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I'm so sorry


A small redheaded boy sat in the desert, sand swirling magically around him. It was soft and kind and, occasionally, it would kiss his cheeks. The sand ebbed and flowed higher above him, halo-ing his attention-seeking hair.

The swirling sand span faster around Gaara's body, faster and faster until it was a blur. Then it would settle again, spinning slowly, almost lazily. It flowed around his feet and under his arms, pulling him up into the air.

Gaara was turned around, facing Sunagakure, then open desert, then Sunagakure again. But the spin of the sand grew faster and manifested into a beautiful woman.

"Mother?" The figure nodded her head and cast an arm out towards the desert. Gaara was slowly turned to face the desert and, for a moment, saw nothing. "Mother, I don't understand."

A wind blew from the east, pulling at his mother's sandy clothes and Gaara's cloth ones. Wide teal eyes slid to watch the wind, following the billowing currents, until he was once again looking out at the desert.

The sand dunes dissolved with the wind, revealing mounds of rotting carcasses underneath them, long since buried. Maggots lay dead in eye sockets and limbs had been cruelly torn off and thrown away. Millions upon millions of bodies lay there.

"Mother, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" The child cried as his mother forced him to look at the horrors under the sand, horrors he had caused. "Mother, I'm sorry!"

As the wind died down, the bodies were covered up, blood-soaked sand disappearing from view. "Mother…" The wind changed direction and she was gone, faded into the desert to join the corpses.

Hush now precious, she's gone. Listen to Mother. It cooed in his head, comforting Gaara with soft words. The voice had no body, no name other than Mother. This was Gaara's mother; this voice loved him and sang to him.

Gaara, its okay Gaara, you can wake up now. Wake up, I've got you. That didn't sound like Mother, Gaara liked this voice better.

NO! Mother sounded angry at Gaara, or was mother angry at the voice?

Gaara, come back to me, baby.

The blood soaked sand rushed towards Gaara, covering him, suffocating him. Mother wasn't happy.

"Mother I'm so sorry!" Gaara cried, sitting up. Outside his window raged the usual sandstorm and his room was hot, without blankets.

"Gaara, honey, are you okay?" Hyuuga Neji gave his husband a concerned look, noticing those wide green eyes and the terror that lay beneath them. "Shukaku?"

"No, my mother." Neji held Gaara closer, despite the heat and whispered soft words of comfort and love into the vessels ear. At length the terror in Gaara's eyes left and the usual exhaustion settled back into place. "I'm sorry I woke you."

"Don't be stupid." The pair lay back down, comfortable in each others embrace.

"She was angry at me, Neji. Please don't get angry with me." Gaara clutched at Neji's shoulders like a small child.

"I won't, just go to sleep, it's okay. Remember, I love you."

"Love you? Love you too." Gaara slowly drifted off to sleep, while Neji stayed awake till he was well and truly asleep.

"I'm so sorry. Neji."


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