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"Oh yeah baby, dat ass looking good."

Nova smiled at her naked reflection in one of her quarters' metal walls, swiveling her chest around so she could easily gaze at her rounding backside.

She hadn't been particularly well developed before her time in 'captivity' and then she had spent most of her time starved. Seeing that her body could be curved like this was new to her. Of course it was very much a product of her progressive training and the healthy portions of food she was regularly consuming.

It had taken three weeks for Nova not to feel like shit once training was over. Her routine had lately consisted of; work out until you want to die, eat your own body weight in food, pass out in bed, wake up and repeat. This was the only day that she hadn't gone straight to the eatery and then bed.

And Nova was feeling fantastic.

Duh had upped the training to throwing metal rings into the ridiculously deep ocean/pool and having Gaun and Nova retrieve them. Thankfully Nova could hold her breath for a long time, but it didn't help when the rings Duh was throwing were of varying weights. Hauling one up to ten kilogram weight to the surface was not fun. And having to remember to breathe out gradually while surfacing, then you quickly had a tediously exhausting activity. Although, Nova had to admit; hauling a weight definitely made sure you didn't rise to the surface quickly. Nova was still paranoid about Thwei'duh releasing sharks into the water one day, so she was always on the lookout for gray fins and black eyes... just in case.

The training may not be fun, but the results were definitely enjoyable.

Nova gently fingered the newly forming abs that had decided to pop up. She was also getting this V shape happening where her hips met her body. Nova didn't even know there was a muscle there until it decided to pop up and say 'hi' about a week ago.

If it wasn't for all the scars, she would be pretty damn hot right now. Not that her scars truly bothered her anymore, considering how much Ti'kon loved them, and her breasts weren't getting bigger anytime soon, but her thighs and ass at the moment...

'Damn girl!'

Nova smiled saucily at her reflection in narcissistic glee, flicking her new hairdo over her shoulder in the process.

Lex had plainly told her one day that 'your hair looks like shit', and yeah the different lengths of shorn off black left a lot to be desired by human standards. But to tell the truth Nova had given her hair very little thought until Lex had brought it up. The American had offered to give her dreadlocks like herself, so that she could imitate her alien husband's hair style, but then it would be impossible for Ti'kon to run his talons through it, and she had gotten very used to the attention from him. So instead she allowed Lex to take a knife to her hair and make it all different lengths, until it looked artfully messy and chaotic. Lex then threw in some random plaits here and there to finish it off.

When Ti'kon had seen her later that night he had gotten oddly excited about her new hair. He worked small beads, strange teeth, and colorful feathers into her plaits, securing them tightly to her tresses while she nodded off to sleep in his lap.

All in all one could say she now had a designer bird nest on her head, but Nova loved it. It made her look wild, like she was some space Amazon. Couple this with her developing body and Nova was fast on her way to being vain.

It was an uplifting possibility for one who had never felt that way before.

"Mate, what are you doing?"

"Admiring myself," Nova answered honestly, not turning her gaze away from her reflection.

"I thought that was my privilege only."

Nova smiled, looking over to her large husband who was slowly divesting himself of armor.

"Well, I guess it's our privilege now," she cheekily replied.

Ti'kon snorted, shaking his head at her as he loosened his chest plate.

"Why are you home and not eating with the others?," Ti'kon asked conversationally.

Nova hummed in her throat before answering, "I was feeling energetic for the first time after training, didn't want to waste it eating. I was going to get something later. What about you, you're normally eating right now as well?"

Ti'kon harrumphed, actually harrumphed at her.

'Well, that's a noise I never thought I'd hear him make'

"I find our table to be crowded lately," Nova's eyebrows shot up to her new hair, "It's unpleasant. I'll simply bring us some food to share later."

Now, Nova wasn't entirely sufficient at reading people's emotions, but she would have to be blind to not know when Ti'kon was in a mood. For starters he growled a lot, or snorted, or his mandibles splayed, and as of five minutes ago... harrumphed.

She had a really good feeling who he was pissed with as well.

"And by 'crowded' you mean Moby, right? What's your problem with him? He only ever really talks to Gaun, and even then he doesn't say much."

Ti'kon turned sharply to her, abandoning the removal of his shin guards to growl lowly as his mandibles flared.

"His name is U'darahje and he was named that for a reason."

Nova's hands found their way to her hips without conscious thought.

"Enlighten me then."

"He is deformed," Ti'kon snapped, "he is not equipped properly for the hunt. He would have to use his cloak constantly to even make a kill. I would bet my honor on the fact that he has never taken down prey uncloaked. If the device were to fail he would be dead. It's as simple as that. All of his kills are made with deceit and nothing else."

"You don't know that," Nova bristled on behalf of the quiet male, "and in case you haven't noticed my skin isn't that many shades different from his. Do you think I'm 'deformed' too? Because I think I'll be using cloak a lot when I finally get my armor as well. Will you tell me that all of my kills are made with deceit?"

Ti'kon deflated quickly.

"No Mate, I did not mean you... I would never imply-"

"Well, you just did."

"No, I did not mean-"

"Why don't we just cut the crap here. You're jealous that I like him and consider him a friend."

Ti'kon snarled, tearing his remaining gold armor off violently, throwing the pieces into their bedroom without care.

"He looks at you, and I do not like it," he finally admitted.

Nova was stunned: 'he looked at her'. That's the best Ti'kon could come up with.

"Oh-the-bastard," she said sarcastically, "must be a small step until we're having sex then."

Ti'kon full out roared at her, "Do not make fun of me!"

"Then stop being stupid!," she screamed back, "frankly Ti'kon it's insulting how...fickle you think I am... That I would drop trou' for someone who 'looked' at me!"

She was not getting teary. There was definitely no moisture gathering in her eyes. She had to rub her eyes because they were itchy, and only itchy.

All of Ti'kon's anger seemed to evaporate as he saw the telltale sign of tears, and he was quickly in front of her, removing her hands from her face.

"Mate, I did mean that you would,...I would never attack your loyalty. I'm simply being cautious. He is an unmated Male, and because of all the rumors I've been hearing about Ooman females lately, and all of the facts that I know about Ooman females... everything shows that Ooman females are incredibly fertile. You have the ability to conceive at any month. You do not go in to heat, you are basically in a state of constant heat... this alone is enough incentive for a Yautja Male to search for a Ooman Mate, and then of course there's you..."


Nova was looking at him now, letting him pull her closer to his body.

"Yes, you are Yautja and yet you are not. You have enough of our blood to be stronger, better. You're deliciously covered in scars-"


"You're beautiful and fierce. I am surprised that no one has challenged me for you yet."

Sufficiently calmed, Nova let Ti'kon pull her into his embrace, leaning into his hard body.

"You forgot funny."

Ti'kon snorted into her hair.

"Yes Mate, you are also hilarious."

"Damn right I'm funny," Nova snipped back.

There was silence as they simply held one another, basking in the others presence.

"Hypothetically speaking," Nova started, "If someone were to challenge you for me and you lost," She continued before he could start growling, "it would still be up to me if I wanted them right? I can refuse them?"

Ti'kon stiffened.

"Yes, but why would you refuse them? They have bested me. They would be the more logical choice of Mate."

"The answer to that one is easy," Nova nuzzled into his chest, "because they wouldn't be you."

Ti'kon arms tightened around her as he started purring madly into her hair.

"I could make a vow on it, if it would help with this irrational fear of yours," Nova offered.

She had read about vows of honor and just what they meant to the Yautja. They took that shit very seriously. It was considered to be a sacred contract, one that you did not break or make lightly.

"No," Ti'kon purred, "I do not need one, I should be able to trust you as you trust me, and if worse came to bare I would not have you honor bound to me."

'If worse came to bare' as in if she one day decided not to pick Ti'kon over another? That was not what she wanted to hear.

"Well, now. That just makes me want to vow more."

She feathered a light touch up and down his muscled stomach, following the indented lines just to tease him.

"It is not necessary," he groused, grabbing her hand to stop the tickling.

"You have my word," Nova began, "that I have not seen enough of you naked lately, and there has been a severe lacking of Yautja penis in my diet, and by in my diet I mean in me-"

He rumbled a quiet laugh, which was more of an enthusiastic purr, "I like this vow."

"And I've been looking at our table lately," she continued ignoring the way his eyes started to blaze gold, "and I think it's far too clean. I also may have measured it so I know it's Yautja hip height, which is very considerate of whoever made it."

Nova squealed as Ti'kon quickly lifted her and carried her to said table, dropping her roughly onto the surface. His talons griped her back side, pulling her to the edge until he was standing in the cradle of her thighs.

"It is wise of you to already be naked, Mate. You planned for this all along did you not?"

With his hands busy holding more important things; it was Nova who took it upon herself to tear his loin cloth away. He was only half way hard, so she wrapped her palms around him, loving the way he tossed his head back in excitement.

"I'd say more hoped then planed," she husked, out of breath already from simply feeling him grow in her hands.

God she'd missed this. They were still a pretty new couple and new couples were meant to be at it like monkeys all the time, but so much shit had been getting in their way.

"What about your father?"

His hands were kneading her ass insistently, rocking her on the table with his rough pawing motions.

"He's still trying to impress Duh by taking extended training sessions. He won't be back for ages."

"Good," he purred, scraping his tusks down her throat pausing on the scared over mark he'd given her reminding both of them of how it came to be there.

His length slipped from hands as he pushed forward, rubbing himself over her opening, spreading their combined juices. Nova's hips twitched with eagerness, grinding back onto him hoping to hurry the large male on. As far as she was concerned foreplay could come later… after several orgasms.

"I'm not sure if I can be gentle, Mate. I've been without you for weeks."

"Gentle is overrated," she hissed, snapping her hips so he lined up perfectly all he had to do was push forward, "Please, tell me you know what I want right now? I don't want to have to give you explicit permission every time we do this."

A quick movement, and Ti'kon was buried half way into her leaving her slack jawed and in awe that his size wasn't hurting her.

"Mate, I'm starting to understand your wants more each day," he choked, words catching on rumbling purrs.

"Oh good," she quipped breathless, "my Ti'kon training program is paying off."

She could feel his sudden laughter all the way to her toes, as he pushed further inside her.

"Being trained by you is a delight, Nova."

Oh god, he'd said her name. The thrill of hearing him say it was more potent than if he'd flicked her clit. She practically lit up from the inside out, and she didn't care if most of it was in her head, he was just down right sexy.

"Less talking, more sex," she growled, digging her tiny nails into his back to spur him on.

He needed very little encouragement apparently, as he slammed so hard into her that the mammoth table moved with them. Nova screamed more in surprise than anything else, but loved his eagerness regardless. Soon surprise was definitely not what she was feeling as he continued to pound her viciously into the table.

Gentle really wasn't on the cards for tonight.

And this was exactly what she needed from him.

'Fuck yes!'

She clutched at him desperately as he moved. The sheer size of him thrilling her to no end, and she was relieved at how little it strained her to fit him. Her thighs flexed around his waist as she tried to pull him closer, but apparently it was not just her thighs she'd flexed when she squeezed him.

Ti'kon growled loudly and grabbed both her legs, pulling them both up with a quick thug. Nova squealed and fell back on the table her balance thrown off. The deviant in her was melting at the rough treatment, but Ti'kon was only getting started. He caught both her ankles and pushed until her knees hit her chest, leaving her wide open to his hurried desperate thrusts.

"Shit!" she hissed, hands flailing uselessly besides her looking for purchase on the smooth table and finding none as it creaked beneath her.

He was so large and so deep in her that her head grew foggy as he leaned over her, trapping her legs against her chest. Dimly she registered she was moaning with every snap of his powerful hips.

"Tell me you like this," he growled to her, "Tell me you need me."

Her eyes practically rolled into the back of her head, Ti'kon knew exactly what he was doing to her and he was abusing the sexual prowess he held over her… it was fucking brilliant. She didn't even care if jealously was making him do this, it was hot.

So very hot.

"FUCK YES!" she screamed, unable to measure her response as he continued to master her body in a way no one else had ever bothered to try.

He was purring now that deep base purr that she could fell all over her body, she gasped as her center began to tighten around his length, angled just right so the ridged bumps kissed against her swollen clit.

"Tell me," he ordered, head falling forward so they were shrouded by his hair.

She knew what he wanted to hear, because she wanted to hear herself say it as her body strained desperately for completion.

"Want you," she gasped, "Need you."

Her voice was quiet in the wake of his growls, but he heard her perfectly. He flung his head back, grabbed her legs, and Nova became foggy on the rest of the details as his vicious pounding turned erratic and impossibly faster. She came quickly, her head cracking against the table as she cried out, and still Ti'kon didn't stop as she tightened to the point of actually pushing him out of her body. Ti'kon was unfazed as he held her still, entering her again and pushing her down on the table so he could continue his assault until her voice was hoarse and she was half delirious with pleasure. She came again, this time painfully clutching him as all her muscles burned in protest.

Half lost in her own world of pleasure it took her a few moments to realize he was coming as well. She could feel his shaft kicking inside of her. She was pleased he didn't need her to tug on his hair for him to let go this time, all he needed was the feel of her around him. Ti'kon finally stopped shuddering and released her legs.

She expected him to fall forward onto her, but instead his legs gave out and he dropped to the floor.

If she had been more with it she would have thought it funny, but she was still trying to catch her breath. Nova heard another thump and strained her head to look up. She couldn't see him, so with a groan she slowly sat up, trying to ignore as she leaked the evidence of their play onto the table. It really wasn't so clean anymore.

"Big guy, you right?" she asked quietly.

"I will be fine in a moment," came the muffled reply.

He was stretched out on the floor, and much like herself she could see his muscles twitching from the strain they had just put themselves through. Feeling like jelly she slid off the table and flopped onto his prone form with a moan and a short grunt from Ti'kon. His hand came up and played with her sweaty locks as they both recuperated, calming them both.

"You are not hurt?" he inquired gruffly.

"No," she moaned, "I think my training is really starting to pay off, 'cause I think I could walk in just a bit."

"Good," he purred and closed his eyes as he relaxed beneath her.

Nova shot a questioning look up at his slack mandibles, "Aren't you upset that it was too quick, or that you took advantage of me or something else Yautja males seem to freak out about after mating?"

His mandibles flexed in an amused grin, "Ah, you must be training me well, because none of those things occurred to me until you mentioned them." He looked down at her his eyes bright, "you enjoy it when I'm rough with you, Mate, and as long as you peak you have little care for the time it took to achieve it."

His head slumped back down and Nova smiled into the rough hide of his chest. Well, she couldn't argue with such facts when they were all very true. Who said you can't teach an old dog.

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My last and main gripe with this novella is the grammar. To describe it in one word it is simply ATROCIOUS. I could forgive one or two simple misspellings here and there but this novella has a copious amount of them. I find that inexcusable for a novella that I had to pay $5.99 for. That atrocious grammar combined with the one-dimensional characters and overall bland plot and love scenes made me regret buying this novella. I hardly think this novella is worth a $1.99 sticker price, much less the $5.99 that I paid. Save your bucks and skip out on this read. There are definitely more worthy buys on Amazon in this price range.

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