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He blushed as he thought about the sight of him. A plug sticking out of his ass and in full view by every move of his hips. He hated it.

Finally he reached the bed, climbed on it and sat down, carefully avoiding to put pressure on the object forced into him. Unsure he looked at the Death Eater.

A smile adorned the blond's features. "You have been very obident so far, I think you earnerd yourself supper."

With a flick of his wand a bowl of porridge appeared before the youth. Uncertain Harry stuck a finger in the gooey substance. He was so hungry. The last meal he remembered was breakfast at Grimmould Place and after that, only the occassional leftovers Voldemort's lackeys would feed him. After a loud grumble of his stomach he lapped a bit of porridge off his finger. It was deliciously sweet and lukewarm - the perfect temperature to eat it with his hands. A quick look assured him in his assumption, there wasn't a spoon lying anywhere besides the bowl.

"If you finish everything up, you will get fruit salad for dessert. I will put you under a strict diet to keep your delicate build."

A bit hesitatingly Harry began to eat. He put his index and middle finger in the porridge, stuck them in his mouth and began to lick them clean. The youth was so emersed in his task he didn't notice Malfoy getting up from his seat and coming in his direction until the man stood directly before him.

The blond began to unbutton his pants and took out his member, wich was straining upwards. Appearantly he got a hard one just by watching Harry eat.

"Do you like your your dinner, Harry?"


"I expect an awnser, when talking to you." the Death Eater said softly.

"I.. I like sweet food." and after a stern look he received from Malfoy he added "Sir".

"Then I think you won't have a problem with what I have in mind for you."

With a smile the blond sat down, dipped his fingers in Harry's porridge and smeared the goo on his penis.

"Since you are so fond of sweet stuff. ...Lick it clean."

Harry hesitated. He didn't want to give head and certainly not to such a monster. It wasn't like he hadn't seen another male naked. He had been a bit curious and had experimented with another boy at Hogwarts. But it didn't went any further than kissing and a bit of groping. At that time he wouldn't have imagined, that his first blow job would land him on Lucius Malfoy's crotch.

A push from said one forced his face down on it. Porridge smeared on the youth's face.

"Lick it, Harry. Lick it with the little red tongue of yours. And make it good."

Complying he started to lick. The member swelled even more under his ministrations. Finnally he had cleared every trace of porridge away but had to continue even after that. The size of his distended belly was starting to get in his way.

"Soon enough you will be used to this and you will be begging anyone, who walks by, to fuck you, to fill you up to the brim." The last part was roared, as Malfoy came.

A hand on the back of his had prevented him from getting away so the boy was forced to swallow, if he didn't want to suffocate.

"What a wonderful sight you make" the blond said, when a few drops of his seed escaped Harry's mouth and were running down his chin.

He panted, desperate for air. The foul taste of cum made him want to vomit. Still laying on Malfoy's lap he started crying.

"It's all right, you did wonderfully." the Death Eater stroked Harry's head like a perent would comfort their child.

With soft pressure on the youth's shoulder he indicated him to lay down. At once Harry rolled on his side, his back facing the older one. A hand was put over his waist and pulled him in a spooning position at Malfoy's chest. He lay there unmoving and wide awake thanks to the day's horror. Silent tears ran down his cheeks and a slight tremor rocked him.

Malfoy started to lightly stroke over his distended stomach with his fingertips.

'Maybe I will get a chance to escape while he is resting. I just have to wait 'till he is fast asleep. ...Maybe...'

Trying not to make any moves so to not desturb the blond, Harry lay there.

'But how could I get past the other Death Eaters and the wards surrounding the manor?' he was sure Malfoy Manor was under high security sice Voldemort was residing here. 'I just have to try. It's an better option, than staying prisoner for the rest of my life would ever be.'

In time the intensity of the fire in the chimney decreased. Harry watched the shadows dancing on the opposite wall, till it finally died out. He waited in the dark for what he thought might be hours. Without the fire the temperature in the room dropped and he felt the cold creep up his limbs, but he remaind still.

The blond's breath had evened out long before, when Harry deemed it safe enough to move. Slowly he turned around till he had a good look at Malfoy's face.

Unfortunatedly he had to sit on his backside to archive that, causing the plug to press further up his ass. Just as he tought about getting up and off the bed, Malfoy opened his eyes and fixated the youth.

"I take it you just wanted to make yourself comfortable in my arms and not attempt to flee the first chance you get." In a frosty voice he continiued "Get down." and pulled Harry down on him.

The youth was on top of the Death Eater, his head resting on the olders shoulder and their stomaches pressed together. He smelled the mans scent while trying to ignore the feeling caused by his body weighting down on his waterfilled belly. Strong hands held him in place. One crept lower and started to stroke over his buttocks. A finger wriggled between his cleft and dipped deeper, till it found its target. Harry yelped, when Malfoy pushed the plug further up his ass and pulled on it in turn, but not once did he took it out of his body.

His face took on a flaming red colour. Harry had a bad feeling, when something stiff poked him in the hip.

"I like it, when you let me do these noughty things to you." The blond whispered in his ear, rubbing his hard erection against the youths smooth skin.

His other hand, which untill now had rested on the boys back, wandered under Harry and took hold of his cock. Cold fingers started to play with his pearcing. He winced every time the ring was flicked around or pressure was applied on the head.

"You make such delocious noices." He took the boys hand and guided it to his prick. "See, it'ss already hard and eager to fuck you, to fill you up and stretch your virgin hole, till you think you're going to burst."

Harry couldn't stop the shiver to run over him, at hearing those words. Hands grabbed him around his hips and lifted him up to change position. Now he was forced to kneel before the blond. His head rested on the matress and his arse rised in the air. With a shock Harry realised what tonight the Death Eater had in mind for him.

Malfoy grabbed the plug's base and started to slowly pull it out of Harry.

"You will remain in this position 'till I'm finished with you. This way the water has no chance to escape your body while I fuck you."

Finally the youth felt the last part of the blund object lave his orifice. Malfoy took something out of his nightstand to Harry's right and let it float in front of the boy's face. It was a mirror, but it didn't reflect anything.

"This is one piece of a pair. I have the other one here in my hand. Once I activate my mirror, yours will reflect everything mine does."

Malfoy whispered something and Harry could see his buttocks in the reflection. The butt plug, which the blond had taken out before was now pressing against his opening again. Harry saw it moving inch by inch into his hole. When the offending toy reached it's destined position Malfoy delivered a sharp slap to his arse for good measure. The plug's end was obscenely sticking out between his arse cheeks.

He watched it sliding in and out of him, intensifying the feeling of it in his arse. harry lowered his eyes. he didn't want to witness this. It was so enough to feel it, he didn't need to see it too, to feel humilated to the bone. With closed eyes he could try to pretend it wasn't happening to him. That it was a bad dream, all of it. If he tried really hard he could even block out the things around him to some extend.

"Do not avert your eyes. I want you to se exactly what you have become. You're a whore. My pet and nothing else. Once the Dark Lord won I will parade you around, so every whizard and whitch including every one of your friends - if they're still alive by then, that is - will know how low their savior has sunken. They will see you obeying to my every command. I will even have you infront of them."

Grudingly he looked up. The Death Eater stroked with one of his cold fingers over his streched rim and Harry couldn't help but shudder at the feeling it caused.

"Do you see how your hole lusts after me? It's winking at me and thanks to the plug you're wearing the whole evening it won't be able to close completely, when I pull it out of you again."

He proved his words true, when he pulled the toy out in one swift motion. He softly pinched the now wrinkled flesh an Harry yelped. With help of a second finger Malfoy pulled the winking flesh apart to open the hole wider.

Harry could see the rosy flesh of his anal cavity through the opening.

'This is so sick, Malfoy is si-'

But befor he could complete his thought the blond had plunged his cock in the youth an brutally pushed forward.

"No, please no. It hurts. Please stop, please!"

Harry pleaded, while split open by the hated flesh of his tormentor.

"I don't know if I imagine things, but i could swear, I feel the water in you around my cock.

I think I will do that more often with you. It's unbelivable."

To underline his words, the Death Eater trusted espeacially deep into body before him.


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