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Chapter 5- Finale

Saturday, November 13, 1 a.m.

What a night! This night will be planted in my mind forever.

Mia's limo came to pick Lilly and I up at 7. The dance started at 7 so we were slightly late but it didn't matter. I felt very bad for Mia. The corsage Kenny got her was this huge ugly thing that barely matched the color of her wine colored dress. Maybe he was right to be worried about them matching...

Anyways, when we entered Boris, Lilly's boyfriend, did something unbelievable. HE BROKE UP WITH LILLY!!! In front of everyone! He told her that he couldn't live a lie. Last week a new Ukrainian exchange student came to school to learn about America. He was asked to show her around because he too had been from a foreign country. She even plays Cello! Looks like a match made in heaven. I thought Lilly might go ballistic but she didn't. She sat there calmly throughout the whole night without shedding a tear. I can hear her bawling in her room now though. Mia's comforting her (she spent the night, like always. Another good thing about being in love with your sister's best friend: she spends so much time over here I get to see her all the time). After that Lilly danced with a few guys, though I think they were just trying to be nice, I don't think they really like her. Most guys I know, or even ones I don't know, are petrified of Lilly.

Anyways, after everyone stared at Lilly for a while, things got back on track. Kenny continually tried to make things romantic between Mia and him. He kept trying to kiss her and dance with her. After only 30 minutes, I could tell Mia had had enough. I asked her to dance and she accepted just when a slow one was coming on. We danced close and I could smell the sweet honeysuckle in her hair. We danced 3 more dances in a row but then Kenny started to get mad and stole her away from me. Well actually, I stole her away from him first, but who needs to get into those petty details?

Nearing the end of the dance all of us sat down together and just talked. Mia was obviously not having a good time with Kenny but she still said nothing to him. I was getting fed up with this. Mia, I think, could tell that I was acting oddly and kept shooting me these odd looks. I looked at Lars (he goes everywhere with Mia) for help but of course, he couldn't do anything. I really need to get some guy friends

Mia started to get mad at me because I was acting like a jerk. I knew I was, but I couldn't help it. It just hurt so badly to see them together. Eventually she got so mad that she asked if she could talk to me for a moment.

Mia: What is up with you tonight? You're acting so weird!

Me: Oh, it's just nothing. Just feeling weird without a date, I guess.

This lie actually worked, though it was a half-truth, and I could see she relaxed a bit more.

Mia: Coming with Kenny was no picnic either let me tell you!

Me: Yeah I could tell by the way you were acting towards him.

Mia: I've just had enough! He's so annoying! I mean he's sweet, but boring, corny, and I just don't like him!

Me: Why don't you just break up with him?!

For some reason I just exploded then. I just couldn't stand them being together. Mia looked at me in surprise. The only time I had ever yelled at her was when she and Lilly were in 3rd grade and going through my diary (how pathetic am I? I've always had a diary...I'm realizing that Boris is probably cooler than I am!). I was mostly mad at Lilly though, I knew it wasn't Mia's idea. She had always been too shy to do something like that.

Mia: I just can't break his heart.

Me: Well you're breaking mine.

I can't believe I said that! I just blurted it out! I couldn't help it, she just looked so gorgeous, and I was so mad at her and Kenny. It slipped out.

Mia: W-what.

Me: *blushing* N-nothing

Mia: I think I heard you say something...

Me: Well it's just... I've had a crush on you for a few years now and I always thought there was hope between us but then you go out with Kenny! It was comfort when you told me you didn't like him like that, and I kept waiting for you to break up with him, but you never did!

Mia: Whoa

Me: I-I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said anything...

I began to stammer on and on. Suddenly Mia smiled, walked closer to me, and gave me a deep kiss. I've been kissed before, but those kisses were nothing compared to this. I saw fireworks explode. Finally, we broke apart, Mia leaving me speechless.

Mia: I like you too, I have since like forever.

Me: I kinda guessed that from, you know, the kiss

She laughed that beautiful laugh of hers.

Mia: Yeah. I've always wanted to be with you. Truth is, I'd choose you over anyone, any day.

Me: Really? Me too! Well, I mean you... not me...

Then I leaned in and kissed her more. Suddenly I heard someone clearing their throat. We both turned away from the kiss and saw Lilly, Kenny, Shameeka, and Tina in the doorway. Oops...

Kenny ran over and tried to begin to punch me. He's so week, though, it just felt like a few shoves.

Mia: Stop it Kenny!

Everyone turned to look at her and Kenny.

Mia, continuing: Look Kenny, I'm sorry. I only went out with you because I thought it was the princessly thing to do. I never wanted to break your heart, but I've always loved Michael.

She walked over and kissed me again. 3 kisses in a time span of 15 min by the girl I love in one night, doing pretty good here.

Kenny started crying and ran out the room. I felt bad for the guy, but it was hard to feel that bad for him. Lilly just stood in the doorway and stared at us. Suddenly she began to clap. Mia and I stared at her flabbergasted.

Lilly: It's about time you 2 admitted you liked each other!

Mia and Me: You knew?!

Lilly: Of course! You (pointed to me) with your staring at her all the time and flirting with her and you (pointed at Mia) with your staring and flirting and all the blushing and stammering between each other! How could I not see?! I'm surprised it took you guys this long to figure out!

We continued to stare at her.

Lilly: Don't be shy! Kiss her!

Then she left the room with Shameeka and Tina who I think were still in shock. I then listened to Lilly the first time in my life and kissed Mia again. Then we returned to the dance and danced all night long together. I think Kenny hid out in the boy's room all night long. I still feel somewhat bad for the guy. Oh well.

After the dance, we rode in the limo to my house. Tina, Shameeka, and, I can finally say this, my girl, Mia, were sleeping over with Lilly. I kissed Mia one more time before going to bed. Except I didn't fall asleep. I just sat in my bed thinking about how lucky I am. I'm now dating the girl I love and I hope in never changes.

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