Dot Hack meets W.

It was a peaceful day for Haseo and co. for it was the two-year anniversary since they defeated Cubia after his second comeback; Haseo is in Mac Anu.

H-Haseo asked Atoli a friend of his and teammate whose Avatar was Innis (In Dot Hack Gu certain people are given the phases now turned avatars) Her Pc look looked just like Shino's expect it was green and white.

What is it Atoli? He asked.

I was wondering could I give you my cell? She asked.

Sure so they exchanged cell numbers.

But just then Black Specks appeared.

AIDA? But how it was all destroyed. Haseo questioned.

And how did it get to Mac Anu? Atoli asked.

Because of me said a snake looking like man with green scaly skin.

Who are you? They asked

Can't talk AIDA Helen destroy them the mysterious snake man said

Get ready said Haseo, Come On, Come On Come ON!!! I'm Right Here Skeith

Please grant me the strength to protect everyone I care about I'm right here Innis said Atoli

So these are the legendary Epitah Users Cedric thought to himself, Prince Phobos will be Pleased.

Energy Machine Gun Shouted Haseo and energy blasts came out both of his avatar's hands

It stunned the AIDA temporally but it gave Atoli enough time to attack

Haze of Treason she shouted which made her ghost-like and then her copy disappeared and she attacked directly with a slash

Have some more Energy Machine Gun Haseo shouted

It's still not weakening said Atoli slightly worried if they would become Lost Ones

Just when all hope seemed lost

Plant Binding shouted a voice

It was a teenage: she had blond hair along with blue eyes and light green wings with a shade of blue and had a long-yet short sleeve blue shirt and pink purple looking bottom.

Wh- started Haseo, There's no time said the girl destroy that thing then I'll take care of Cedric

Okay we should do a double Data Drain just in case Haseo said, Ready Atoli said girl nodded

Data Drain!!! Both shouted and a stream of absorbing data appeared and broke apart the AIDA.

That takes of that said??? (I'll just refer to her as that until her names revealed)

Now for that snake guy, Haseo glanced around then cursed, Damn the bastard got away

We'll get him Haseo said Atoli trying to make him feel better

By the way what the hell was that asked ???

It'll be best if we go to our base and discuss this said Haseo

Okay said Atoli, Should she come along?

I have a name you know it's Cornelia Hale said Cornelia

Okay Cornelia well let's go to Raven Yata should know something as to why AIDA is back and while we're going you can tell us about yourself deal? Haseo asked her


Now that they've destroyed the AIDA Haseo and the two head to Raven to find out what's happening in 'The World' the famous online MMORPG. But that's not all they have new threats too