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Rich, golden sunlight spilled through the dawn, warming the pearly stone walls of Rivendell. Smooth, ashen trees curved and stretched to the sunlight, tiny blossoms peeking out amidst cloaks of green. Small, prickly hedges curled and twisted around the cobblestone-paved garden.

It was a day like no other, in more ways than one.

However, amidst the glory and peace that was Rivendell, two figures sat hunched, their faces shadowed by grief. Not feeling the sun's warm smile, the two were locked, deep, deep within their own hearts.

It had been two days since Estel's departure.

Two days of frantic searching, tears, and bitter hopelessness.

They didn't want to say it aloud, for no heart can accept the truth, but they had given up.

Elladan and Elrohir had given up.

Their dark, midnight hair swept down about their pale faces, framing red, weary eyes. Guards searched and flocked the land, hunting desperately for the child named Hope.

Looking sadly at his brother, for the first time in a long time, Elrohir smiled. It was a sad smile, one of defeat and sorrow - but still, a smile is a smile.

"We must have hope, brother." Elrohir said softly.

"If only Hope were still here…" Elladan whispered.

Leaning against each other's shoulders, the two brothers sighed. Would Estel return? Would he come running home to Rivendell in a glorious manner?

However, the twins were wrong.

Estel would not run home, nor would it be in a glorious manner. But come home, he would.

Suddenly, a loud horn trumpeted through the air. Ringing and shattering the sweet silence, it rang clear and true.

Looking at each other in a wild sense of hope, the two brothers leapt to their feet and flew to Rivendell's entrance. Passing confused, hopeful, and even despairing elves, the brothers did not stop for anything.

Crashing through the entrance, they stared in bewilderment at the two figures slowly striding up the path.

One was blonde, his hair slightly disheveled, and his body obviously beaten by the way he was walking. His arm was clutched in an odd manner to his chest. While the boy beside him was trudging with obvious weariness.

Their eyes wide in disbelief, their faces lighting with a much needed joy, the two froze.

Estel had come home.

Happiness flooding their hearts, the twins felt tears of joy flood over their faces, as they ran as one, and scooped their little brother up, holding him tight.

"We've missed you so much…" Elrohir whispered his eyes closed in relief, clutching Estel close as if he were to disappear. They both loved Estel so much. No words could describe the feeling of relief that now caressed and flooded their hearts. Estel was safe, and that was all that mattered.

Then, his relief turning to anger, Elrohir shot one of the dreaded 'You-are-in-so-much-trouble' looks at the boy.

"You should have known better than to run off!" Elrohir scolded, his voice breaking as relief flooded back into it.

"Yes! What on Arda were you thinking? Running off in the middle of the night? Why?!" Elladan's voice was sharp.

"I...I'm sorry. Truly, I am. I made a mistake - It was wrong of me to run away. Please forgive me."

A tear welling in his eye, Estel looked sadly up at his brothers.

Now, his reason for running away seemed incredibly foolish.

What had he hoped to accomplish?

"You will be hearing from both Ada and ourselves about this!" Elladan vowed. Though the tense air was quickly warmed as the two held even tighter to their brother.

"But we're so glad you're safe…"

Suddenly, the twins realized that Estel had not come alone. Turning in puzzlement, they locked eyes with Legolas.

"Legolas!" They exclaimed, happiness at seeing their old friend lighting their faces. Placing Estel to the ground, they rushed over to Legolas and enveloped him in a tight hug.

"Good to see you again." Elladan grinned, pulling back.

"You as well." Legolas returned the smile.

"Thank you mellon-nin, thank you deeply." Elrhoir's face was sewn with candid thanks as he put two and two together. Estel had run away, returning with a beaten Legolas. Either Estel had taken his anger out on Legolas, or the elf had assisted the boy in coming come.

The twins were guessing it was the latter.

"Think nothing of it. I am glad to have met such a boy." Flashing a flushed smile at Estel, Legolas' eyes sparkled with mirth.

"Wait!" Estel suddenly cried. "What of Urvaethil and Laerel?!"

"Do not worry Estel." Legolas grinned. "Uruviel has had experience with me before. After searching for a while, he'll find our path and follow it here."

"So… was it Uruviel's pack that fell into the river then?"

Legolas nodded.

Elladan and Elrohir exchanged glances. Obviously, a lot had happened with the two.

The elder twin chuckled.

Then, noticing the way Legolas held his right arm tightly to his body, he rolled his eyes.

"By the Valar, Legolas! You didn't manage to get yourself injured again, did you?"

Grinning sheepishly, the Prince backed away.

"That depends on what you mean by 'injured'…"

Estel laughed. He realized now how easily, yet how richly he and his brothers could share their friendship with Legolas. It didn't need to be one or the other.

"So if you're not injured, I'm sure you'd like to go for a swim in the river, then?"

Legolas snorted. Swimming with a broken arm didn't sound like a good idea – after all, he'd done it already.

"After you." Legolas made a sweeping bow.

"No, after you – I insist." Elrohir made himself tall.

'Can I really take him on with a broken arm?' Legolas thought. Then, giving a sideways glance at Estel, he grinned. 'Not alone, I can't'

Legolas slowly edged closer to the boy.

"You will never get past the two of us! It shall be you who ends up in the river!"

"I would dearly like to see you try!" Elrohir snorted.

Legolas took up a defensive stance beside Estel.

"What do you think Estel?" He whispered. "Can we take them?"

Estel turned his sparkling eyes to those of the elf. Holding out his hand, and a smile curling up his face, he whispered.


Reaching down and holding the child's hand with one of his own, Legolas smiled, and murmured.


And as the sounds of laughter once more floated through the halls of Rivendell, both elf and child knew one thing with all their hearts.

And as the years went by, and many a friendship was tested, the same thing that they had learned all those years ago still rested deep within their hearts.

No matter the danger, no matter the strife, the answer would always be the same…



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