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Chapter 1 – And the Hunter Strikes

Moonlight fell on the silent town, casting an eerie silver glow against the streets and enhancing the silence of the night. Many of the respectable citizens were asleep; those that wandered the streets at this hour were those of lower background or maybe even denizens of the underworld. Hermits and beggars crawled in the alleys, and shadows flitted amongst the gutters.

A lone stranger strode down the streets, his feet striding quietly on the pavement. His long black hair was swept up in a neat ponytail that trailed behind him as he walked. The way he carried himself made it clear he was not from around here, yet there was some sense of foreboding shrouding him.

He seemed overly cautious about his surroundings, his hand gripping the sword at his waist tightly whenever anyone walked too close to him. His dark eyes swept the street and he kept on walking.

A sudden commotion in an alley caught his attention. He never cared about the affairs of others but when he heard the crying of a young child he stopped. Now this was a different matter. Sighing, he decided to investigate what was going on.

"Is that all you've got for today, brat?" A man shouted at the little girl at his feet. The child sobbed and cowered as she tried to get her words out but all she could do was stutter. The man kicked her out of fury.

"I took you in to pickpocket for me but you're worthless! Make sure you get more than this trash tomorrow or you won't be getting anything to eat!"

He was about to deal another blow when his fist was stopped by a powerful grip. "What the fuck?" The man stopped as those chilling dark eyes met his.

"Children are not to be abused this way." The stranger said coldly. The man tried wrenching his hand out of the tight grip but failed.

"What does it matter anyway? This brat here should be thankful that I took her in and gave her a job! Otherwise she'd be rotting in a gutter somewhere!" He cried out in pain as the stranger twisted his arm painfully.

"Damn you to hell for treating her that way!" Snarling, the stranger threw the man against the wall with brute force, knocking the daylights out of him. Tossing his long hair behind him, he turned to look at the cowering child on the ground. Giving her one cold stare, he walked past her out of the alley, throwing down a small pouch before leaving. The curious child took the pouch and opened it, a gasp escaping her lips at the sight of the gold coins. She looked after the disappearing stranger but he was already long gone. Her small lips mouthed silently:

"Thank you, sir."

He never heard her. Kanda was too occupied with his own thoughts. The mere memory of his childhood, when he had given up all hope and everyone treated him as an outcast… How he had been saved by kindness. This was a harsh world, and to survive, he had to fight. The girl was on her own from now on. He had no wish to meddle in her other affairs.

Tyki checked his pocket watch. It was well past midnight and he hadn't even found his prey yet. No matter, the night was still rather young for his terms, and he placed the watch into his pocket before going on his way.

He noticed a young woman standing by the lamp post eyeing him, obviously interested in his good looks. Tyki smiled to himself. He just found his prey.

He straightened his coat and walked over to her. "Good evening, are you alone tonight? It's not safe for such a beauty as yourself to be out here on your own."

The woman smiled. "You're a fine fellow to talk. Do you have any business to be out at this hour?"

Tyki returned her smile. "Not that I know of… Not yet, at least."

She slung one arm shyly around his and whispered. "Now do you have any plans?"

He was used to this. It was always the same few pick up lines, the same seductive tone that normal men would fall for. Yet this made it easy for him. No one seduces anyone better than Tyki Mikk.

Not now, he would strike later. When they were alone, he would make his move. He didn't want to attract too much attention and besides, he preferred to keep his job clean, not messy. It was hard to suppress the urge to kill, he enjoyed it, and so he tried his best to keep his desire tamed.

They were close to a dark alley. Tyki smiled. Nearly there…

She moved closer to him. "It's getting a little cold, isn't it?"

"I know a little shortcut to my place." He replied, placing his coat on her. Her pale skin was visible underneath his coat and Tyki's eyes positively gleamed. There was no escape for this one.

"Aren't you cold?" She whispered into his ear.

Tyki slung his arm around her waist. "Not anymore." He moved closer to her, closer to her neck, and whispered against it. "I'd be more worried if I were you, my dear."

She slung her arms around his neck. "And why would that be?"

He could smell her perfume; feel her warm breath against his skin. 'Come a little closer… Just a little bit more.'

Her lips brushed against his neck, but suddenly she let out a gasp of shock. Tyki smirked, a gleam appearing in his eyes.

"Too late, my dear. I win."

The vampire let out a strangled cry, her eyes filled with pain as Tyki pulled out a large black cross shaped weapon from her body. With another quick swipe, she crumbled into ashes as a blaze of dark purple fire consumed her remains. Tyki watched as the grey ashes flew off in the night wind and gingerly picked his coat up, brushing the dust off.

He slung the coat over his shoulder and ran his fingers through his hair. Another job well done. He felt no pity for the creature, and besides, he was used to all these slayings. Withdrawing his weapon, he walked off into the night.

Vampires, creatures of the night that terrorized humans and drained them of their blood. Such filth deserved to be exterminated, and that was why hunters like him existed. To destroy these monsters and root out this evil.

"You're back, Kanda. I was so worried! Did you hear the news?" The white haired boy dashed over to the long haired man that just entered the hall.

Kanda took a seat in a large armchair and sighed. "Now what, moyashi?"

Allen gulped slightly. "Vic… Victoria's been slain."

He raised an eyebrow. "Victoria? The foolish girl who masquerades as a whore to seduce men for food? Serves her right. Never was fond of her."

"Kanda! I don't fancy her, but she is still one of us. Don't you feel any sorrow?"


Allen frowned. "It must've been one of those Black Order hunters. The Earl is not going to be very pleased with this. Oh, by the way, he's looking for you."

Kanda groaned and got up. "Damn that pig. If he wants me to go hunt for his food tell him to get the servants to do it. I don't hunt."

Allen looked worried. "Don't you feel weak or anything, Kanda? Not living off human blood should take a toll on you."

The moonlight streaming through the large windows cast a glow on Kanda's pale skin. He ignored the statement and walked up the stairs leading to the rooms above. Allen ran to the bottom of the stairs and clung to the banisters.

"Don't make him mad, Kanda! He's not in a good mood after the loss of Victoria so… Just don't make him mad!"

"Che." Kanda retorted. "Like I care."

He stood in front of the double doors leading to the Earl's quarters. Goodness knows how long this fat pig had been a creature of the night and truth be told, even Kanda found his appearance rather unnerving. But the Earl's word was law, and Kanda knew not to go against his rules.

"Come in, Kanda. I know you're standing out there."

Fuck. Kanda gritted his teeth and went in. "You were looking for me?"

Those gleaming eyes were very disturbing and Kanda dropped his gaze. "As a matter of fact, yes I am. You do know that we have lost one of our own?"

"Yes, I'm truly sorry for that." Kanda said sarcastically.

The Earl narrowed his eyes. "Where were you just now? You weren't hunting, I know. Mingling with humans?"

"No. I don't mingle with them." He felt bored already.

"It's rather degrading for a pureblood such as yourself to abstain from drinking their blood. In any case, since you're so fond of mixing around with humans I'll give you a job."

Kanda clenched his fists tightly. "What kind of job?"

The smile on the Earl's face was creepy enough to send a chill down his spine. "Find whoever has been killing our kind. And kill him as well."

Kanda hesitated before nodding. "Fine. Only because I see him to be a threat to my own life."

"Ironic, since you haven't been living for over a hundred years."

The cold laughter still rang in his ears as he stormed out of the room. It didn't matter which side he was on, he was an outcast no matter what. He didn't bother to explain why he never drained humans of their blood and kill them for fun. He didn't bother to tell them why he enjoyed strolling around their cities and observing their lives. They would only laugh. Even the stupid moyashi would try to cheer him up by saying dumb stuff such as "Come on, blood doesn't taste that bad."

As if he didn't know how blood tasted like. Many a time had he nearly succumbed to the urge to bite into those humans and feast off them to his heart's content but Kanda would not break that vow he made to himself. He would never resort to becoming a monster.

He closed his eyes as he threw himself onto his bed. Why did he try so hard to pretend? He already was a monster, whether he liked it or not.

"He looks just like a zombie, doesn't he?"

"I think he's a blood sucking vampire."

"Who cares? He looks like a monster to me."

Laughter rang out through the group of kids as they surrounded a child on the ground. He gripped the soil in fury, his hair falling past his eyes as he tried to keep the tears out.

"Brother, don't go near him. Mommy says he's dangerous." A little girl tugged at her brother's sleeve.

"Nah, we can take him on. He's useless. Come on, fight us, creep!" They jeered and kicked at him. He screamed in rage as he tried to fight back but it was useless. Throwing punches wildly, he hit one of them on the lip and the boy reared back, his jaw bleeding.

The children stopped laughing and fighting as he eyed the blood hungrily. They felt fear as he took a few steps closer.

Then a child screamed and they started running away.

"He is a vampire! Mommy! Help!"

He couldn't control it. The mere sight of blood made him lose control and as some men came out carrying pitchforks and torches he just stood there, eyes fixed on them with an unwavering glare.

"Get him! He may look like a kid but if he's any danger to our children he has to die!"

He understood what was going on and bolted as they gave chase. Those humans… They scared him. But yet the children always looked as though they were having fun. He just wanted to play with them, was there anything wrong with that?

His feet caught on some tangled roots and with a yelp, he toppled over and rolled down the side of the hill. Crashing into some brushwood, he scrambled to his feet and limped over to a boulder, hoping they wouldn't find him hiding there.

They seemed to have given up on looking for him. He could hear their angry shouts as they swore to kill him if he dared show his face again. He felt scared and angry. Why did they hate him so much?

A sudden crunch of footsteps made him jump and he dashed out from his hiding place, fearful that it might be the villagers after him. But a strong arm caught him from behind and he tried to struggle free.

"Calm down, my son. What're you doing out here all on your own?"

He stared past those thick glasses into kind and twinkling eyes. The man placed him on the ground and patted his shirt.

"You're dirty and tired, I can see. Come, let's head over to the village nearby and get you some food and rest. I was called to go exterminate some vampire but it's probably just some paranoid housewife who just seen a bat."

He shook his head in fear and stumbled backwards. Tripping over, he cried out in pain as he fell on the ground.

At that moment he opened his mouth, his fangs were visible and the man stopped. Sitting up shakily, he closed his eyes as he waited for the end. He could feel the man towering over him. If this was a vampire hunter he was going to die.

Nothing came. Nervously, he opened one eye and to his surprise, the man was sitting opposite him, setting down his bag and looking for something. He was muttering to himself.

"And here I was expecting either a hoax or a lost vampire. And what do I find? An adorable child beaten up and chased. Poor thing…"

He brought out a wrapped object in cloth. "Can you eat bread? You look famished. I don't have any blood to give you though, so this is the best I can offer."

He eyed the bread warily. There were many things taboo to a vampire and he wasn't sure if he could trust this man. The man obviously sensed the same thing and laughed.

"Don't worry, this bread isn't blessed or sprinkled with holy water or anything. Go on, take a bite. Out of the loaf, not my hand, that is."

With a quick grab, he snatched the bread and tore off chunks of it hungrily. He felt better now, not so afraid as he was just now. The old man looked at him fondly.

"Tell me, are you alone? Do you have any parents?"

He nodded at both questions, swallowed the last piece of bread and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. But the man reached out with a clean handkerchief and wiped the dirt off for him.

"Why were they chasing you?"

He shook his head. "I… I don't know. I just… I just wanted to… To play with them. That's all."

The man patted him on the head. He looked up at the man and fixed him with a determined stare. "Am I a monster? Ever since I was born, people have been calling me a monster. Am I one?"

"No, you're just different. They just can't see it. But there's nothing wrong with being different. In fact, it means you're special."

The man got up. "I'll be leaving now. My advice to you, my boy, please leave as soon as you can. It's dangerous for you to be here. Go on, run along now. I'll tell the villagers that it was just a confusion."

"There he is! Get him!" An angry shout shot through the air and he could see the blazing torches in the distance. Frantically he turned and ran as the man tried to calm the villagers down.

It wasn't before he had run quite a distance that he stopped to catch his breath. Turning back, he wondered who that man was, for he didn't even have a chance to thank him.

He still hadn't found out who that man was. All he knew was that he probably was a vampire hunter, and a weird one at that. But he never forgot the kindness he showed him, and the reason why he vowed never to harm humans no matter how many bad people he met so far. Because he had seen how kind humans could get, and he would never resort to becoming the monster some had called him before.

He rolled over in his bed and gripped his sword tightly. Still, if there was anyone threatening them, he took it upon himself to make sure he'd get rid of the danger. Even though he didn't like being a vampire, they took him in and he was one of them, whether he liked it or not.

He closed his eyes to rest. He would begin his hunt tomorrow.

"And the great Tyki Mikk scores another yet again." Lavi said as he yawned.

"Well, Tyki works very hard, you know. You sound irritated, Lavi." The girl sitting opposite him bit into her sandwich and chewed as she thought. "He's a very skilled hunter."

Lavi sat up straight. "Yeah, but I don't like him. I mean, the guy actually enjoys killing vampires. It's not that I hate my job but… How can anyone enjoy killing?"

"Well, you treat them like monsters too, don't you, rabbit? If not, why would you be slaying them as well?"

Lavi growled as Tyki sat beside Lenalee. "Good morning, Lenalee. Did you get any rest last night?"

She smiled. "I wasn't out all night like you were, Tyki. Congratulations on getting another one."

Lavi leaned on the table towards Tyki. "I bet it was a female vampire, wasn't it? Come to think of it, you've never slain males before. It's always the ladies. Did you sleep with them before killing them?"

Lenalee kicked him under the table but Tyki smiled at Lavi. "Are you jealous because you haven't been doing a good job? Oh wait, let me guess, your grandfather has been lecturing you on how inept you are at this."

Lavi sprang up but Lenalee quickly grabbed him and pushed him away. "Come on, let's go do some research at the archives before going on some hunting tonight."

"Lenalee, why do you always stick up for the guy?" Lavi wailed. Lenalee whirled around and faced him annoyed.

"You flirt around with girls too, Lavi, you're no better." She stormed off as Lavi stood there with his jaw hanging open. Then he came back to his senses and chased after her.

"Lenalee, are you bothered by something today?"

"I just hate what I do, that's all. But we have no choice, and sometimes I feel that Tyki is right in choosing not to have any emotional bonds to what he does."

Lavi sighed and patted her comfortingly. "It's for the best. I'm sorry, I think I was a little overboard back then."

"It's alright."

Tyki knew most of them were talking about him again today. He didn't care about what they said though. He would go out there again tonight and hunt down those wretched creatures of the night. No matter how many times they tried to seduce him, no matter how many times they tried to kill him, he would survive, and he would never fall for them.

He was dead wrong about the last statement.

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