Dean is 20 and Sam is 16… Just a sad fic, hopefully for your enjoyment. Heartbroken!Sam


Dean's Perspective

"Okay… bye dad." I said goodbye. "Good luck at the hunt." Dad had been gone for three days now. He was on a hunt with Caleb and Bobby; turned out that it wasn't just a simple salt and burn.

I was happy that Sam and I were staying in the town we were about two months now, not really getting good hunts. The boy would have freaked out anyway when he would have missed the last days of school, but like this he was able to go to his classes. Of course I would have loved to help with the hunt, since I had nothing to do. I wasn't working at the moment and it's been a while since my last hunt.

After I had hung up, I huffed, looking at my watch. I had exactly thirty three minutes to pick Sam up. The school was on the other end of the town and with the Impala I could make it in about twenty minutes, without traffic.

I ran a hand through my hair, getting up. Perhaps I could fetch a few pancakes for Sam and me before I head to school. I looked at my watch again. Thirty two minutes… yeah I could make it…


"Hey Dean." Sam got into the car, smiling at me. I knew hew was thankful that I stayed here with him. I gave him a nod, and handed him the pancakes, which were in a small paper-bag. Sam frowned, but looked into the bag anyway.

I waited for his reaction, before I started the car. Like I have expected he smiled a bright smile. "Thanks." He grinned at me, taking a big bite.

"Don't mention it." I couldn't help smiling, though. "How's your girlfriend?" I asked the sixteen year old boy.

"Good…" He swallowed.

The girl was another reason why I had wanted to stay. She was really cute, I was happy for Sam that he had found good friends and a girlfriend in that school. He was together with Sandy for three weeks now. He made me promise not to tell dad anything about it and I had kept my promise.

After a longer silence, Sam continued, done eating. "We're gonna go to a party tonight. It's gonna be some kind of a sleep-over… I know… chicky, but she liked it…"

"What? Uhm… Sammy… Would you inform me at first before you plan on something like that? Which party? Who are organizing the party?" I asked him, turning around a little to face him.

"It's just a little party… nothing big… just three other guys from my school, Sandy and me." Sam shrugged. I huffed. Crap. I wouldn't like that, would I?

"Sam… who are the three other guys?" I looked in the rearview mirror. God I hated these narrow streets here.

"Dean damn it… I thought you wouldn't like the police, why are you interrogating me?" Sam asked with a light chuckle.

"Uh-uh Sammy… You're not avoiding the topic. Who are they?" I smiled. These tricks sometimes worked with dad, but not with me.

He huffed, looking away. "Grace, Sandy's best friend, Cash and Kyle. We stay at Cash's."

I rolled my eyes. Now I knew why he didn't want to tell me. Grace was the bitch of the school. At the moment she was together with Cash, who was one of the most famous boys at school. He was stupid like bread, but his parent were rich… that's why he was called "Cash". Kyle was Cash's best friend and was surprisingly smart, always getting what he wanted. He was an athlete and almost as famous as his friend.

Sam already told me everything about these guys, he didn't really like them, but Sandy was their friend, so Sam got along with them.

I didn't.

"Sammy… you know that I'm not really killjoy, but I don't want you to go to that party." I eyes my little brother out of the corner of my eye.

"Why not?" He burst out.

"You've said it yourself. You don't like them, they're drinking, smoking and it's not rare that they fight other youths… do you really think I want you to go to a party with them?" I knew that we were about to get into a fight, but I really didn't want him to go to that stupid party.

"I don't care… it's not your decision. It's mine and I want to that party." Sam barked. Hormones. I guessed, usually he wouldn't exaggerate like that.

"Calm down, boy." I said with a calm voice. "Talk a little quieter. We're in the same car."

"Okay… Dean…" Sam really regulated his voice. "I really, really wanna go to that party… Kyle wanna make out himself with Sandy and I need to be there, please."

"No… Sam…" I gave him a brief apologizing glance. "You can invite her to sty the night with us… we could go to the cinema or…"

"No… Dean…" Sam interrupted me. "We don't wanna do anything with you… we wanna go to that party. God… are you really this stupid? We don't wanna spend…"

"I get it, okay Sam." I raised my voice myself now, giving him my best glare. "But that doesn't matter. I won't let you go to that party."

"Screw you." He breathed furiously. I hit my elbow against the back of my seat. I hated fighting with him. I really did.


Cold silence was the best description of the atmosphere in that crappy motel-room. Every now and then were the turning of a book-side was audible. Sam read a book, sitting on the couch, an icy pout on his face. When we were younger I couldn't stand that look. It had always killed me… but I became resistant over the years…

Well… not really resistant. I still hated it when he was mad at me, but I would survive.

I was sitting on a chair, cleaning he guns.

We both winced when suddenly Sam's cell rang.

"Hey Cash…" He answered it. "NO… I'm not too late… I'm not allowed to go to the party." I rolled my eyes at him. "…my stupid brother…" I wanted to smack this bitch. "Tell Sandy that I'm sorry okay…" Another break. "Okay… of course I wanna talk to her…"… "Hey Sandy." His voice was soft again. "Well… I'm trapped… so I'm not so good, how is the party?... Thanks... we'll gonna talk tomorrow… have fun… good night…"

After he had hung up, he glared hard at me, locking eyes with me. "That's what you wanted?" He asked, yelling at me. He stood up, walking to the smaller room, where the beds were standing in, but before he got into that room he turned around again. "You know what?"

I titled my head, waiting for him to continue.

"Dad would have allowed me to go to that party… I wish he would be here." He knew exactly how he could set a low blow. Telling me, he would prefer dad really did hurt.

I hit the table with my palm. "Shit."

I rubbed my eyes, tiredly.

Releasing a yawn I knew that I couldn't avoid facing my little brother anymore.

I sneaked into the room, trying to be as quietly as I could. I watched over to Sam's bed, he laid under the thick blankets not moving. I let out a breath walking over to him. I needed him to know that I was sorry for ruining his night.

"Sammy" I whispered, touching his shoulder.

All I felt was softness. "Asshole…" I kicked the bed, throwing the blanket from the bed, just to find other blankets.

Sam was gone…

"I'm gonna kill you… I'm gonna beat you up…" I cursed. I would feel rage boiling up in me.

But also fear.

Fetching my cell phone I dialled his number. "Ahhh…" I let out a furious cry, when the nightstand by my side rung. This boy didn't even have his cell with him. "Just wait boy… that's your death sentence."


I hit the brake, arriving at Cash's house. It was nice little manor near the city. I jumped out of the car to the entrance, ringing the bell three times. On the porch was a yellow cabriolet

"Who are you?" Chad asked me, slurring. He had problems with standing on his own feet, swaying, when he opened the door for me.

I winked my hand in front of my nose, the reek of alcohol and smoke unbearable. "Where's my brother?" I asked.

"Who's your brother?" He supported his weight on the doorframe, looking like he was going to be sick. I was twenty years old and never had been drunk like that.

I shoved the boy aside, getting into the house.

"Who was it, sweety?" Grace asked. She was drunk, too.

"It's me darling." I answered. Sam, who was actually busy with eating Sandy's face, immediately turned around, looking shocked.

"Dean." Thank god… he was sober.

"Sam…" My voice was quiet. I looked from Sam to Sandy. She seemed drunk too, looking at her boy-friend like she saw him the first time. "Get up, get out, get in the car… now!" I ordered.


Next chapter's gonna be Sam's Perspective.