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Alice POV

Jasper led me out the door, my hand wrapped in his. He looked happy, a smile played on his lips, making his eyes glitter. I didn't care what anyone else thought, he was beautiful.

We walked slowly into the forest, the moon shone down on us, casting a silver spell over the forest. "Where are you taking me?" I asked. Jasper looked down, his curls silver in the moonlight. "Why don't you look into the future?" He laughed. His charming laugh travelled through the trees, brightening the forest. I shook my head, "I want you to tell me."

He laughed again, warming my cold heart, "Well then, It shall stay a surprise."

"Let me carry you." He suggested, sweeping me up into his arms, I snuggled into his chest; I fitted perfectly, like his arms had been made for me alone. He leant down to kiss my forehead, his lips soft on my skin.

He carried me into a clearing. It was lit with hundreds of candles, flickering gently. He let me down onto a soft blanket. "Jasper? What is this?" I asked. He simply put a finger to my lips, silencing them. Jasper sat next to me, one hand stroking my face. Trees surrounded us, waving softly.

Jasper's other hand reached in his pocket. He took out a small box. My dead heart leaped. "Alice, my love, I care and love you with all my heart. You are too good for me, but I am too selfish to care. I need you. You make me want to sing and dance when I feel like curling up hiding. You make me want to laugh and smile when I feel like crying. You make me want to hug and kiss when I feel like I should hurt and kill.

Alice, you are my world. My only love. I ask of you, one question. Will you marry me?"

My voice left me, everything left me. All I could do was focus on the enchanting man in front of me. I nodded.

He wrapped me up in an embrace. "I love you." I whispered in his ear. He hugged me tighter.

We both sat back down, lost in each others now golden eyes. The candles danced, smiling at us. "How did you do all this?" I asked, in awe of all the candles.

He took my face in his hands again, "Alice," he chuckled "As soon as I met you, I knew I wanted to marry you and when we met the Cullens it was the perfect time. After we went hunting, I brought some candles. Esme me helped me pick the right ones, she showed me how to get to this part of the forest. That's why she asked you about marriage today, to get you thinking about it."

I looked at him, speechless. He was an angel. "Here," he said "I still need to give you your ring."

Jasper's fingers held mine, sliding a ring on my third finger. The ring was beautiful, a strange silver band encrusted with one main diamond. I realized that the silver band was a selection of rocks, mixed together to form one ring. It was exquisite. It was mine.

After a few hours, Jasper carried me back to the house. I smiled from his arms. Esme came running to us when we came through the door. She looked as if she was going to cry with happiness. "Show me," She said, her voice cracking with emotion. Jasper let me down and I gave her my hand. "It's beautiful!" Esme exclaimed.

The others, hearing her excitement, came running over. Carlisle put his hand on Jasper's shoulder and kissed my cheek. "Congratulations." He said to us, his eyes glittering. Esme had obviously told him after we had left. Emmett, Edward and Rosalie were still confused, I held out my hand again. A smile lit up Rosalie's face; she hugged both Jasper and I. "You look perfect together," She said kindly.

Emmett slapped Jasper on the back and swept me into a bone crushing hug.

Edward didn't congratulate us, instead, he went to his piano and performed us a love song, the notes danced through the air. We both thanked him and sat down.

Carlisle POV

My family, peaceful. Esme sat down with both Rosalie and Alice, planning two flamboyant weddings. Emmett, Edward and Jasper had gone out, perhaps they were hunting again. I sat down; I started reading about the latest scalpel design being invented in Europe. Maybe this time I could read the entire article.

The End.

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