Okay, I don't own Professor Layton. If I did - Luke and Flora would be a couple, Dahlia would be human and Don Paolo would die and leave everybody alone. I do, however, own Eva, the main character in this story. She's mine! Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

A Curious Family...

I just don't get them, that family next door. They're all quite strange. There's the man, Professor Layton, the young boy, Luke and the newest member of the family, Flora. They keep themselves to theirselves mostly - they travel quite a bit too. That's when Flora first appeared, after they'd travelled. I sometimes wonder if they'll ever bring anyone else back with them - a woman, maybe?

We sometimes get their mail by mistake. A lot of the time they're ivory coloured envelopes with the neatest handwriting on the front, and a posh, red 'R' stamped on the back. They always get sent first class. It's usually the girl that collects them. She smiles, excitedly when we hand them to her. If the boy or man collect them they always smile and say something like "Oh, Flora will be pleased!" According to the boy, they are letters from her stepmother where she once lived. Occasionally, we recieve letters from other people for them. The two children always get excited when they collect them, saying that it might be 'another case'.

They don't often get visitors, and like I say, they keep themselves to theirselves. But when they go out, they always smile at everyone. If I ever see them, they always say "Good morning!" or "Hello, Eva!"

My Mother says that the Professor has lived nextdoor since he was 23. That's thirteen years ago, now! Luke has lived with him since he was a baby. She say's that he was just dumped on him on Christmas Eve, by a woman who just ran away when Layton opened the door, now he's thirteen - so is Flora.

I'm in the same class as Luke and Flora at school. They both always score the highest in tests. They're too smart for year eight, I think. They should probably have been in college by the time they were ten!

Anyway, My point is - I just don't get them. They are by far, the most curious people I have ever met!

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