Author's Note: This is what results of boredom and not being able to sleep for three hours at night.


Chaos (at the Bar)

Night Two: A Certain Five


The Night Before . . .


Kimimaro looked down at his bottle of sake. This was his first, and he hadn't drank a single bit of it. He looked over at his foolish group.

"Hey, Joey," Tayuya said, looking at the bartender. "Wanna make ou-" she began, but then puked all over his shirt.

"God d*mn it!" the bartender said as he walked into the back to get a knew shirt.

Tayuya hiccupped and said, "Well, then, Kidomaru, wanna do the the 'Sideways jutsu' in the back?"

Kidomaru shoved two of his hands down his pants and fell over.

"Well," Tayuya said drunkenly, "it's still fun whether you are awake or not."

She attempted to drag him away, but couldn't.

"Kimimurayo," she shouted. "Come help me drag him into the girl's restroom!"

"No, fool," Kimimaro spoke coolly at Tayuya.

"Fine, a**holethy, person, I'll do it myse-" she said as she collapsed onto Kidomaru.

Sakon looked at the scene, "Hey, Jirobo, wanna go molest them?"

Jirobo nodded and fell over onto the bar.

Sakon laughed hysterically. "Kimimimimimaro my friend, aren't they idiots?" he said as he fell onto the floor.

"Yes, Sakon, you included."

The bartender came out with a new shirt. "What happened?"

"Can I just leave?"


. . . and the Moring After . . .


Tayuya woke up, along with Kidomaru. He removed his hands, and Tayuya collapsed again.

Sakon and Jirobo both got up and went into the bathroom to puke.

Kidomaru looked around. "Where's Kimimaro?"

The bartender came out of the back. "Kimimaro said that a Kidomaru would be paying today," he said.

Kidomaru twitched. He pointed at Tayuya, "That's her!" as he ran out.


End of Night Two


Author's Note: Yes, I am the bartender. Note, I do not tend bars in real life. Sorry for such a short chapter, but it is still pretty funny! Review and leave somebody you want to get drunk!