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Full Summary:

Edward Mason's dad beats him up. He can do absoloutely nothing about it. Emmet and Jasper beats him up and taunts him at school. What happens when three new sisters come into town, the Swans? Why does one of them catch his eye??? And most importantly of all, how does she change his life-maybe forever???

New Hope

1. The Usual


"What you doing, pervert?" Jasper snickered while Emmet jabbed me in the ribs hard. I doubled over onto the ground groaning. Today was going to be the usual: Jasper and Emmet beating me up and taking the mick out of me behind the technology block at school.

"I …ow!..was.. Revising…ow!..for my…ow!..English test." I gasped at every kick and punch Emmet gave me. To be honest, I didn't understand why Emmet didn't just give up school now and train to be a bodybuilder or a boxer. Then he wouldn't be able to beat me up.

I was only 'revising' to try and forget about my life. "Oh, a little swot are we now?" I heard a voice behind me. I spun round and saw Tyler with his arm around Lauren. Behind them were the rest of Lauren's little 'gang'.

I glared at them and started turned back around when I heard Jessica yelling "Lauren! Lauren!" Whilst running up to her. "Just heard Mrs. Cope on the phone talking about these new kids coming tomorrow," This caught Lauren's attention and her eyes lit up and her whole 'gang' crowded around Jessica. I rolled my eyes at her. she was always looking for attention and gossip. I saw Tyler talking to Emmet and Jasper about football matches or something. And started running to the bushes. Probably skiving or something. At least they were going to ignore me.

I went to the library and sat in my chair and started reading. As usual. I loved reading. It was what I always did in my free time. I was now reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter is my favourite series. I think Harry was very lucky. He suffered quite a lot but he had lots of friends to help him through. He had parents who loved him like mad and his mother died to save him. I have none of that and I never will. I first started reading Harry Potter when I was 9 years old, and I wished that I was going to go to Hogwarts, away from this life into a newer, fantastic life.

I was desperate for adventure. When I turned ten I wished and wished that someone would suddenly arrive at the door and say that I had a place at Hogwarts and I would be led away from my pit of hell. Of course I knew it wasn't going to happen, but that was just a little secret fantasy that I liked to think about, how happy I would be to be anywhere apart from this life. I know I had no reason to live but I kept thinking that there might be something worth living for in the future. I don't know why I thought that, but thinking that all my life led me to still alive at 17 years old, but nothing good so far.


"Alice! I really don't want to go shopping!" I whined, I hated shopping. Alice had made a good excuse to Charlie to go shopping, saying that we needed new clothes for our new school in Forks. She and Rosalie particularly dragged me along, they were going to make a great big effort on me, because I was bullied at my last school so they figured that if I made an extra effort in my clothes, and didn't hide how 'pretty' I was (that was flattering. Me, pretty? Yeah right), I wouldn't be picked on or anything.

I was the only one out of us three girls who was actually blood related to Charlie and Renee, our parents. The other two were adopted. Rosalie was... difficult when she had just been adopted, she was kind of jealous of me. She thought she would never get any attention off Charlie and Renee, and they would just really care about me, as I was really her daughter. She soon understood that they would never do that, and that they thought of her as a real daughter and stopped being nasty to me and we became best friends.

Me and Alice had no problem becoming friends, and we had been best friends ever since(with Rosalie). She was nineteen, even though she was shorter than my five foot four. Rosalie was eighteen, and devastatingly beautiful. I thought it was kind of wierd how she used to be jealous of me, there's nothing I'm worth being jealous of.

I was dreading going to Forks, it was the rainiest place on the planet. And too green. Charlie had suddenly decided to move there for some reason, away from the hot sun in Phoenix. I loved the sun, although I had no sun tan, but was really pale. It was so obvious I'd never fit in at the school. I should be good at sports, but instead I'm the clumsiest person on Earth. I can't walk over flat ground without finding something to trip over even if it's air.

The school's the real problem though. It is so claustrophobic, only a total of three hundred and fifty-seven-now three hundred and sixty students. In my old school, there were seven hundred students in my year.

Charlie had got a job to be the Police Chief Swan. Charlie had been inflating his chest in pride when he told us this.

"Bella! Stop being so difficult! This might the last time we get to shop in a reasonably sized mall, you know. One shopping trip won't hurt, will it?" Alice was getting fed up at my whining. But that was where she was wrong. Shopping trips do hurt. They hurt your feet and legs. A lot.

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