Bridging Three Worlds

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Chapter One – Bella's New Beginning


I am not afraid of moving in with my Godfather, Charlie. I have been expecting that I would eventually end up living with him; I just did not think it would be so soon. Leaving my only home that I have known so long is what I am afraid of, I am afraid that I will forget my guardians. I lost my parents, Renee and Phil, when I was three. After bouncing between aunts and uncles for three months, Charlie decided that I needed something more permanent. A home. At the time he was not able to provide that for me. My aunts and uncles love me but just could not handle me. That is when I first realized I was different from others my age. My family was afraid of me for reasons unknown. I know now that Charlie would have taken me in after my parents died but his job had him stationed in the far reaches of space. You see Charlie is a Star Commander, first officer of the starship Journey. He could not just up and leave, I could never ask him to do that, so he arranged for me to be assigned Star Commander guardians, Danielle and Matthew Graham.

I am now sixteen and moving away my friends and family. I find myself looking out the shuttlecraft window trying to hold back tears.


"Come on, Bella," called Samantha, "we are going to be late." She was so thrilled to be seeing the latest James Bond movie.

I could care less about the movie but was only going to spend time with my best friend. "Sammie," my nickname for her escaping my lips, "it is not like we are going to miss anything!" We were not really running late, always make it in time. "We'll just miss a few of the previews."

***End flashback***

I shook my head, not wanting to remember. It was hard enough leaving without the memories invading. Putting my earphones on, I turn on my IPod and pulling out my copy of Romeo and Julie Ilost myself as I listened to the story unfold, not thinking about my friend or where I was going, Forks.



Isabella would be arriving soon. I have never been so nervous. I have not seen her in the last year due to work and a mission that took me into space. I arrived back to headquarters three weeks ago and was informed of the tragedy the Isabelle witnessed. She has been in the hospital and therapy ever since. She refuses to speak and I fear for her. As soon as I heard, I went to visit her and tried to talk to her and told her she could return with me. Her therapist did not think that was a good idea. I was finally able to convince her therapist, with the help of Counselor Daniela, to release her to my care. Hopefully Isabella talks with Daniela. They had there first meeting together last week and Daniela called my right after. It is her recommendation that Isabella not be enrolled immediately at Forks High School but be home schooled. Daniela also spoke with the principal of Forks High School and arranged for Isabella to participate any after-school, of her choosing and when she is ready, they offer.

I am currently at my home Star Commander post in Forks while extensive repairs and upgrades are being made to the Journey. I will be here for at least a year perhaps longer making short trips to the nearby space station from time to time.

Pacing back and forth in my office, I wonder again for the hundredth time since I found out what exactly did Isabella witness. She was still not talking about that and it is my fear that she near will. Daniela had arrived yesterday and stopped by before heading to the shuttle deck to great Isabella. She told me that Isabella still had made no progress and was hopeful that a change would do her a world of good. Only time will tell if this will happen. I have to remember to be patient with Isabelle and give her space. All I really want to do is to take away her pain and help her heal.

Checking the clock, I see that it is 13:45; Isabella's shuttle will be her soon. I grab the small welcome gift and head to the shuttle deck. Here it goes.

I arrived as the shuttle opened it doors and out walked Isabella. Even from this distance, I could see the sadness in her eyes and the gaunt draw of her face. It brought sadness and again the question of what she had seen.



I could feel the shuttle start to descend. Fear washed over me. What if I did not like it here or Charlie did not like living with me and decide to send me away? Where would I go if that happened? I could possibly go to Scotland and live with my grandfather but what kind of life would that be. I have to try and make this work. Luckily it was Friday, I would have today and the weekend to settle in before I meet with the officers that would be home schooling me until I was ready to enroll at the local high school.

I felt the soft thud as we came to a rest on the ground and I gathered my bag, the rest was already shipped here, and exited the shuttle. I was met with dreary, rainy weather. Great, the weather matches my mood. I could get use to this, I think. I see Counselor Daniela and Charlie on the upper walkway waiting for me. Okay, Bella, let's get this over with. I planted a slight smile on my face as I made my way to the walkway and slowly made my way to them.

"Isabelle," Charlie started. I will have to tell him later I prefer Bella. "Welcome, my dear. Here I got this for you," he continued handing me a small bag.

I nodded my thanks to him, not trusting my voice. I opened it and found two small boxes. One, I recognized, as standard issue Star Commander com-badge. I placed it on my collar without question. It was slightly different from the one Charlie and the Counselor wore. I did question this either. Opening the second box, I was greeted by the sight of a necklace. It was a beautiful fused glass pendant with purple flecks and a simple silver chain. It touched my that Charlie remembered purple was my favorite color. I put this on also, having a little trouble and was grateful when Charlie took it from me and helped me with it.

"I will show you to our quarters," Charlie was saying. We feel into a comfortable but awkward silence as I followed. We arrived shortly after and bade good-bye to Daniela. I knew that I would be visiting with her daily starting tomorrow and she said she would see me then.

Charlie showed me my room and left shortly after. I still had not spoken and he looked a little disappointed but happy all the same. I needed time and I think he knew that. I started to unpack some the boxes that filled my new room. I was looking for the pictures of my parents and guardians that I dearly loved. Fresh tears threatened to break through when I found them. I missed them so much and fell to the bed as the tears fell.

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