Not My Baby

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Fred: Oh, Hermione, how I love thee soo….

Hermione: *Makes some retching sounds*

Me: *munches on a cookie* mmmmm coooookiee…..

Chapter 3: New Roommates and What George Saw

"Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder…yet the heart "sees" more than the eyes do most of the time…and this is why we close our eyes whenever we are kissing."-------Anonymous

She brushed a few strands of Natalie's hair before turning to face Fred once more. "You also said you have nowhere to stay, now?" he remarked.

"Which leads me to my next question…."


"Can we stay here…if only for a while?"

Fred looked at her for a few seconds with a thoughtful gaze and then looked around the apartment. It was roomy enough, but mainly for two people. That's why Fred and George had gotten it the first place. A place to stay, with other rooms to make experiments. There was no way he could have room for Hermione or her little…."guest," unless he A) Had Hermione and Natalie sleep on the couch (which he was not even considering) or B) Somehow persuade George to move out. Both ideas seemed quite unlikely.

However, seeing the desperate look on Hermione's face, and hearing her story, he couldn't exactly throw her out…could he? After all, he OWED her his own LIFE! But, what was he going to tell George? His own brother? He rolled his eyes as he kept thinking and thinking it over until he finally gave in. He put his head down for a few seconds, then nodded to Hermione. "Alright, you guys can stay, but I have to let George know…and—"

He was cut off as Hermione rushed over to him and gave him a long, loving, hug. Whatever he was about to say was completely lost to him as he slowly, and nervously returned her hug. If she only knew what this was doing to him, but he'd never tell. Not unless she was feeling the same way.

Suddenly, George burst through the door saying, "Oi! Are you gonna be in there all……day…" He stopped talking when he saw something he thought he would NEVER be witness to. Fred was letting Hermione and the kid stay with them….and they were hugging. He sighed and decided to shut up before he let another outburst come from his mouth, lest he be discovered as witness to their…current position. He gave a small smile and walked out the door, but on the inside, his heart was breaking. His little brother no longer needed him, and he had other things to worry about now, besides the shop. I wonder if Harry will let me kick out Ron, and then let me be his NEW roommate.

He snickered at the thought. It was more than his widdle brother deserved. He had been walking to the store the other day when he noticed Hermione talking to Ron with a look of betrayal on her face. "…..we're through.." she had said with the hint of a sob starting to form. George was surprised and couldn't help being curious, so he walked a little further and hid behind some trash cans. Right before Hermione apparated away, the door still slightly open, George got a good look at his brother and what..or more like who was behind him, half naked and lipstick markings all over his face. He growled. How could someone sink so low? He thought of giving Ron a good piece of his mind, but that would've blown his cover, and the couple would instantly know that he had been eavesdropping. He let go of the breath that he didn't know that he had been hiding and walked the rest of the way to the shop. All the while, he thought of different ways of making Ickle Ronnikins and his "mistress" suffer. He had the perfect plan, but he'd worry about it tomorrow.

That's what he had thought of doing, especially when Hermione came into Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, with her kid's…er…grand entrance. But then, she had wanted to talk to Fred, more than himself. He had always known that Fred fancied her. Even before she saved his life, he had always had a soft spot for the wild-haired witch. Now she was moving in with them..or maybe..more like she was moving in with Fred. George loved the girl, but not like Fred did. And there really wasn't that much room. So, there was only one thing to do. George peeked into the room where Fred and Hermione and "Natalie," was it? were sleeping on the couch, and then slowly walked inside. He went to the kitchen and began to create something that would make Ron eat his words..literally. He set the new product, in the shape of a muffin, on the counter, and began to pack his things. "That should be everything.." he muttered after an hour and a half of just packing some clothes and half the experiments. Then, there was the note to Fred, of course.

George took one last look at the old room and gave a sad smile before ruffling both Fred's and Hermione's heads lightly and apparated out of the flat, and into Harry and Ron's apartment near Little Winghing. He looked around and noticed that Harry still wasn't home, and judging from the sounds emitting from upstairs, Ron was still…busy… (EWWIE!!!!) George gave a sly, and sick grin as he thought of what he had in store for his brother. He began to feel around for the muffin in his pocket..only to find it…Gone? ' Oh no!!!' he thought, 'It's still in the flat!' George sighed at the waste of a good prank. Sure, he could go back for it, but he was feeling strangely lazy at the moment as his sly grin came back. "Maybe they won't notice.." he mumbled with glee as he gave a small giggle to himself.


Back at the apartment, Hermione opened her eyes to find that she had slept through most of the day and the rest of the night. It was now nearly dawn! She looked to her left to find Natalie curled up in a ball right by Hermione's thigh, and to her right, Fred was slumped over with his mouth wide open, snoring softly, and drool coming from the corner of his mouth. She resisted the urge to laugh. She sighed and stretched. 'I'm not going to be going back to bed anytime soon, so I guess I can look around..'

It was then that she saw a muffin on the counter. It looked really fresh, and it was then that Hermione's stomach began to growl. Though she was the only one awake, she still felt slightly embarrassed at how loud her stomach was being. She rubbed it and went to the kitchen and took the muffin from the counter and took a bite….

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