I read Dragon Ruler 06's story "Please Come back" and when I got to the Yuyu Hakusho part, I thought, 'I want to write a Youko/Kuronue story. So here it is and enjoy it!

Warnings: yaoi, mpreg, violence, character death, many flashbacks, and own characters

Summary: In their past lives, Youko Kurama and Kuronue were more than partners. They were lovers and parents to three hybrids. When Kuronue died, Youko was left alone with them. When he died and was reborn as a human, he thought they had died since they were still young when he died. Now with this mission Koenma gives the team, will he think otherwise? And will the children of his old lover remember him at all? Or will they try to kill him first?

Disclaimer: Don't own Yuyu Hakusho. Only the hybrid children.


"Kuronue!" Youko called out, gaining his partner's attention. The bat demon turned and looked at the silver fox before he was pounced on by said silver fox. The both were submerged under water for a few seconds until they came back up.

"Hey, Youko!" Kuronue laughed. "Feeling better, huh?"

"I wasn't sick," Youko stated, his wet ears twitching in annoyance. "I just wasn't feeling at my best."

"Been that way the past eight mornings," the bat pointed out. "Then you're better by afternoon. What the hell is the matter with you, fox?"

"Oh, nothing," Youko scoffed as Kuronue leaned against one of the boulders surrounding the hot spring. The silver smirked before straddling his lover's waist, brushing his tail lightly over the tanned legs of the other. Kuronue suppressed a small shiver. "Not that I can think of, anyway."

"Sure, whatever you say, Youko," Kuronue chuckled as he tilted his head back.

Youko pouted playfully as he ran his fingertips along the bat's collarbone, dancing around the chain of his pendant. He knew better than to touch the precious item. It was the last gift Kuronue's mother gave him before Kuronue was exiled from the Clan for being the 'imperfection' of the Bat Youkai. Youko silently snorted at that. 'Kuronue' and 'imperfect' didn't even belong in the same sentence. The kitsune wondered what was traveling through the minds of the bats when they exiled this being of perfection.

Even while Youko himself attracted the looks of many males and females, there were very few that caught his eyes. Kuronue as the very first, even though the bat was an amateur pick-pocket when they first met. He just couldn't leave him where he was, so let him follow him around. Or more like, Kuronue didn't give him a choice.

"Hey, Youko," Kuronue spoke, bringing the silver from his thoughts.

"Hm?" was Youko's response.

"Weren't you in heat a couple weeks ago?" he asked, tilting his head to the side as his amethyst eyes went upwards.

"Yeah," the fox replied with a smirk. "And we had so much fun."

"Yeah, we did," Kuronue chuckled. "But think about it for a minute, would you?"

A few minutes passed in silence before Youko pushed himself away from Kuronue with his eyes wide. "You can't mean…" the silver tried to say, but didn't finish.

"It does fit," the bat youkai stated. "You're getting sick in the mornings. You're cravings are getting weird. Seriously, since when have you ever craved raw rabbit chunks mixed in with that brown sweet frozen cream we stole from the human world? Not to mention you're crazy mood-swings that give me whiplash just trying to keep up with them. You're hornier than normal and we've mated plenty of times during your heat."

"Kuronue, I can't be pregnant!" Youko exclaimed. "Fox and bat demons aren't meant to even be lovers, much less be parents of the same child! If I am pregnant, this child is a Forbidden Child!"

"Even if it is a Forbidden Child, we won't let anyone know about it," Kuronue assured. "Youko, who says anyone has to even know we'll have a child? It'll stay safe. No one will know about it and if anyone ever comes across him or her, they won't know their parentage."

"What if it shares features of both fox and bat?" Youko asked in a serious manner with his arms over his chest. "Some youkai are dumb, but even the biggest of idiots can put two and two together if the kit has features from us both."

"We'll kill whoever threatens the life of our kid!" Kuronue replied with a grin as though it was the simplest of answers.

"We're wanted thieves, Kuronue," the silver fox pointed out. "Our lives are in danger all the time."

"Never seemed to bother you before," Kuronue interrupted with a smirk.

Youko hit him on the head. The bat just laughed. "It matters now!" Youko yelled at his mate. "Kuronue! If I'm pregnant, then that means we'll be parents. And if we're parents, that means we either give up thieving or we be more careful. What if we're on a heist and something happens to us? What is a heist go wrong and our kit will be an orphan in a world that would kill it without a second thought?"

Kuronue smirked before he pulled the kitsune to him. Youko placed his head on the bat's chest, his ear pressed against the beating heart of his lover. "We're the best thieves in Makai," he stated. "We never had a heist go wrong before. Why would one go wrong after the kid's born?" He sighed gently. "Nothing's going to happen to us."


An alarm broke through the quiet air before green eyes snapped open and the alarm was quickly shut off. Kurama sighed lightly as he looked out the window, seeing red eyes watching him curiously. "If I find out you've been watching my dreams again, Hiei, that tree will strangle you," the red-head muttered under his breath, knowing the fire demon heard him clearly.

'Relax, fox,' Hiei telepathically replied. 'I stayed out of your head. I still remember that vine you sent out on me.'

Kurama just smirked at the memory before he entered the kitchen where his mother was making breakfast. "Ohayo, mother," he greeted.

"Ohayo, Shuichi," his mother replied. "How are you this morning? You look like you had a hard time sleeping."

"I'm fine, mother," Kurama replied with a small smile. "Just up late studying for the test we have today."

"Well staying up and studying that late like that is bad for your health," his mother scolded him as he took a piece of toast she held out for him. "I am glad you're studying, but please. Don't ruin your health for grades."

"I won't," Kurama reassured her. "I better go and get Yusuke or he'll be late again. He needs some help before the test and he can't get it if he's late."

"Alright, then," the woman chuckled gently. "Have a good day, Shuichi!" she called out as the red-head ran out of the kitchen, grabbed his bag, and was out the door.

Before he closed the front door, he turned to look at her and gave her a soft smile with an 'I will' and closed the door behind him. He made it around the corner before Hiei was suddenly next to him like he's always been there. "Coming out in human public," Kurama jokingly noted. "Something on your mind, Hiei?"

"Hn," the fire apparition scoffed. "Koenma has a new mission for us. And that was one of the worst lies I have ever heard you tell. You're a fox. Why don't you come up with better lies other than studying until a late hour?"

"She'd believe that better," Kurama replied with a shrug. "So where are we meeting for the mission?"

"The detective's house," Hiei replied. Kurama nodded once before his mind drifted.


"Twins?" Kuronue asked, staring at Youko in disbelief. "Why do you say twins?"

"Because I'm a fox and foxes have litters!" Youko snapped at him before muttering under his breath. "Besides, I can feel more than one youkai energy in there. Feels more like two. Not to mention I shouldn't be this huge with just one kit!"

"You're not huge," the bat blandly stated with a roll of his eyes as he got to his feet and wrapped his arms around Youko's waist. "You're perfect. The most beautiful kitsune one could ever lay eyes on."

Youko was quiet for a moment. "Flattery gets you nowhere," he suddenly said as he pushed away the playfully shocked bat and laid on the couch.

"Who says I wanna get anywhere?" Kuronue asked the room in general as he lifted up Youko's legs and sat down, dropping the limbs onto his lap. "Seriously? Come on, Youko. What kind of guy do you take me for?"

"The kind to take advantage of a fox in heat and impregnate him with your spawns that makes him sick and weak," the silver playfully replied, acting like he was an innocent victim while Kuronue was the devil.

"Hey!" Kuronue exclaimed.


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