Fact 01

Contrary to popular belief, it is not in fact Uchiha Sasuke that Kakashi considers his 'favourite'.

Who would favour what they once were, when they now despise themselves for being it? It would be like loving your own reflection.

Fact 02

Out of Sasuke and Naruto, it is Naruto who Kakashi spends more of his time training, teaching.

Kakashi sat calmly on the couch, patiently correction Naruto when he made a mistake. It was not wonder the boy failed all his written tests – he barely knew how to read.

Fact 03

Kakashi never did do the whole social thing.

But that doesn't stop him from turning up at the blonde's apartment every Friday at 6pm or dragging his student out for a cup of tea after an emotional wearing mission.

Fact 04

It would be a lie to say Hatake Kakashi met Uzumaki Naruto for the first time that day at the academy.

The six year old child gazed at him with large blue eyes, but instead of screaming or cringing in fear…

"Oi, mister. Why'd you wear a mask?"

6 years later

"Oi Sensei, Why'd you wear a mask?"

Kakashi smirked, ruffling the boy's hair.

Fact 05

Many people are often put out by the jounin's laid back demeanour.

That doesn't stop the orange-loving blonde from jumping on his sensei's back and demanding ramen after a long mission.

Fact 06

Kakashi had never put a child to bed before but he found himself doing it a lot as of late.

Sighing, Kakashi scooped up the sleeping Naruto. "I'm pretty sure I said to take the day off and rest, Naruto. Not train til you drop dead." But he smiled indulgently all the same.

Fact 07

Kakashi did visit, he just doesn't do it by day.

When Naruto woke to the smell of cleanliness and antiseptic in the middle of the night, he is strangely unsurprised to see his sensei leaning against the wall opposite his bed.

Fact 08

The first time Kakashi experienced a sick child he swore he would never, ever have children.

One ramen obsessed, orange-loving, knuckle head was more than enough for him, thank-you very much.

Fact 09

The copy-cat ninja never did bother to learn to play an instrument.

That doesn't stop him from him from listening to Naruto play his father's flute on full moon nights, secretly perched on the roof.

Fact 010

The famous Hatake Kakashi never was good with words or goodbyes.

He doesn't need to be though as his hand ruffles golden spikes, all too aware of the silent tears wetting his vest.

"I'll miss you sensei."

"I know Naruto, I know."