I've just finished Ghostbusters: The Videogame, so I decided to make a bunch of short stories revolving around the Rookie. Enjoy!

1: He Speaks...?

It's been a slow week for the Ghostbusters. With the new rookie and all, it's also been very boring. No cries or shrieks of help, no damsels in distress, and suspiciously no ghosts running amuck in the Big Apple. Our favorite team is stuck in their own firehouse. Egon even suggested letting Slimer out but the ghost-free week was somewhat enjoyable. Enjoyable in the sense that they started using Rookie as their source of entertainment.

The first day was the most boring day, as it was a Monday and everyone dreads Mondays. It was the beginning of the slow week. The Ghostbusters sat on the couches near the Ecto-1, listening to Janine file her nails behind her desk. Scratch, scratch, scratch instead of ring, ring, ring. One would think the continuous sound would get on their nerves, and it did. On Peter's nerves, that is.

"Janine, sweetheart, business's been going reaaaaaaaaaaaaal slow this week," he said, trying to keep his voice from sounding irritated. "Take a day off, will ya?"

"Or a week," Winston added.

"Gladly, Dr. Venkman," Janine said. She grabbed her jacket, swiveled out of her chair, and straight out the door.

So we are left with just the boys. Everyone just watches as Rookie flicks through TV channels. Peter's head is in his hands but he sits up straight as if he had thought of a brilliant idea to cure their boredom.

"Hey guys, I just thought of something," he announced. The group gave him their attention, Rookie especially. He turned off the TV as soon as Peter broke the silence and put on a happy face. But little did he know he was part of Peter's 'thought'.

"New guy, why don't you talk for once?" Peter asked Rookie.

He just shook his head with a "why are you looking at me like that for…" look on his face. Peter clasped his hands together. "Well then, if you're not gonna talk, WE'LL talk. Start asking questions guys."

Egon goes first. "Are you mute?"

Rookie stares blankly at Egon and nods slowly 'no'.

Winston goes next. "Do you know why it's been a slow week?"

Rookie puts on a frown and nods 'no'. He's been wondering that same thing too.

Then Ray. "Are you scared of ghosts?

Rookie smacks his face and stares at Ray with a "why else would I be here…" look on his face. These questions are kind of boring him.

Peter thinks about his question. "Remember Illysa? Who do you think she'd go out with: me, Egon, Winston, or Ray?"

Rookie rolls his eyes and puts on a thinking face. He smiles and points to himself.

"Oh, you little – you weren't even one of the options! Ray, he wasn't one of the options!" Peter yells.

Rookie shrugs and looks at them, his expression saying 'you're the ones asking the questions....' He grabs a piece of paper and pen from the table. Ray's holding Peter back from killing him and the group waits for Rookie. He holds up the sign.

'I speak the truth, Dr. Venkman :)' Rookie runs up the stairs with Peter chasing him. Upstairs, laughing can be heard along with thuds and crashes and Peter throwing insults. Downstairs, Ray sighs. Winston picks up the sign Rookie made and comments, "Oh well, that's cute. He made a smiley face."