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Sam's Perspective

Oh no…oh no… oh no… no… no… no… no… no… I would get sick. I've never seen Dean this mad.

I immediately got up, packing my things, before Dean would come over and get me. It was embarrassing enough. And Dean was boiling… radiating… when I passed him. Ugh… I hated him…

I heard Dean say something, when I stepped out of the house. He was probably talking to Cash, who was laying on the ground.

I made the mistake to turn around and look into his eyes. He had the same look he used killing off a monster. I quickly turned around again, biting my lower lip. Why had my brother looked into the other bed? He wouldn't have realized that I was gone when he had just gone to bed.

In the Impala, I pressed my body against the door, looking out of the window. I saw my own angry face staring back at me in the window.

"Sam…" Dean didn't start the car. I felt his gaze linger on me.

I felt my heart quicken, when he didn't start the car, talk, shout or even move.

"Dean…" I turned around, mocking him, waiting to se my brother's hard glare… furious eyes…

I could see plenty of that.

"Sam… You're in so much trouble…" Dean snarled at me. "I don't know what I'm gonna do… but you won't forget it."

"But… you won't tell…" My brother never has been cruel…. He wouldn't…

"Dad?" He laughed. "Oh… I'm gonna tell him… Trust me."

"What… Dean… that's not fair… you…" I shouted at him.

"Don't you dare talk like that… Sneaking out to sneak back into the room in the morning… do you think that's fair?" Dean shouted at me, finally starting the car.

I took a deep breath. "You should have let me go to the party first place…"

"Why… because you little liar are so damn trustworthy?" He chuckled.

"No because you know that I wouldn't have done anything stupid… I wouldn't drink and I wouldn't smoke… so… yeah…" I fought back… okay… I got his point, but I wouldn't give in.

"You sneaked out tonight… Damn Sam… I felt sorry for…. Anyway… it doesn't matter… I'm done talking. I'm done with you…" He shook his head. I looked at him, my eyes and mouth wide open.

Done with me?

My big brother…

I sucked breath in forcefully, looking away again.

"I'm done with you, too." My mouth was faster than my brain.

"Fine…" Dean whispered.



"Sam go to bed, and stay there… would you?" Dean asked with fake kindness. "I'm gonna go out for a while… before I actually kill ya." With that he was gone. I glared at the shut door and thought about leaving myself.

I looked at my watch, it was shortly after three o' clock. The other were probably having the biggest fun, while I was trapped… again… because of Dean. We wanted to celebrate Cash's driver license tonight.

But it was senseless to leave again, since Dean would find me…

Or he probably wouldn't care. Then I would have a great night… but I didn't know how Dean would behave.

Dean had no right to be this mad at me, he had been the one who ruined my night.

I took a blanket from the closet and sat down on the couch, though I didn't last there long, going to bed early.


"Sammy" I woke up with a start I haven't expected that he would be this kind.

Well… perhaps he knew that he was exaggerating hours before and he had a bad conscience for leaving. Perhaps I could use that as advantage.

"I'm not talking to you." I grumbled, turning around so I wouldn't face him.

I waited for him to say something, but I was startled when the bed beside me dipped in and a hand landed on my head gently.

"Sammy… I…" He started, brushing his thumb through my hair. I felt worried. That was really unlike Dean.

"Leave me alone." It was hard to tell him to leave, too warm the feeling of his hand on my head. But I was still mad… well I should be mad…

Truthfully it made me sad when Dean really stood up.

Suddenly the TV was turned on and some seconds later Dean was again sitting beside me on my bed a hand determined stroking over my hair and to the spot between my shoulder blades. This time I hadn't the heart to pull away. I chose to ignore him simply. It was just unfair. I couldn't stay mad.

But why wasn't he mad anymore?

"Sammy, I'm sorry." Dean whispered, before he turned the volume of the TV up.

I frowned, when I heard the news speaker talk about a hurricane somewhere over Florida.

"Now to our local news. A terrible car accident happened just a few hours ago in Luiville. Four drunk teens, all between fifteen and seventeen, decided to cruise around in the city after a very alcohol-rich night. At about four o' clock this morning they left the house and drove with the yellow cabriolet through the narrow streets. "

At that I sat up, looking at the TV. Dean immediately pulled me to his chest. I could feel his forehead against the side of my head. I trembled heavily when I saw the pictures of two cars, which were gutted by fire, police and fire-fighter cars standing around.

"Dean" I whispered, trying to get free from his grip. But there was no use.


God… what happened to them?

I needed to see her… I…

My thoughts quietened when the speaker continued.

"The drunken driver was way over speed-limit, when they reached the crossroad at the post office. Because they weren't driving in lane and had no lights turned on in the dark, they hit the oncoming car frontal."

I felt my lip quiver. That wasn't right, that was…

Dean was holding me even tighter, running his hand steadily through my hair, brushing away tears from my cheeks, I hadn't recognized I was shedding.

"In the van were a family, consisting of a father, thirty, a woman twenty-six and girl, three years old. The front of the cabriolet with the unbelted teens exploded and caused both cars to burn. The mother and the father, like three other teens in the cabriolet were immediately dead. The seventeen year old driver in the other car died on the way to the hospital in the helicopter. The three year old orphanage still suffers from critical burnings on arms and face, but is alive."


"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…." I heard myself scream.

I could feel my hands burning when they suddenly hit something softer than the brick wall of the motel room. No tears were falling anymore when I continued to hit my fists against my brother's chest.

I didn't look at him when he suddenly caught both of my forearms, pulling me to his chest again.

"Leave…" I shouted, trying to push him away. "Go…" I could feel my stomach twitch.

"Sammy" I heard him plead with me to stop, but I didn't care, it was just his fault. I was alive because I hadn't been at the party anymore. No I had lost my friends. And my first real girlfriend.

"NO." I shouted. "She's dead." I pushed away, looking up in my brother's sad eyes and again begun to pound my fists against his chest. It was his fault… only his… his… his… "IT'S JUST YOUR FAULT" I spat. Dean didn't fight back and though he tried to avoid my fists, he didn't back away.

Another twitch in my stomach.

And because Dean knew me so damn well, because he had immediately the trashcan of the room in his hand, holding it under my face, so I could vomit in it.

Strong and gentle hand guided me to the ground.

"Shh" I heard him soothed, while he cradled my hair in his hand. I supported my weight on the edge of the trashcan, looking into it, the sight and the reek making me sick again.

Dean gently pulled my back, so I was sitting on the dirty carpet-floor, between his legs, my back against his chest. His arms were slung around my upper body.

"Sammy…" I heard his voice, feeling his breath against my left ear. "Take deep breaths, come on…" He sounded like he was about to cry, his voice breaking.

I hadn't realized that my breath was quick and uneven.

Sandy I thought and a tremor wrecked my body.

"Please don't let this be true" I begged at Dean… he would know how to fix this and he would.

"I'm so terrible sorry, kiddo, I'm so sorry…" My big brother managed to stand us both up.

Some seconds later we were sitting on one of the beds, covered with a blanket. Dean had his chin dropped on the top of my head, murmuring soft words of reassurance, which I couldn't really understand, since they were drowned by my loud sobbing. Besides they were making me cry harder anyway to be perfectly honest.


Dean's Perspective

I held Sam tightly to my chest, caressing his hair.

He fell asleep exactly seven minutes ago. It was dawn already. I was tired beyond believe. My little brother had been sobbing one hour and eighteen minutes, crying himself to sleep in my arms.

My shoulder was wet from his tears.

When I was gone, after the fight with Sammy, I had been in a bar for some time before I headed back to our room. There I've seen the crash scene.

His girlfriend died… I thought desperately, dropping a kiss onto his top. "I'm sorry." I apologized for something that wasn't my fault.

Three minutes and twenty eight seconds later he stirred, jumping up. I knew how much time went by, since I was watching the clock on the nightstand all the time, trace-like. "Ouch" I hissed, when his forehead connected with my chin.

He looked around and apologized briefly, his voice rough from crying.

"Do you wanna drink something, Sammy" I asked, when he leaned back against my chest, laying his head onto my shoulder. He shook his head, his breath hitching.

"The girl… is orphaned…" He stated sadly. "I didn't know that they wanted to drive around in the city… I should have guessed it... I knew them… I knew Cash… god… they're all dead… Sandy is dead, because…

"Sammy, if you're gonna say, because of you, I'm gonna kick your ass… don't blame yourself." I lifted his chin with one hand, making him look into my eyes. "You didn't know and it was an accident… I'm glad you weren't with them." I confessed quietly.

"I don't wanna stay here anymore." Sam sobbed again into my chest, his hands fisting my shirt.

"I'm gonna talk to dad tomorrow that he can pick us up…" I promised. "And we're not gonna tell him anything, okay?"

"Thanks Dean" Sam nodded, teary. "I'm glad you're with me… I really need you… not dad…" I knew it was an apology for our fight hours before and though I didn't needed it, having already forgiven him, a lump built in my throat. He wasn't picking dad over me…

I wondered whether I should tell him that I wasn't done with him, just to make sure and to say something. But Sam knew… and actions speak louder than words.

I caressed his hair, letting tears fall on my own.

The End


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