Mia and Michael

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they are all Meg Cabot's, except Tiffany. She is the one character that is mine.

A/N: This is my first fanfic, so I'm sorry if it sucks. I'll post one chapter and then if I get good reviews, I'll continue. Also, I'm sorry if this seems too much like the spoilers for Princess in Love, but I'm not trying to copy them at all. These diary entries are written from the point of view of Michael.

November 2

Going to the Rocky Horror Film Festival was not all it was cracked up to be. Sure Mia and I sort of had our first half date, but the other half of the date was with Kenny! Kenny kept staring at her and looking as if he wanted to kiss her. I felt like telling him to lay off my girl, but of course she isn't my girl. She's Kenny's, which is the most unfair thing of all. I heard Kenny ask her out after the Film. She said yes, though I was happy to see that she didn't seem to pleased about it. I looked at Lars for help, but he just looked back at me, as shocked as I seemed. It's odd that my only confident about my tremendous crush on Mia is her bodyguard, Lars. How so pathetic of me. Can't I get my own friends? No, because I'm too hung up on my sister's best friend.

November 3 After G&T

The best thing just happened! Well not best, best would be Mia professing her love to me and then kissing me. No, what happened was when I was helping Mia with her Algebra.

Me: You don't seemed focused on the problems. What's up?

Mia: Nothing. I just keep thinking about Kenny.

Me: Oh.

Suddenly there was an awkward pause.

Mia: I don't know how I'm going to break up with him.

Me: Really? Y-you mean you don't like him?

Mia: No! He's nice and all, but he's boring!

Me: Is that so.

Mia: Kissing him is like kissing Fat Louie! Actually, I'd probably rather kiss Louie! Kenny's just TOO sweet, like a little puppy dog. No, like Boris is around Lilly.

I was pleased she didn't like him, but it reminded me that he got to kiss her and I didn't, which made me tense again.

Me: Why'd you go out with him in the first place then?

Mia: I didn't want to hurt his feelings! I felt that it was my duty to be all princessly. If I wasn't 'Princess' Mia, then I probably wouldn't have done it in the first place.

By then the bell rang, but I was so pleased that Mia didn't like I practically kissed her in joy. Not that that'd be a bad thing, I just think she might want to know how I feel about her, and me her, before I go around kissing her.

November 4, Lunch

Why does everything have to happen to me? The Fall Fling (what an original name for a dance) is coming up and Tiffany Morgan asked me to it. Unfortunately I, like Mia, am too polite for my own good at times and said yes. I told her we were just going as friends though and she giggled that little giggle of hers that makes her sound so flaky and said "Sure, whatever you say," and giggled more. I hate giggles. I don't understand why girls giggle in the first place. Mia never giggles, her laughs are beautiful and almost. melodic. They're perfect, just like her. Tiffany is way too. cheerleader like. She's unbelievably annoying; I barely like her as a friend! Why did I ever agree to go out with her anyways?

Reasons Why Mia and I Should Be Together:

I have had a crush on her for 3 years, making it not just a silly little crush that lasts a few days, but a real liking, almost love.

Her hair smells like this Honeysuckle, or some flower. All I know is it smells really good.

At times it seemed like she might like me, though it was probably just wishful thinking, hoping.

She's best friends with my sister, meaning she comes over all the time and I can find out all these things about her that Kenny can't.

She's best friends with my sister, meaning we have become friends first, an important factor of every relationship. We already feel comfortably together sot there won't be too many awkward silences if we start dating.

Reasons Why I Should Stop Thinking About Mia.

She's my sister's best friend, meaning if we ever break up (if we ever get together in the first place to break up actually) she would be over at Lilly's house a lot and it could get uncomfortable

She's a freshman, I'm a senior. It could do damage to the little reputation (if any) that I have.

She's princess of Genovia, meaning a lot of classy balls and things. Though it would be worth it if I could dance with her all night long.

She's best friends with my sister making her non-datable. It's just wouldn't be right. Though I probably would choose dating Mia over my sister any day.

Hell, why bother with these stupid lists? No matter what I try to do, I can't get an image of Mia and I making out. I will never stop loving her.