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Years Gone By and Mended Fences

Inuyasha smiled contently at his father playing with his nine children while rubbing his swollen belly. When he was younger he had never even allowed himself to think of his future because it would hurt that much more when his future was snatched from him either by death or by slavery, which nearly happened. However, there he was at almost three hundred with nine children, pregnant with the next litter, a wonderful mate, and had finally settled things with their father and his mate as well as spoiling his little sister rotten. Inuyasha finally let the little seed of doubt that had constantly stayed with him after his time with Naraku float away with the contentment and safety of the life he had. Inuyasha's smile widened when he felt Sesshoumaru's arms wrap strongly, gently, warmly about him. He had everything he had never wished for and more than that.

Sesshoumaru hugged his mate tightly from behind. His smile was an exact replica of Inuyasha's and he did not care if anyone saw it. He was happy, his children were safe, and his mate had finally been rid of the horrible nightmares that had plagued his sleep for years. It was not just the nightmares of Naraku, but of the hanyou's entire life and the things that happened during the many years that Inuyasha had lived. Sesshoumaru was also at peace because his family was safe, happy while his lands were secure and prosperous. For however long the peace lasts, Sesshoumaru was resolute to spend it cherishing his family and ensuring that his lands were prepared for the best and worst case scenarios.

Inu no Taisho could not believe the progress of healing between his sons and himself. He had been figuring on a hundred years war with them for what he had done, but they had forgiven him with such grace, he still could not help but be ashamed with what he had done. He was not going to worry about that, though, because he was busy playing with his grandchildren while his mate and daughter were doing whatever females do within the nearby village. He was happier than he had been even when it had been just him and his mate and he knew that it was because his family was finally back together, even Akira had been released from his duties for Mother Earth. Everything had finally fallen into place and fit snuggly together.

Akira watched from his perch on top of one of the many towers of the palace. He could see well his nephews, brother, and his great nieces and nephews below as they relaxed and played in the garden below. He was happy that everything had worked out as well as the fact that his nephews had forgiven him for his choice even if he would never change for anything or anyone. He was also glad that Mother Earth had finally given him her blessing of release and let him come home. He had missed much of Sesshoumaru's life, all of Inuyasha's, and he wanted to be a part of his great nieces and nephews growing up. He wanted to see them try and succeed as well as encourage them when they try and and fail. He wants to witness them grow from children to capable demons and he was going to get that chance. He was not going to ruin this chance to impart his wisdom upon the younger generation. Life had finally pulled itself together for him and for them, for all of them. It was great to come home, but it was beyond words to come home to family.

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