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Summary: Nova is a science experiment wishing it would all just come to an end. When the scientists capture a full grown Yautja and put him in the cell next to hers, interests are raised. Maybe the massive warrior is just what Nova needs to take back the freedom that was stolen from her.


Nova lay on the stark white cell floor and wished she would die.

Three years they had kept her in here and that was three years too long.

She felt like her mind was slowly shutting down.

There was nothing for her to do, and there never would be.

The most exciting thing that had happened in three years was when the black-bug -monster-thing had been kept in the next cell. Whatever it was had hissed and scratched at the thick glass that divided them for days. There was no doubt in her mind that the thing, had it gotten to her, would have eaten her, or done something equally as horrible. But the scientists must have run out of reasons for keeping it, because one day they gassed it's cell.

This was not the normal gas that they used to knock her out, as it was white, the gas that killed the whatever was a dirty yellow. So after an entire night of it screaming in a high pitched wail, throwing up its green insides, and making one last go at breaking the glass to get to her.

It died.

Five men in hazmat suits dragged it out in the morning.

Maybe they would get rid of her like that.

But she knew they weren't finished with her just yet.

"How are you today Nova?"

She fought the urge to roll her eyes, she gave up showing emotion a long time ago.

When they first captured her, she had never stopped talking.

She would beg, plead, and scream. Asking for answers, asking to be let go. 'your special Nova we cant let you go', 'you need us to survive Nova and we need the information you give us' , were the answers she got if she was lucky, over and over the same words in a fake computerized voice. Her begging stopped when one night she had screamed for hours on end, making her throat raw and depriving herself of air. She remembered crawling over to the plain piece of foam they had placed on the floor to pass as a bed, 'I wish someone would hold me', she remembered muttering into the darkness, before she passed out.

After that night she never spoke a word, made her face blank. Even when the computerized voice would drone on, she would not answer it. She hardened herself, not wanting to give the asstards in white coats the satisfaction of her tears ever again.

"We need to do more tests Nova"

'Oh, really what fun'

When did a day go by when there were none?

Never, that's when. The tests weren't that bad,... actually they probably were horrific. She would be unconscious whenever they were conducted. The normal routine was to gas her, wait for her to fall under, then do whatever it was, and have her back god knows when. (She didn't know what time it was anymore, science experiments weren't aloud the courtesy of clocks.) All in time for her to wake up with a searing pain somewhere on her body with a nice new set of stitches.

The first time she woke up with stitches, she had freak out.

Nova would be the first to admit that. A full-blown panic attack had hit in which she clawed at herself, tearing the precise stitches wide open. She half expected there to be something electronic like wires or microchips fall out, but it was just blood and other things she did not want to think about that came out. She would have plunged a hand inside herself to keep digging if gas hadn't flooded her cell again.

She woke up in her cell chained to what she was pretty sure was an operating table, with a lot more stitches then before. 'That was bad Nova, we will release you when you have learned your lesson', the voice had explained in its deadpan tone.

Her reminiscing was interrupted by white gas pouring into her cell, 'And the day starts', she thought to herself, and just as she passed out an idea hit. A way to fight off the boredom, when she woke up she would start chewing her nails to help pass the time.

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