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Master Zero.

Space, the Final Frontier, or so it would seem to those limited to the physical and mental planes, or simply on a tight budget.

Now admittedly, this would make up almost the entire universe, more accurately 99.99 percent of all races past, present and future, save for one solitary exception.

There were many races that claimed to be 'The First', Races old and powerful and wise as they were diverse, such as the Guardians of Oa, the Jurai Royal Empire, the Atasians of Augstaka, and a veritable menagerie of other species that had been around for untold eons.

However, only one true race could claim the title of 'The First' with any amount of historical and scientific accuracy to validate their claim, a race of beings that had not only existed since the Dawn of Time, but had actually been around to document it: The Time Lords of Gallifrey.

The Planet was located in the constellation of Kasterborous, otherwise known as the Seven Systems, of which it was considered the Shining World, a sentiment that was well deserved as it's galactic co-ordinates, 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero Centre, meant that while it may not have been exactly dead centre, it was as close as one could possibly get to being the centre of the Galaxy without ending up in a black hole.

Possessed of two large moons and a ring system, one of the things which set Gallifrey apart from other planets out there was that it was in a binary star system, the Main star a large and golden red, while the secondary was smaller and a more customary gold.

From orbit, the planet appeared rust-coloured, with brown lakes and grey clouds. On the surface, however, it boasted an orange sky and trees with silver leaves which reflected the morning sunlight, making it look like the forests were on fire. There were also green forests, golden fields and red deserts.

The Gallifreyans, otherwise known as the Time Lords, were an ancient species that had evolved before the Dark Times of the Universe, to the point they were already waging inter-galactic wars by the time the Sol System, the system where the Planet known as Earth existed, was even formed.

Initially, Gallifrey was ruled by the Pythia, a line of female seers who not only predicted the future, but controlled all power on Gallifrey whilst perpetuating mysticism and condemning the use of reason. Their early empire was huge, with colonies across the galaxy. Slave trading was common, and while some protested, few could contest with the Pythia, those few who did soon learned to change their tune or face the consequences for their opposition.

However, during what was known as the Time of Chaos, the power of the Pythia began to inexplicably decline, providing the opening needed for the Neo-Technologists, led by the Time Lord Triumverate of Rassilon, Omega and the mysterious Other, to overthrow their oppressors in a one-sided coup d'état, though not before the last of the Pythia cursed her home world with sterility before taking her own life.

Undaunted in the face of the challenges facing Gallifrey, which included the death of the Other and Omega's disapperance into a Black Hole, the Time Lords instituted changes to deal with the problems of the Empire, ordering the creation of genetic looms to permit the Gallifreyan race to reproduce, forming The Great Houses to stabilise society. At the time, the Time Lords began research into black holes, which lead to the eventual discovery of the Eye of Harmony, the source of most of the Time Lords' power, and their first steps into becoming masters of Time Travel, an event which lead to the creation of their infamous 'Non-Interference Policy'.

It was only common sense, really. After all, just because one had the means to literally BE anywhere and everywhere you wanted, didn't mean you could go mucking about with the fabric of time and space. The universe had rules, rules that needed to be maintained in order to ensure that everything kept moving smoothly. In a sense, they likened time to a clock, too much tinkering and tampering and eventually something would break, better to leave things to their own devices, and simply observe what happened.

However, there were some instances where even the Time Lords felt it necessary to interfere, such is the case with their most hated of foes: The Daleks.

Created during the final days of the Thousand Year War between the Thals and Kaleds of planet Skaro, a war where the few remaining survivors had been mutated as a result of the numerous nuclear, biological and chemical agents employed to destroy their opponents, a brilliant young Kaled scientist named Shan authored a paper, entitled the 'Dalek Solution, a means for both the mutated Kaleds and Thals to survive with their limited resources. The Paper was later stolen and presented to the Kaled Council by another scientist called Davros, who had discovered a prophecy in the forbidden Book of Predictions which stated that one day mortals would transcend into gods, the last word in particular catching his attention, as said aloud, it was pronounced 'Dal ek'.

Using this paper and his connections to become one of the Kaled Scientific Elite, the now crippled Davros began experiments on living subjects, pushing through legislations enabling him to claim authority and ownership of all Kaled infants under the age of five and have them delivered to Paediatric Facility K99, which he used as a laboratory for surgical experiments, hoping to deify the Kaled race.

At first, Davros abstained from immediately showing the results of his Dalek experiments to the Kaled Scientific Elite, choosing to instead improve and develop the shell for the organic components of the Daleks, housing them in tank-like and armed Mark III Travel Machines similar to his own life support chair. He maintained a nursery of embryonic Dalek young, where he also shaped their minds, indoctrinating them to have no comprehension of such lesser concepts as pity or elegance.

Eventually, word of Davros' experiments reached the ears of the Kaled Scientific Elite, thanks in no small part to the all-encompassing influence of the Time Lords, who had witnessed first-hand the destruction the Davros' sinister creations would unleash if left unchecked, and so sent an emissary, the Time Lord known only as The Doctor, to prevent their coming into existence, or at the very least lessen the damage they would do in the future.

To prevent this, Davros arranged for the Thals to aim a missile at the Kaled Dome where his people resided, which allowed him to deploy the Daleks to exterminate the Thals in 'retaliation' for the attack. Instead, the Daleks turned on Davros, as they were not programmed to recognise any creature as superior to them, which included their creator, supposedly killing Davros before turning their attentions on everything else, the resulting battle destroying the Dalek embryo room, the Thals using the opportunity to seal Daleks inside the unstable bunker.

Despite the supposed success of the mission, The Doctor, who had been torn between his own morals and his hatred and fear of the Daleks and thus had hesitated at a critical moment, believed that he had only managed to delay the Dalek's progress by about a thousand years or so, and predicted that they would eventually return, a prediction that was proved valid when, centuries later, the Daleks reactivated, only to be stopped, again and again, by numerous incarnations of The Doctor.

However, these encounters only served to spurn the Daleks to new heights, the mutated monstrosities even going so far as to develop their own Time Travel technology in order to track their nemesis, forging what would slowly become known as the Intergalactic Dalek Empire, whose sole purpose was to eradicate all other sentient life forms, or rather, all other life forms period, so that only the 'pure' Dalek Race could rule.

This all finally culminated in a climactic battle, during which the majority of the Higher Races went to war, a war that would decide the fate of the entire universe: Past, Present and Future.

The Last Great Time War.

Gallifrey: Last day of the Time War.

It was all coming apart.

Everything he'd ever known, everything he'd ever dreamed, planned, his memories and hopes, his fears, his ambitions, everything was crashing down around him like glass.

He was no stranger to conflict, indeed, some of his greatest schemes had involved playing one side against the other and then sweeping in at the last minute to stab both in the back and make off with the spoils. He had even, at times, deigned to get his hands dirty, as there was a certain thrill in taking an opponent's life with one's bare hands, or Tissue Compression Eliminator as the case may very well be. It was one of the reasons those blasted old codgers had deigned to revive him, when he'd fully expected to have been left to rot for all time within the Time Vortex.

The said he was the 'Perfect Soldier' for a Time War, and in a sense, they were right. Not because he was good at following orders, no, but because he was as good at staying alive as he was at taking the lives of others.

But this was no mere conflict, no mere battle between two lesser species of so-called 'sapient races' for him to manipulate to his every whim like a puppeteer. No, this was The Last Great Time War, the war between his people, the Time Lords of Gallifrey, and their long hated nemesis, and his occasional allies, The Daleks.

Perhaps 'Ally' was too strong a word. Certainly he and the Daleks had made use of one another on more than one occasion, though that was usually a result of their having a common objective, specifically the destruction of a specific meddling Time Lord, as he had no delusions that the Daleks WOULDN'T shoot him in the back the moment they achieved their objectives, it's certainly what he would have done in the circumstances.

But now it was all over, the Crucible had fallen, the Dalek Emperor having floated in, cheeky as you please, and he'd been unable to do anything but turn tail and run. Run till his feet bled, run till his hearts threatened to burst, run till every fibre of his being threatened to come apart at the seams, and then he ran some more.

"I won't die…" he swore, breathing heavily, fear and determination coursing through his veins along with the adrenalin, pushing him forwards, keeping him conscious, ever aware of the sounds of pursuit following hot on his heels "Not here, not like this! Not cornered like some damned animal!"

He could hear them drawing closer, the sounds of his own feet pounding on the floor like the beating of drums, 'The Drums of War' his treacherous subconscious opined, the beat sending rippled through his body, urging him onwards, telling him to LIVE, that he had a purpose yet to fulfil, and it wasn't to die like a beast, hunted to exhaustion and then put down.

"It's around here somewhere…" he swore, gasping for breath by this point, his eyes narrowing in desperation as he rounded a corner, fighting down the urge to whoop in jubilation at the sight of his target, a solitary brown Doric Column, which appeared as out of place standing in the centre of the cavernous chamber as a fox in a henhouse, and was certainly just as dangerous.

TARGET LOCATED! a mechanized voice called out from behind, the man cursing as he hurled himself at the pillar, a door opening in the side to admit his entry just as a blue beam shot over his shoulder EXTERMINATE!

"Blasted mutants!" he hissed, rubbing his singed shoulder where the beam had nicked him, thankful for the Time Lord armour that had taken the brunt of the assault, as even a glancing blow from a Dalek's Extermination Beam was fatal "Damn it all Doctor…should've pulled the plug on those monsters and saved us all the trouble…"

Shaking his head at his rival's, in his opinion, greatest failure, the bearded man stumbled towards the console of his TARDIS, ignoring the dull thumps and high-pitched cries from outside as the Daleks tried to force their way into the ship.

'Let them try till they're blue in the face…' he sneered, knowing all too well that if a TARDIS, specifically HIS TARDIS, didn't want someone inside it, then no force in the universe could breach the sanctity of its walls 'I certainly don't have time to play host…'

Indeed, it was looking PAINFULLY clear that things were not going well for Gallifrey. With the fall of the crucible, it was only a matter of time before Rassilon and the other Senators fell before the Dalek horde.

"Pity…I'd wanted to see the President kneel before ME." He mused, sighing in disappointment as he pressed several buttons on the console "No matter…there'll be time for revenge later…"

So saying, he pulled a level on the console, looking up with a solemn expression as a headset descended from the roof of the TARDIS, the sight of it sending shivers of apprehension down his spine. It was a Chameleon Arch, a piece of Time Lord technology designed to modify the biology of a Gallifreyan so the cells registered as another species. It was originally intended as a form of punishment, though later it was used for espionage purposes, allowing 'Sleeper Agents' to be introduced into other civilisations, only activating when a specific signal was sent out, dismissing the perception filter that concealed the fob watch-like device that contained their true memories and biological information, allowing them to open them and regain their true forms.

"Now then…where to go…?" he wondered, fingers blurring over the console, setting up the TARDIS' autopilot for the journey ahead, as he certainly wouldn't be in a state to do so afterwards "It's not like I'm spoiled for choice…eventually Daleks end up everywhere…like roaches really…" he smiled wryly "Ah…of course…Earth, what better place for a wolf to hide than amongst the sheep…especially Sheep that have the good Doctor as their shepherd…"

So saying, he set in the coordinates for Earth, though thankfully not in the dark ages, as he had no desire to live in an age without plumbing or electricity, activating the Autopilot before plugging himself into the Chameleon Arch and flipping the switch, his screams as the procedure fired up no doubt pleasing the Dalek horde outside.

At that moment, just as his mind was being agonizingly re-written by the Arch, just as he felt his twin heartbeats slow down into one, just as he felt the telltale signs of his features shifting into a new face, the door to his TARDIS swung open, and he was greeted by the horrifying sight of a Dalek standing in the doorway, a key held at the end of an extended proboscis.

TARGET LOCATED! the cybernetic monstrosity shrieked, it's Extermination Gun coming up to bear on it's Target's chest EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

"No!" the Time Lord yelled despite the pain, moving to leap from his chair only for the Extermination beam to hit him in the back, sending him flying into the TARDIS console, sparks erupting from it as the stricken ship tried to continue its program and teleport it's master to safety, the Dalek activating it's Emergency Temporal Shift to escape being sucked out into the Time Vortex, the door slamming shut behind it as the damaged Time ship carried it's wounded master to safety.

Unnoticed by all, had been thrown clear during the scuffle, and had been sucked out into the vortex when the Dalek made its escape. It fell now, through the un-focused schism, through time and space, carrying within it the essence of one of the children of Gallifrey, a world that would soon no longer exist.

Area 11, a.t.b 2018...

"Lelouch…" a voice called out, the speaker a tall, blue haired woman with dark skin and golden eyes, dressed in a tracksuit jacket over a red dress and trainers, one hand resting on her hip as she smiled at the target of her ire, the tall, regal featured teen flinching at the sound of her voice.

"Oh not again…" he sighed, turning to smile at her, his lavender eyes boring into her golden pair as he chuckled nervously "You are persistent."

'You have NO idea…' the woman muttered, struggling to control the urge to belt him one right in his smug face, a coy smile appearing on her own as she locked gazes with him "You're not going to get away THIS time." She vowed, only to blink as he took off at a run, several of his fellow students cheering him on as he passed them by "Lelouch! You come back here!" breaking into a modest run, little more than a hog really, knowing full well that with her quarry's pitiful stamina, he'd wear himself out and try to hide out in one of the classrooms.

Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, more like seconds really, the handsome teen was short of breath, sweat pouring from his face as he staggered into one of the empty chemistry classrooms. 'Pathetic…' she scoffed, unable to help the mocking smile that adorned her lips as she cornered her prey, the exhausted teen cowering in the dark as if it could protect him from her.

"Give it up." She called out, her tone betraying the slightest hint of mockery as she sashayed into the darkened classroom "You lost the moment you turned this into a contest of strength and speed."

"Aren't you overreacting?" Lelouch shot back exhaustedly, the dark haired teenager struggling to catch his breath as he cowered behind a chemistry set "I mean, this is just about making up P.E Class."

"No." the woman countered, a hint of her true anger in her tone as she frowned at the teen, only her orders keeping her from strangling him, instead opting to point at him commandingly, one hand on her hip "Quit cutting class Lelouch."

"I have more than enough school credits to pass, don't I?" Lelouch queried, a devil may care smile on his handsome face that only served to annoy the woman all the more, one finger trailing along the supposedly empty chemistry set. With a smile, he tipped over one of the beakers, sending the contents into a petri dish that some idiot had left lying around, the classroom filling with chemical smoke as she stumbled out of it, gasping for breath. "Don't worry!" she heard him call out, the sound of his feet retreating down the corridor like mocking laughter in her ears "It's just colored smoke!"

'You little-!' she swore, covering her mouth as she stumbled out of the classroom, racing after her target like a wolf hunting a deer, sending a passing glare at the blonde young woman, one Milly Ashford, who tossed him a bread roll whilst egging him on "What kind of Student Council President ARE you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry…" the Ashford heir shot back with a smile, her tone making it all too clear that she wasn't sorry in the slightest "Completely lost my head."

'If only…' the woman muttered, glaring at the girl as she raced towards one of the far windows, knowing full well that her prey would've already cleared the building by now, and was most likely making towards his accomplice in the parking lot.

Sure enough, the moment she reached the window overlooking the rear entrance to the school she spotted her target making a break for the parking lot. Not bothering with the stairs, as they would only slow her down, she instead chose to hurl herself out the window at the target, descending on him from on high, her legs wrapping around his chest as she brought him to the ground with a yelp that brought a smirk to her lips.

"OW!" the boy beneath her whined, the woman's eyes widening as he turned, pulling off the black wig to reveal a mop of blue hair and a pained, Cheshire grin "Are you tryin' ta kill me coach?"

"Rivalz?" she stammered, staring down at her target's accomplice in alarm, and understandable confusion, as she was certain he'd be waiting for Lelouch in the parking lott in order to make their getaway "But how did you-?"

The sound of a motorcycle engine cut her off, the woman looking up just in time to see a modified RR1200 BMC pull out of the parking lot, her target riding regally in the sidecar, a confident smile on his face. "I need to borrow your bike Rivalz!" he called out, waving at the pair in parting as the driver revved the engine and took off through the gates "See Ya!"

"Dammit…" the woman muttered, allowing a scowl to form on her features, though internally she was as calm as could be, her eyes locked on the cherubic features of the one riding the machine with her target 'Just as planned…as always.'

"Ow…" Rivalz muttered, the bluenet grimacing as he tried to pull himself out from beneath her, to little success "Could you get off me coach Villetta? You're kinda heavy?"

"Is that so?" Villetta asked, her tone dangerously cold as he smiled down at the suddenly trembling youth that had aided in her quarry's escape "Well then, if that's the case, why don't we work on those arm muscles of yours, gimme thirty push-ups, NOW.

Petty, she knew, but considering all the shit she had to put up with dancing to the Emperor's little tune, well worth it.

With Lelouch...

"For crying out loud…" Lelouch muttered, shaking his head in exasperation as he sat back in the sidecar, his face a mask of irritation "Can't they give me a break and leave me alone after school?"

"But brother…" Rolo, his younger sibling, murmured, the younger Lamperouge looking down at the elder in concern briefly before returning his attention to the road "They only do that because you keep cutting classes."

"BECAUSE I find them to be insufferably boring." Lelouch countered, tearing up the sweet roll Milly had tossed him and offering a piece to Rolo, an action he instantly regretted as his brother struggled to regain control of the car, unable to eat and steer at the same time "I'm Sorry." He offered, chuckling to calm his nerves, turning his head to the side, a solemn expression marring his features as he eyed the Tokyo Settlement as they passed through it on their way to Babel Tower.

It had been exactly one year since the failed Black Rebellion, the insurrection of the Elevens led by the Terrorist known only as Zero. At the time, Lelouch had considered returning to the homeland with Rolo, but in the end it had all come to naught, as the superior Britannian Forces soon routed the rebels, capturing most of them and executing Zero.

"Did you turn in your career guidance report yet?" Rolo asked, snapping Lelouch out of his ruminations, the elder Lamperouge peering up at the younger in confusion "THAT'S the reason Miss Villetta was so upset." He pointed out, only to sigh at his sibling's look of amusement "So what about college?"

"Haven't decided yet." Lelouch admitted, a coy smile on his face as he leant his cheek on the knuckles of his left hand "I AM tired of being a student, but I'm not ready to get a job and join the system either."

There'd be no point if he did. Even if he applied himself and got a recommendation from the Dean, he'd still be relegated to some minor post somewhere, pushing paper or taking calls, while the big name corporations and nobility flaunted their authority over the less fortunate.

The sound of recorded gunfire drew his attention to an overhead jumbotron, where several members of the Black Knights were being executed under the orders of Viceroy Colaris, the Viceroy using their death to both put down any further attempts at rebellion in the Eleven population, and garner support from the Britannian masses.

'Zero was a fool…' he muttered, staring dispassionately at the virtual posters of the Black Knights, the masked Revolutionary's marred with a crimson X, the words 'Executed' printed in block capitals beneath, as if to drive the message home 'No matter how you try, the world is just a…'

"You're doing it again, Brother." Rolo pointed out, snapping Lelouch out of his thoughts, the elder Lamperouge looking up to see his sibling eyeing him with a pained expression "The tapping, you're doing it again."

"Was I?" Lelouch wondered, looking down at his right hand, which was resting on the side of the sidecar, his index and middle finger paused in mid-air "Sorry, must've been lost in thought…'

"You've been doing that a lot…" Rolo murmured, eyeing his sibling in concern "Ever since your last Birthday, are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine…don't worry about it." Lelouch insisted, smiling reassuringly at the younger teen, who turned back to the task at hand, the elder Lamperouge's smile falling as he glared at his fingers as if they'd betrayed him. And in a sense they had, as a tell as prominent as Finger Tapping was not something he needed where they were going.

'Probably didn't sleep well last night…' he muttered, cursing the educators at Ashford and their petty grievances with all his soul. It wasn't HIS fault their lessons were so damnably boring that he was better off simply reading the textbook in advance, nor was it HIS fault he saw better uses for his spare time outside the campus grounds.

'Some people just can't accept when they're made redundant.' He muttered, raising the book he'd brought to read with a sigh, tucking his treacherous right hand into the pocket of his blazer to avoid the temptation of tapping against the sidecar, his elegant fingers wrapping around the cool metal of his pocket watch.

He'd happened across the watch while on one of his many outings, this one with Rivalz, as he'd been shopping for gifts for everyone. Small things, nothing expensive, as he and Rolo had a budget to meet, not being nobles like Milly or Rivalz.

The moment he'd seen the battered looking timepiece, he'd found himself drawn to it, an inexplicable yearning that had muddied his thoughts to the point he couldn't even recall walking into the pawnshop to buy it, or even if he bought it at all, the only clear memory he had of the encounter was blinking as he stepped out of the store, his hand frozen in the act of putting the watch into his pocket.

'Come to think of it…' he murmured, frowning at the memory 'I didn't really develop a tell until AFTER I bought the watch…'

He shook his head with a snort, dismissing the idea as ludicrous and turning his attention back to his book, the fingers of his right hand curled around the timepiece to waylay any movement, whilst unbeknownst to him, the fingers of his left were tapping out a steady, four beat tempo on the cover of his book.

Da-da-da-dum, Da-da-da-dum, Da-da-da-dum, Da-da-da-dum-!

And I'll leave off there.

Yes, this is another Code Geass Doctor Who Crossover, an ACTUAL crossover this time, rather than a fusion like the last one.

As many of you probably guessed, the Time Lord whose Fob Watch fell into space was The Master, who has just fled the Time war and become the Human Professor Yana, or was attempting to anyway, as at the last moment, the Daleks managed to break into his TARDIS with a stolen Type 45 key, no doubt liberated from a Time Lord Corpse.

Rest assured, Proffessor Yana made it to his point in time without further incident, but as a result of the watch falling out into the vortex, the Face of Bo's prediction's been pushed back a fair bit, meaning we won't be saying good bye to the Tenth anytime soon. (Brilliant!) Though whether or not he shows up later depends on the mood. At most, it'll be a Cameo, as Code Geass is set in an alternate Timeline (Much like the Cybermen's world where Mickey was called Rickey and Rose's dad was alive) so the Doctor wouldn't be able to get there easily.

As for Lelouch's stumbling across the watch in a pawnshop...well, who else could you imagine finding the Master's essence? Really, Lelouch and The Master have a lot in common: Machiavellian minds, a flair for the dramatic, a taste in fancy suits, a temper so terrible it can destroy worlds, and above all else, the resolve to KILL to get what they want.

To tell the truth, Lelouch as the Master would be a lot easier to write than Lelouch as the Doctor (At least not one of the current Doctors, maybe the Third, Seventh or Eigth).

As for all those people who're no doubt shouting 'HANG ON!' and demanding how Lelouch can turn out to be the Master the answer is simple: He Isn't, but he's going to BECOME the Master after he finally opens that Damned fob-watch and absorbs the Timelord's essence within.

For those of you saying that's not how a Fob-watch works, I point to the Master's prior past records with 'Possessions', two to date, including the Alien Tremas and the Human Bruce, although admittedly, that was because he'd used up all his regenerations. However, The Time Lords revived the Master to fight in the Time war, which means that, Yana aside, he has Eleven more Regenerations left, all of which will be passed on to Lelouch, along with all his knowledge and, as you can see, the pounding of the drums.

In short: Britannia is Poontah'd.

If anyone can direct me to a good theme for the Master, it might encourage me to get this one out. It doesn't have to have Lyrics, but it DOES have to be something you'd expect to hear from a Doctor Who Anime if they ever made one.