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m/m; moresomes; toys; rape; s/m; HP/LM; HP/LV; HP/OC

Slave of the Dark


Harry was standing nervously besides his new master.


After the Dark Lord had won the last war, nearly all members of the Order had been thrown into the dungeons along with a few Ministry workers and Aurors not loyal to Voldemort.

Teachers like McGonagall had been allowed to remain in Hogwarts and were now forced to teach the children under a strict and from the Dark Lord approved curriculum.


Harry, Mr. Weasley and Mad Eye Moody had just been caught on the Malfoy grounds in an attempt to sneak into the Manor and rescue Ron, who had been abducted in a raid on the Burrow two weeks before. They were brought before the Lord of the Manor, Lucius Malfoy. Mad Eye, who stood his ground against him, was killed the same day with Harry and Mr. Weasley as witnesses.

In the days that followed Malfoy subdued the-boy-who-lived not by the torture he inflicted on him – that was just for fun – but by threatening the Weasley patriarch, Moody serving thereby as a good example.


On the second day after Harry had admitted his defeat Voldemort appeared in Malfoy Manor. Brought before him in his Voldemorts private room, Harry was forced to his knees. The Dark Lord studied him for what seemed like hours with an unreadable expression. He motioned for the youth to come nearer.

After a glare and a discrete kick to his leg from the blond Death Eater standing besides him, Harry complied and crawled to him.

The older took hold of his chin and tilted his head upwards to look into the boys eyes.

Before Harry had a chance to comprehend what would certainly follow and close his eyes, he could already feel someone probe his mind. The shields he had created, after Snape had cancelled his occlumency lessons fell within the next seconds.


Images and feelings of past events run before his inner eye.

...lying in the cupboard under the stairs on the night of his 8th Birthday and nursing a nasty bite he received by Ripper...

...peering at the table overloaded with food ... his aunt angrily staring down at him after he tried to take a cooked potato ... he was so hungry as he held his stinging hand, where she had slapped it away while he was forced to listen to her ongoing raging...

...sneaking around after curfew in the dark hallways...someone grabbing him from behind...the tell-tale Malfoy-blond hair he could see, when a cock was forcefully pushed in his mouth...gagging while tears streamed down his cheeks...


The Dark lord left his mind with a grin plastered on his face.

"Well, I think I have just found a proper punishment for you boy. Say 'hello' to a life of humiliation and pain as a slave to one of my man."

Harry couldn't believe his ears and a sob escaped him.

"Lucius, take him with you as a reward for your excellent service."

The blond bowed deep to his master. "Thank you my Lord for this honour."

With a dirty grin Voldemort replied "I will check out his progress from time to time for myself, so better make sure he is trained and behaves by then."

"He will be ready when you want him my Lord"

and to Harry the Death Eater said "Come on pet, time to learn some manners."




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