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Chapter 4 - Mutant Message

Light stood watching Orochimaru and the raised bodies of old rulers by his side, studying, trying to understand where this was going. His mind started to formulate a plan as fast as he was able, trying to come up with a strategy, something to make him able to win this without exposing himself as who or what he was. Turning his focus towards his Animal Path was still fighting with the Kaguya who's name he didn't know. Taking control of that body more than usually he left only minority awareness towards his own, letting a sertain part of his brain control that one for now, which started a banter with Orochimaru, asking why he was doing what he was doing and so on. The answers eluded him however as he was concentrating onto the Kaguya in front of him.

Using his gravity manipulation and summoning one of the spikes he could, he pulled the Kaguya ciolently towards him, using the spike to scewer him straight trough. It was unlikely that he would survive but for now he wasn't a threat any longer. Controlling the Animal Path now, he quickly moved as fast as he was able to his own body's side and took a full control of his own body again.

"A guard? I heard of him, he's your guide and apparently quite weak, what are you hoping to achieve?" Orochimaru snarled.

"We are stronger the more there are of us, together we shall defeat you." The two, Animal Path and Light spoke, in perfect synnegry.

The Animal Path attacked the Kages straight on, using various animal to combat them the first and second Hokage that he had summoned, while using taijutsu with battling Minato. LIght himself was concentrating onto Orochimaru for now in a taijutus match as well. Orochimaru had tried to use his tongue to choke him, and as it stood he was a strong opponent. Light decided dispassiontely that he wasn't a match to him in Taijutsu as it stood and so disengaged.

"Ha! Kage? You? What a joke!" Orochimaru taunted him again, while standing half crouched watching Light intently.

"I will defeat you.. Suiton: Ja To Kuchi! (Water Release: Snake's Mouth)" Light said while doing hand seals blindlingly fast, the technique soared over his head, forming a snake that tried to swallow Orochimaru hole. In response Orochimaru used a technique that enchased him in earth letting the technique swallow him with the dome of earth, and cam out of it unharmed. The water remaining from the technique littered the ground was left as the two studied one another.

Seemingly out of nowehere the two again came to close contact, Light using his metal spikes and Orochimaru using his Kusanagi as they engaged in combat of another type of melee. The spike seemingly easily countering Orochimaru's sword was something that no one could have believed, but as far as learning kata's goes, his multiple bodies were very useful, as he got the mental training and could spar against each other, also one of his bodies had know already how to use the sword, and a metal rod wasn't too dissimilar.

For a while they were just flashes with the occasional sounds of weapons clashing, and many would have been hard pressed to observe. However the Hokage and two of his ANBU were watching, the ANBU keeping the Hokage safe.

After a while of fighting they were again standing on opposite sides of each other, both having minor cuts and bruises but nothing definite. Abandoning their weapons for now, Orochimaru swallowing his and Light simply concealing his to his billowing sleeves, they went against each other again, this time techniques flashing, making the ground shake and the dust moce trought the air.

Animal Path was in trouble. The two older Hokages he could handle, that wasn't a problem, however he was the weakest of all the paths and so relied most onto summons than anything else. He was mostly using doton (Earth) techniques when he was using anything or hand to hand combat. The first and Second Hokage fought well together however. He had been forced to use his most powerful summon, a Quuen Spider to keep those two busy.

He was panting as he stood against Minato, the techniques and multiple summonings taking their toll on his chakra. For a brief while he entertained the thought of summoning one of his other paths to him, but decided against it. Minato truly was a fearsome opponent and they didn't call him the yellow flash of Konoha for nothing.

The teleportation jutsu he used though was actually much simper than what anyone would have thought. It was based onto the seal desing on the three pronged kunai that the Fourth Hokage so liked throwing around, however he could only teleport in clear lines, from one kunai to another and it wasn't instant per say, just very very fast movement, that happened in an almost instant obliterating almost anything on it's path.

Suffering another cut from kunai to his already quite bleeding and bruised body as he tried to dodge Minato's attack he heard him mutter a simple sorry.

"I know you cannot control it. I will give you a quick death, do not fear." He said in answer. Summoning another of the Iron Spikes that the paths could use, he stepped between two kunais in a very quick sunshin, keeping the spike or spear in frint of him and as Minato understandably teleported he was impaled by the spike. This didn't kill him, but left him incapicitated. He used the spike to scewer the Former Fourt hHokage to the ground and turned his concentration onto the first and second Hokages.

The first was already dead the body or sacrifice that had been used visible and the Second Hokage slightly injured. His own chakra reserves rather low on this vessel and so he was hesitant on taking the old Hokage on.

Light and Orochimaru where still blasting away with thier techniques when Light had a small epiphany. The ground was watery thanks to his earlier technique with the Suiton (Water).

Doing quick series of hand seals he muttered a raiton technique, and let it go to the ground, to the water.

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