students following and yelled, "Guys, go back. This guy is beyond your level."

"Whatever. I'm an Uchiha. I can beat these guys and get the dobe back." Sasuke sneered.

Iruka gave him an angry look and said, "No. You won't beat these guys. Especially due to the fact that we are being showed up by a Kaguya."

Shikamaru mumbled, "This is so troublesome."

"Fine Iruka-sensei. Let's go back."

Meanwhile, Shinji finished making the seals and getting them to his ninja. He whistled to Mori and they all said in a steady voice: "SHUN-SHIN!"

Much to the astonishment of the Konoha ninja, there was a mini-hurricane and then Naruto and the others were gone.

Sarutobi Hiruzen got up from his chair after watching the situation that was the operation to retrieve Naruto. He walked up to the roof and began thinking as he looked at the face of the Yondaime. 'Minato, Kushina. I am sorry I couldn't keep you son safe. Naruto, be safe.'

Umino Iruka walked back to the academy with his head down in shame. He had failed to save Naruto. He had failed to save his little brother. He slowly entered the classroom and looked around. Everyone was looking at him, hoping for good news on what happened to Naruto.

"I-Iruka-sensei. Where is N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

Iruka just looked up at her and spoke simply, "We were too late to save him. Those ninja took him."

Everyone of Naruto's classmates were appalled. Naruto was the "dead last", the dobe. He was a carefree soul who never lost his happy-go-lucky demeanor. He was brash, loud, and annoying, but everyone knew that he did not deserve whatever fate he was going to receive.

Hinata was bawling. Sakura shed silent tears as Ino also began to cry. Hinata had now for a long time watched him and because of her crush the loss of Naruto was devastating to her. If only I had had the courage to speak and interact with him..

Sakura and Ino felt very guilty. They always made fun of him or berated him almost every day. In a sense, they treated him badly and now that he's gone, they miss the promises that he would be Hokage someday or the constant flow of requests for dates. They finally realized that Naruto could have been a very devoted friend if they had been a little nicer.

Sasuke brooded. Even though he was the dobe, Naruto was his rival. He was the one you could count on to measure strength against. He was also one of the only ones who would actually make Sasuke laugh when Naruto made a joke or performed one of his world famous pranks. Naruto knew the pain and loneliness that came from being alone and Sasuke could empathize with him.

Kiba was angry. Out of all the guys in his class, Naruto was the only one who he shared a sense of humor with. They would sometimes perform pranks together or they would pull pranks on each other, but mostly they used to make fun of each other a great deal.

Shikamaru was saddened. He always considered Naruto an enigma. He was a puzzle that needed to be solved. Shikamaru could always tell that Naruto was holding back. He could see that under the dobe exterior, there was a diamond in the rough. Naruto was also one of the people who used to sleep in class and be lazy as much as he did. He found a kindred spirit in Naruto and was saddened by the fact that now the happy yet lazy Naruto was gone.

Choji was depressed. Naruto was one of his first friends and one of the only people, other than Shikamaru, who didn't make fun of his weight. Naruto was also one of the people who was a Ramen connoisseur other than himself. He was also one of the only people who could be the young Akamichi at a Ramen eating contest, which is saying a lot. (AN: Last contest was 36 to 32 in favor of Naruto - I'll write this some time.) He, like Shikamaru, had found Naruto to be a fun loving and steadfast friend.

Shino was indifferent. That was what he seemed like on the outside, but on the inside, the Aburame was in turmoil. Sure, Naruto was annoying, but he would always go out of his way to make Shino feel wanted and he would always be there to try to cheer Shino up. Shino felt depressed at the fact that Naruto was gone because of the fact that Naruto's drive to make friends gave Shino the feeling of being wanted, which is not a common feeling among the Aburame. He also was curious about bugs.

Iruka watched his student's reactions and he announced, "I will be quite frank. We don't know why they came for Naruto nor do we know what they are going to do with him. I along with a few other people will hope for his safe return or any news on his whereabouts."

Hinata then spoke up, "When I become Genin, I will try to get strong enough to find Naruto-kun and bring him back to Konoha. I will because I promise it. I will not give up on my word because like Naruto, that is my nindo, my ninja way!"

"Yeah, me too!" Sakura suddenly found herself saying.

Then the whole class, even Sasuke became a buzz with promises to bring Naruto home.

Sasuke then said, "I think I speak for all of us when I say we will get stronger in order to bring our dobe back home!"

The whole class started cheering and screaming, "We'll bring you back Naruto! We swear it!"

When news got out into the village about Naruto's kidnapping, there was much celebration. The Academy students walked out of the Academy to see the village giddy with happiness. "THE DEMON IS GONE!" Shouted many of the civilians and some ninja as they danced in the middle of the streets. Naruto's classmates were confused as to why people were celebrating until the group passed Naruto's apartment. It was on fire and people were making effigies of Naruto and lighting them up while dancing. Sakura watched in horror as her own mother set one of the effigies on fire as she screamed, "BURN IN HELL DEMON BRAT!"

However, the ANBU and many other ninja who treated Naruto kindly or did not truly care ended the celebrations with many arrests, injuries, and executions. In response to this appalling display, Naruto's classmates demanded to see the Hokage.

Sarutobi was reading a certain orange book while giggling when his secretary told him that Naruto's classmates were here to see him. As he had her send them in, he sighed and dreaded to think of what they wanted to know.

"Hokage-sama," Sakura asked, "why are people so happy that Naruto is gone?"

Shikamaru also added, "Why are they also burning effigies of Naruto and saying "go to hell demon brat?"

"I'm sorry. I cannot tell you that." Sarutobi said sadly. 'I hope I just dodged a bullet there.'

"I think after what we've been through and seen today, we, as Naruto's friends and classmates, deserve an explanation." Sasuke demanded.

"Very well. Let me make this perfectly clear. I am about to divulge one of the village's greatest secrets." Sarutobi began.

Ino then interrupted, "Wait. Naruto is one of the villages greatest secrets?"

Sarutobi sighed and then explained, "In a way yes. What I am about to tell you about Naruto's past is a SS class secret. They are not to leave this room nor can you discuss them at home. If you break the sanctity of this agreement I will be forced to act accordingly. Is that clear?" the Hokage spoke coldly.

After a few nods, Sarutobi asked, "Do you remember being taught in school about the battle between the Yondaime Hokage and the Kyuubi?" After everyone nodded, he continued, "What you learned in school was not the truth. It was only half truth. You see, the Kyuubi cannot be killed by mortals. It is too powerful. So instead of killing it, the Yondaime used a seal that used the Shinigami in order to seal the demon away. When you use this seal, the Shiki Fuujin, you die. The Shinigami takes your soul along with the soul of the thing that is being sealed and you float around in the Shinigami's stomach for all eternity. In doing this, the Yondaime Hokage sealed the Kyuubi into a baby boy who was born on that same day and just had its umbilical cord cut. That baby was Naruto."

All of Naruto's classmates were shocked. "So, Naruto is the demon?" Kiba asked.

"You tell me. Remember everything that Naruto did. Would a demon try to cheer people up through pranks? Would a demon strive to make friends with his classmates? Would a demon ask a girl repeatedly out on a date? Would a demon cower when Iruka uses his Big Headed Evil Face Jutsu? You tell me." Sarutobi asked in response.

"No." Sasuke answered. "He wouldn't. These ignorant villagers treated him badly for all those years because they couldn't tell the difference between a jailor and the prisoner."

Sakura then continued, "Who are you supposed to hate more? The prison or the prisoner? People cannot hate the prison because the prison did not commit the crimes that the prisoner committed. Therefore, the villagers are wrong. I don't hate Naruto. I hate the fox and I firmly believe that Naruto, if he knew about the fox, hates the Kyuubi too."

Sarutobi smiled, "Well, I can tell you Sakura that yes, he does know about the Kyuubi. Yes he has actually spoken to the fox." Everyone was shocked by this revelation, but listened, "And yes, he has repeatedly called the fox a baka and a teme to his face."

"Wow, he really must be stupid or brave." Shikamaru said thoughtfully.

Kiba responded, "Naruto always had balls of marble. Now I know he has balls of extra hard diamond."

"TMI, Kiba." Ino responded with a slight, yet unnoticeable nosebleed.

"We still are going to bring him back, demon host or not. He is still our dobe." Sasuke said.

Sarutobi smiled. 'At last. Maybe there is some hope for this generation after all, eh Minato?'

Uzukage Tower, Uzugakure Three Yeas Later.

Being a Kage, no matter where, was hard. There was paperwork and more paperwork. Also the Kage needed to be strong enough so that he or she could protect the whole village. The bigger village the more people to protect and more strength needed.

Naruto was a child still. Only twelve years old and already a Kage. Because of his career at the Academy had gone sideways he had to study a lot more than normally. Shinji, Mori and his cousin Nayoko helped him a lot and they had hired him a tutor so that he could accumulate more information faster.

First thing that they thought him was Kage Bunshin no Jutsu that was in his father's scroll. There were no letters or anything from his parents as they had died too soon and the times at the time of his birth had been too hectic to write anything to him.

He had been given full medical. After all the abuse he had been given even though he had the fox to heal him, there could be lingering damage. They had found something in the end.

The seal that binder the fox was slightly and just slightly wrong. Seals were the specialty of Whirlpool Country and so they knew more than most. They started learning seals while in the Academy and so were far superior to most.

They had been confused as to why Naruto only received a minor power of healing when all other jinyuuriki got so much more from their prisoners. Take Gaara of Sand for example. He could control sand and that had nothing to with the point that he had born in Suna - if it had then most people of Suna could have sone something like this.

The seal was designed as to keep the fox at bay and nothing more. And so the specialists of Sealing modified the seal a little. The result was that Naruto's affinity was now doubled. He could control fire easily as well as wind that was his original affinity.

They were still baffled why he couldn't concentrate very well for long periods of time and utilize all of the intelligence he clearly had.

Finally one night they got the answer in a form of an assassin that was sent to kill the new Uzukage be the cost what ever.

Naruto had awakened Rinnegan. Slowly oh so slowly they had found out that his brain had sections that each controlled a part of something. And so he had been given the answer. His progress with Kage bunshin was commendable but that was because his brain was used to being split between many parts. Also he could because of that put more Kage Bunshins to learn new information and those would concentrate on the information with single minded efficiency.

Now after everything Shinji and Mori had found him some nice bodies to use after they had slowly figured out what the Rinnegan could do. It couldn't copy jutsu but you could read people's minds and copy the information that way. You could push and pull material things and you could repel and suck techniques. You had affinity to all elements and intelligence to use it after getting the bodies that you needed.

How they had discovered that they needed bodies? Well that was easy. Naruto had felt a pull. A pull so strong that he had thought that he would explode if he couldn't have this something.

And so it was found. Naruto had been wandering in the Village doing his rounds to see how everything was going in the Village when he had felt the pull in a cemetery.

Next thing they knew was that a Corpse had lifted from the ground and it had Rinnegan eyes. Slowly Naruto had learned to use his kekkei Genkai. It had taken him two years, but finally he was there. He knew how to control himself and had calmed down considerably now that all the extra energy went to his Paths.

Animal Path was a nameless Ninja that they had came across in the Village. It could control summon animals all around that had his Rinnegan. It could summon his other paths and himself as well.

His Asura Path was the Warrior of his Paths. While his Animal Path wasn't very strong physically, no more than a normal ninja anyway, his Asura Path was. They had been on a delegation mission in Suna where a body had called him in the desert. It was mostly puppet and he had eventually made it better with alterations, but it still possessed a heart in a cylinder. It was strong and could be repaired in a heart beat should he desire so.

His Deva Path was his Mother who had been given back to Whirlpool after she had died giving birth to him. She was his most cherished path and strongest of all and it was her that he tended to use most of all his paths. All his path's hairs were yellow like his now and they all possessed Rinnegan eyes. He could use his paths to see, hear and learn. It's main abilities revolved around gravity manipulation, allowing Naruto to use his Deva Path to repel and attract objects and people.

Naruto could use all of his Path's abilities if he wanted to from his own body, if the path was disabled. Deva Path however had most techniques, including Chibaku Tensei, Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten'in.

His Paths all retained the skills that the original body had and the affinity as well. His Animal Path had Earth Afiinity, Asura Path had the affinity of electricity and Deva Path had the affinity of Water. His Paths in general were very well rounded. They had more speed and strength than a regular ninja that they had been all because of the rinnegan which awarded more than just affinities to it's users. It also gave the sight of chakra. He could see how the chakra flowed trough person and didn't need eyes to see. It also gave the power of astral projection.

He had also gotten Sh oten no Jutsu down after a while of using inmates that were sentenced to death. It basically used the body as a sacrifice and gave Naruto a way to control that person as long as the chakra poured into it ran out or the copy was defeated. You could use it as a disguise so that it could fight your battles for you if you wanted. It was essentially your copy.

His Human Path was a Kaguya who had been given to him by Mori. It was Mori's twin brother actually and had retained the bloodline allowing Naruto use this bloodline as he wanted. His Human Path had the ability to read minds simply by placing it's hand to the subjects head. It gave them everything they needed so that information if they had prisoners wasn't a problem. The bad side was that it sucked out the soul of the one that it was used into. The soul could be given back if wanted.

His Human Path was also faster than his other Paths.

Naraka Path was a dead woman who they never got around to know the name of. It was strong but it's only use really lay in the summoning of the Outer Path. The Outer Path was a large head that came from the ground surrounded by flames and possessed Rinnegan. The Outer Path could fulfill two uses: Interrogation and restoration. It was his most important Path because of it's restorative purposes. it could save people from death.

Now Preta Path was a teenage boy, a chuunin in reality, from Uzu. It's power was basically absorb chakra from techniques. It could form a barrier which nullified effects of jutsus or just suck the chakra from attacks therefore strengthening all the paths.

It could also suck chakra out of anything that it touched as long as that channeled chakra in some way.

The Outer Path had taken too much out of Naruto. He had been weakened considerably. He had used a technique that was revealed to him after he had acquired his Naraka Path. The Technique had summoned a creature that he had no idea of what it was and had tried to impale him with rods made of chakra. Only one had hit it's mark and that was to his throat. After defeating the creature he had been granted his Outer Path.

Although after this feat he had needed to mutilate his Paths with piercings. They were connected to the rod that he had on his troth that had shortened automatically, now seemingly a black hole in his lower throat. (AN: Think of Ulquirra from Bleach.)

Thankfully Kyuubi had made the difference. Because of Kyuubi and it's strength that accumulated all the time because it was doing nothing inside of the seal and was all chakra he could use his original body.

What this rod in the end gave him was chakra disruption blades that he could create as much as needed with no end. He had created the piercings like that and some other items as well.

He had trained for three years after everything and was now fourteen. He was finally able to be the Kage that his people needed. After reading and learning for three years everything was much better now that how it was before.

He now had the understanding required to be a Kage and the strength too. Although he trained and learned new techniques as much as he could there wasn't a time because of his Paths that he was not in duty for his Village. And because of the rapture that it had fallen after the War and all he had a lot of work to do.

They had allied with Suna and soon at Chuunin exams it was Naruto's hope that he was able to get an alliance with Konoha as well. Because of his Paths they would not know him and so he had a larger chance to succeed.

Fuuinjutsu was the main point of their Village and so that was what was teated. But being as Naruto was well versed in all elements even if Wind was the main element other's were nurtured as well. They had have and still had a lot of rebuilding to do after the war that almost destroyed them.

Thankfully because of the Blood Purges in Kiri they were able to get new Ninjas fast. They were giving them home, they were giving the Village their loyalty. After all with a jinyuuriki as their Kage there wasn't much point in Blood Purges or anything of the sort.

Finally it was time for the Chuunin Exams that were held in Konoha. it would be interesting, Naruto thought as he watched his Village from the Window of his Tower.

Konoha Three Years Later.

In some way the disappearance of Naruto was a good thing. It had pushed all of the Academy students - Naruto's friends and people that generally missed him - in to new lengths to improve themselves as to bring him back.

Kiba had been seen pestering his Older Sister about teaching him this or that. Sakura had been seen with Ino and Hinata in the Library too often it to be healthy. Ino and Hinata had also been trained by their families, mostly because they refused to do anything else than training unless it was meeting Naruto's other friends so that they could exchange information about techniques and all.

Eventually they had all been made into teams. Team 7 was Sakura, Sasuke and a new strange guy called Sai. Sasuke and Sakura thought him as the replacement of Naruto and so didn't include him much. Sasuke wasn't hell bent on revenge anymore.. He had just gotten a revolution about his brother. First, his clan was strong and so it was impossible for one person to exterminate them all. Second was, why should he obey his Older Brother when he had deserted them all. He also acknowledged that Konoha was the place where most strong and famous Ninjas had gotten their strength from.

Team 8 was Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji under Sarutobi Asuma. Team 10 was Hinata, Kiba and Shino under Kurenai Yuhi.

They had trained even harder after being placed into teams. They had been in their teams for a year. They had all graduated the Academy at 13 because of the advanced material that they had demanded from Iruka who had indeed given them that.

They were well rounded bunch and were the chuunin hopefuls of the Chuunin exams that were very close indeed. They were hoping of seeing someone that they recognized from the kidnapping from the foreign teams so that they could have a clue where to search for Naruto.

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